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Be Like Me to Love Me

Oh Christine, why did it come to this? Erik cannot say that he is not excited, for he is. Very. Erik soon will receive a bride of his own. Not

necessarily living, but nevertheless, a bride! You see, Erik is desperate for a companion. It won't matter how he gets one, the only important

thing is that he will have one.

Christine, are you aware that you broke him? You made him a shell of a man who once was Erik. You see, he isn't Erik anymore, he has no

name now. He is just an empty space, a shadow, a weak imitation of what once was. You did this that night on

the roof. Oh yes, he was there. He saw the entire thing. How you broke his heart Christine! Don't look at him like that now, it's all your fault

and you know it. You may not admit it now, but you know in your heart that Erik is right.

But it's all right now, it doesn't matter anymore. He forgives you, because you will give him something in return. Erik will have what he

wants. He has never gotten what he wanted before, so he will have it now. Don't be afraid Christine; it will be quick and painless. Soon, we

will be together. In a few days, you will have the same face that Erik does, maybe even better. When someone finds us, they will only see

the distorted, unidentifiable faces and assume that we were once a happy couple. I have realized it now. The only way for someone to love

me is to be like me. Just a few days now, my dear. Just a few more days…