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There is a spirit for everything. Not all spirits are ghoulish and translucent. Take humanity for example; humans represent the spirits of Life and Decisions. Lady Luck is actually the spirit of luck, well one of them anyway. Jack Frost is a spirit of frost, ice and winter. You get the picture.

Spirits don't just take after seasons and elements, they take after sayings, emotions and all those little things in life that you don't really think about.

Christians believe that part of God is a spirit – the holy spirit. So you see, there's spirits where ever you look. You don't see them, of course, but their there.

Mina Chapman knows this better then anybody. By human standards, she's an orphan – but that's only because her family are spirits. They adopted her.

Right now your probably thinking, 'since when do spirits care about orphans?'

Mina is no ordinary human, she's the spirit human. Which means a part of her is a spirit, allowing her to do things regular humans can't do. The spirit humans' spirit part is filled with every spirit, giving her – or him - 'magical powers'. 'Spirit powers' would be a better way of putting it – but what can you do? Besides, 'magical powers' is more dramatic, and we all like a bit of drama, don't we?

The spirit human is born every century or so. Just another event to add onto the list of Amazing-Events-That-Happen-Every-Century. Which actually isn't that many.

Since Mina was the spirit human and can actually see the spirits – except the ones where there's nothing to see, of course – a bunch of spirits decided to take care of her. This is Mina's story with the TMNT.

This was just a preview or prologue of the story. I wanted you to know about the spirit human and spirits first. Otherwise this story would just not work. Trust me, the story isn't ALL about Mina. I know this chapter is short but plz review.