Hello children! In English class we were learning about sonnet and had to write one ourselves. In struggling to find my topic of choice, I loosely based mine after Twilight. It does not mention Bella or Edward and he's still gone during the Eclipse part, but I think it turned out great!

The Romance of Light

It was at twilight when we had our chance.

The sun's light was fading and moon arising;

We knew we had a dangerous romance,

But I foresaw you would be worth prizing.

The new moon came; you abandoned me,

The light of my life gone forever.

Two seconds felt like an eternity

I may not be able to endeavor.

No one can flee the light of an eclipse;

You can see the sun's shadow on the moon.

It reminds me of our dancing dips,

And that makes me hopeful to see you soon.

I cannot believe you came back in my sight;

The dawn was breaking with glorious light.

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