AN: this idea has been in my head for a while so here we go…..

Chapter one


I got off work early because I had made up my mind about Edwards proposal from last night, I was going to tell him yes, so after work I drove to his house and before I even got out of my truck I heard my best friend, Alice Cullen, yelling and then I knew it was serious because she hates to yell so I listened "DAMIT! EDWARD WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? CHEATING ON BELLA, WITH ROSALIE WHO HAPPENS TO BE YOUR BROTHERS WIFE!" Screamed Alice, How could Edward Cullen my sweet boyfriend cheat on me? There had to be some kind of mistake. Then again Alice would never say something like that unless he really did cheat on me. My heart broke right then and there. With tears coming down my face I got out of my truck and rang the door bell. Jasper answered the door when he saw it was me he let me in and brought me to Emmett. He saw the tears on my face and pulled me in to a bear hug.


I was in my room laying on my bed, technically it was her room too but I tried not to think about that so much since she was sort of with Edward now, listening to music when the door opened and Jasper brought a sobbing Bella to me I pulled her in to a hug and jasper left the room "Bella, tell me what's wrong." I said. I did not want to be the one to tell her that her boyfriend cheated on her and was leaving her for that same person who he cheated with.

"Edward and Rosalie…. They…. There…. He promised me he would never hurt me and… well he's with Rosalie now and he broke his promise." Bella cried. Now my brother was officially DEAD! How the hell could he do this to Bella? She had never done anything to hurt him ever

"Bella stop crying. He is not worth your tears. Come with me" I said pulling her up I brought her to a stop outside Alice and Jasper's room. I knocked on the door and Alice answered.

"Hey Em, Bella come on in." Alice said.

"Actually I was dropping her off in the only other place where she'll be safe while I go take care of something" I replied

"ok come on bells" said Alice. As soon as Bella was in Alice's room I went to find Edward which was not that hard I found him in his room with Rosalie

"we need to have a little talk right now" I told Edward. He got up and we went outside

"Bella knows." I said

"how? Did you tell her because if you did…." He started.

"You do not get to be mad about Bella getting hurt because once again you were the one to cause the pain she's in right now. She told me you promised her you would never hurt her again, but you did the one thing that could hurt the most you're leaving her again and this time for someone else. If you ever loved her at all just leave her alone." I interrupted him. He was about to say something but Alice and Bella were on there way towards us.


"Alice can you come with me I have something that I have to tell him" I said I had made up my mind that I was going to talk Edward

"Sure Bella I think that he and Emmett are out front come on." Said Alice, then we walked out of her and Jasper's room and we went out side. We saw Emmett and him and I could feel the tears stinging behind my eyes. I knew this was going to be hard, by the time Alice and I

reached them tears were pouring down my face "you know what's so funny about this? You proposed to me and I was came to this house tonight thinking that I was going to tell you that I would marry you." I told Edward

"Bella, love…" he started

"don't call me that, it only make it worse." I said still crying I hugged myself trying to keep it together, and then Emmett picked me up bridal style

"Doll, close your eyes and hold on tight." Said Emmett and then he ran me back to my house

"Leave your window open and I'll come back tonight doll." Said Emmett then he put me down

"Kay and Em… thank you, I don't know what I'd do with out you." I said hugging him.