Free Falling

To consume, to feast, and win, and thrive.

That, above all, was his purpose, his goals, his dreams, his life.

He loved war like a mother would love her favorite child, or an addict-his drugs.

The death and destruction it caused, all the more energy for him to wage a bigger war.

It didn't bother him in the slightest that he was currently fighting mere
children, if anything, they created something he hadn't experienced in
a while.

A sensation so forgotten, yet sweet.

The children provided a challenge.

He might have called it cute, if he still had a heart.

The way they thought they had a chance, that they could save their

What made them think they could beat him, when so many worlds before theirs failed?

No, they were only prolonging their demise, all their efforts leading only to pain and heartbreak.

He would kill them like he did all the children and adults, and life in general before them.

Uncerimoniously, and uninterestedly.

Maybe that wasn't so much the case with everyone in this world.

There was something about this Earth place, something...interesting about some of its inhabitants.

That Genius-boy, for starters.

How could some pathetic human, one so young at that, cause him so many problems and set backs?

After all, he was Lord Fuse!

If it were possible for him to be done in, it was *not* going to be by some little human child.

Another annoying twerp was that Tennyson kid.

The one with the Omnitrix.

Oh, how he wanted to steal that marvelous piece of technology!

He would study it, and extract the DNA to make bigger and better Fusion Monsters.

Always thinking of the future, of new battle plans, of his future victories.

Why would he want this to be his sole purpose?

Why would he want to get up everyday, just to kill and destroy, and consume?

Why not? Wasn't that one of the cliches on this planet?

'Why did you do something rediculously hard and pointless?' 'Because I could.' or 'Because it was there.'?

Fuse wasn't really certain of the exact details of such a phrase, all of the Fusion Fodder he met personally didn't live very long.

Oh, yes. He hadn't actually gone to the battlefield yet, hadn't tasted battle in quite some time.

Maybe this time he would, maybe these...these...upity children needed to be put in their place.

The thought makes Fuse smile, a dark, sinister affair that would make the Sun nova, and the Moon to fall.

Yes, that is what needed to be done.

These Earthlings didn't know true fear yet, they still had hope.

In order to finish these upstarts once and for all, he had to destroy
them, not physically, but emotionally and mentally.

Why would he, Fuse, Lord of Lords and Destroyer of Worlds, want to end his chaos so quickly?

To ruin the ride before it's over, that wasn't his style.

Perhaps it was that odd feeling, in the base of his spine.

It wasn't bloodlust, or hatred, or hunger, or anything familar, no.

It wasn't something he ever remembered feeling, even when he had
had emotions before.

The very name of such an odd sensation escaped him, though a simple child could have given the answer.

What Fuse was feeling was fear.

A/N: I don't own Fusion Fall, or anything belonging to CN.

These are mostly just my own musings, and thoughts of what the game says, and doesn't say.

Like, in this shot/chapter. Little is known of Fuse, and it seems like no-one's willing to ask him any questions.

Might as well be me, no?