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The well was growing closer in sight. Inuyasha was trailing Kagome ... like he was her dog.

"We have jewel shards to find." Inuyasha said trying to hold back his frustration at Kagome.

"It can wait. I have important business to attend to in my world."

Business being her school work. Kagome needed to be in school for the next two weeks or else she would automatically fail. Things with Naraku and the jewel shards have been quiet lately. So, this was her opportunity to make things right in her world.

Kagome and Inuyasha were now standing in front of the well. Kagome was about to enter the well until Inuyasha grabbed her hand.

"I told you, we ... have ... jewel shards ... to ... find."

"And I told you, I have things to take care of. I'll be back in two weeks. Oh and don't think of coming and bringing me back early, the well will be sealed on my side."

Inuyasha was done trying to be patient with the girl as he let her go down the well and disappear.

"Seal the well, aye? Maybe I should give that a try." Inuyasha said out loud.

Inuyasha, with anger fueling him, ripped a tree from its poor roots and threw it down the well. So, now the well was sealed from his side.

'Just another good-bye I see.' Sango thought to herself. She had seen the spat between Inuyasha and Kagome as she was making her way up to them.

"Inuyasha, you jerk!" shouted Shippo. "How is Kagome going to come back now?!"

Inuyasha turned his attention to the demon child who was always on his nerves. It was almost as if death was staring right at Shippo.

Inuyasha swiftly grabbed Shippo and flung him in the air like a stuffed animal. Then, with sudden impact, Inuyasha punted the child far into the woods.

First Miroku is gone, now Kagome. When Kagome had announced to the group that she would leave for her world and be back in two weeks, Miroku saw this as his opportunity. There was a village not too far away that Miroku likes to 'visit.' This was his chance for a little vacation from their adventures and Miroku was going to spend it with a flock of females.

Inuyasha was staring at the top of the tree he threw down the well. Sango approached him.

"What are you looking at slayer?" Inuyasha was still upset.

Sango did not reply and just arched an eyebrow in Inuyasha's direction.

"Isn't this the time you usually give the monk false hope only to slap him in the face?"

Sango was starting to get aggravated by Inuyasha.

"Or is this the time you usually cry over your bastard brother?"

Sango's hand immediately found its way to Hiraikotsu. She was ready to add Inuyasha to the list of demons that have fallen at her hands.

Inuyasha approached Sango. His face was mere inches away from hers. Eye contact was made and it was like a silent war if even for a few seconds.

"You don't want to fight me Sango. You don't..."

Inuyasha walked away to who knows where. Sango sighed. He was right. It was absolute suicide to against him in the mood he was in right now.

Sango had decided to return to Kaede's village. Normally she would have taken the opportunity to go and fix up her massacred village. However, Sango had already been over there recently and didn't feel like drowning in her memories for the next two weeks.

It was dusk and the horizon was a shade of orange. The villagers were finished farming and fishing for the day. Most of them had went inside their huts and called it a day.

Sango was currently sitting on the roof of Kaede's hut keeping her guard up and keeping watch. Kind of a slayer thing to do.

A figure was walking up to Kaede's hut. Sango had taken notice and had seen that Inuyasha was back.

'Maybe he cooled off.'

"Sango," Inuyasha said as he looked up to her on the roof.

"What is it Inuyasha?" Sango stepped back onto the ground.

"About what I said earlier ... umm ... how do I put this into words ... I didn't mean it, well I kinda did, but ... I was just pissed at the girl. Don't take it personal." Inuyasha managed to get that much out despite his loss for words.

Placing a hand on Inuyasha's shoulder, Sango replied, "I understand."

Cracking a slight smile Inuyasha said, "I'm not good with this kinda shit."

"I can tell ... but anyways, what do you say we go find Shippo?" Sango asked.

"Yeah, I am getting a little hungry here."

Inuyasha and Sango along with Kirara journeyed in to the woods. Inuyasha had Shippo's scent and they were close. However, it seemed that Inuyasha wasn't the only one with Shippo on his dinner menu. There was another scent that belonged to a demon.

Shippo saw Inuyasha from afar. Shippo wasn't sure whether to be scared shitless or be relieved. Apparently, Shippo felt the presence of a demon stronger than him in the vicinity. It was stalking him like it would stalk prey.

Before Shippo could turn into his balloon form and escape the woods, the demon came out and grabbed him. Turns out it is a bear demon.

The bear demon held Shippo up high and had its head cocked back. Shippo stared down the beast's throat and could have fainted.

Unfortunate for the bear demon, Hiraikotsu zoomed through the air and hit its throat. A sickening crunch could be heard for miles. The demon immediately crumbled down to the ground. Blood came flowing out of its throat. It was bleeding internally and would soon die.

Shippo ran to Sango almost as he would Kagome and hugged her leg.

Inuyasha continued in his path towards the fallen, barely alive bear demon. He unsheathed Tetsaiga and transformed it.

"Inuyasha, what are you doing?" Sango questioned. "It will die soon."

Not listening like usual, Inuyasha paid her no mind. Instead, Inuyasha viciously stuck Tetsaiga in the demon's chest. Slowly and painfully, Inuyasha dragged his sword over the demon body. The demon's blood and guts were spewing from the limp body. Deciding to end it, Inuyasha, with one mighty swing, chopped the demon's head off.

"I didn't know Inuyasha cared." uttered Shippo.

"I don't."