A/N: This is the result of some major writer's block that I have had lately

Chapter one: Leaving Forks


Listen to these songs while reading the Chapter:

True Friend Miley Cyrus & Ready, set, don't go- Billy Ray Cyrus

"Don't go." Jacob said pleadingly for the hundredth time since I had gotten accepted to Dartmouth and I was leaving in the morning "Jake, you have been here for me ever

since we were little kids, but we've grown up" I said through tears "I won't let you go." He replied "Jake… please don't make this harder than it has to be…" I begged him

"Missing you already Bells." Said Jake giving in and hugging me "Me too Jake." I replied, when I got back to the house I went up stairs to do some last minute packing. The

next morning Charlie woke me up "Bells, it's time wake up." He said "Kay." I replied getting up and Charlie left my room. I changed into Ripped jeans and a Blue scoop neck T-

shirt then I went down stairs. I saw Charlie sitting in the Living room "Dad am I… doing the right thing?" I asked "Bella, you have to do what, you have to do and I think for

you that's going to Dartmouth. I always knew that you had dreams to big for this town, now get going you need to head out." Charlie said "I love you dad." I told him "I love

you to Bells." He said getting up to hug me and I hugged him back, then I grabbed the keys to my Blue 2008 Ford Focaus and I drove through Forks one last time and finally

I came to the sign that said "you are now leaving Forks, Washington."