A/N: I was not originally planning to write part 2, but my friends insisted, soo here it is! Kinda scary and contain a bit of gore. Christine is meant to be shallow and ungrateful. nothin against her, just how i would imagine her to be. Reviews and feedback are very welcome, but NO flames. They will be used to roast my marshmellows.(XD kelly!)

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It is so cold in this room.

It is like Erik's heart.

Cold, dark, empty, devoid of light.

I think of Raoul, or his warm smiles and handsome face. I try to imagine his hands on mine, yet, I cannot remember. I feel those skeletal, dead fingers upon my skin.

Oh Erik, why couldn't you leave me alone? I was content without you in my life. A demon has stolen the place of my angel, and I can never get him back. Now, I am tainted by his sins and unable to escape the hell that he has created for me. I realize now, that there is no escape from Erik.

"Be like me," he says, "then you will love me." I can never love him, yet I am forced to be his bride.

It is so cold, and I cannot feel a thing. I feel numb. I lift up my razor and slowly begin to slice away my flesh, piece by piece. I feel no pain at all. My dress and arms are stained a brilliant red.

I am a corpse's bride, and corpse's brides do not need flesh.