Last one for today, children! This one is based after Midnight Sun so it's in Edward's perspective.

Oh yeah! I don't own these characters! All right belong to Stephenie Meyer!

The Effects of a Midnight Sun

When I first saw you across the room,

I wanted to know the thoughts in you head;

But I couldn't! I needed to know why soon,

Because I can hear what every other mind said.

Then you sat next to me, smelling delicious.

It struck me like a sharpened knife,

And all my thought had grown vicious.

It took all that I could to save your life!

It got over it; wanting to see you more,

There is no way to deny this attraction.

You're a drug to me; never a bore,

I will save you from all your falling actions.

I'm happy because it's my arms to that you come,

It must be the effect of a midnight sun.

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