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Mina Chapman was leaning forward, her elbows resting on the table, staring intently at the chessboard. She was also doing a bad job of making it look like she didn't care who won the chess match. Which she did.

Her remaining 5 dollars was riding on this.

"Come on, Zoe." She whispered.

An almost translucent girl, with lilac eyes and silver hair turned in her seat to send Mina a confident smile.

"Don't worry Mina, this game is in the bag." Zoe replied, in a voice like wind chimes. Zoe moved her queen forward.

"Check mate."

The once silent room was filled with cheers and moans of disappointment. Zoe's opponent, a shadow spirit named – what do you know – Shadow, glared at Zoe. Zoe just sent him an apologetic smile and silently made her way over to her precious books. Zoe didn't see why Mina made such a fuss, beating Shadow in a game of chess was so easy it wasn't even fun any more. Oh well, as long as it made her adopted sister happy.

Mina crowed and said to her fellow better, "The day Zoe gets something wrong is the day I jump of Mount Everest."

Apparently, it made Mina very happy. Zoe shook her head, already sat down with a book in her hands. She knew the percentage of her getting something wrong was 0.1%. She was a knowledge spirit – knowing things was what she was good at. Not to mention her pride and joy; Zoe loved knowing how things worked and just knowing things, period.

Zoe glanced at her dark-haired sister one more time before settling down for an afternoon of knowledge.

Not too far away, the turtles were settling in for a afternoon of pizza and video games. It was raining turtles – unmutated ones - and frogs topside – so they'd have to stay underground.

Mikey of course didn't mind, seizing the opportunity to finally complete his latest game.

Donatello didn't mind that much either, now he could finish the several projects that cluttered his work space and put them to some use. Wielding a blow torch, he got down to business.

Leonardo was a bit miffed that they weren't topside protecting innocent people from the terrors of New York City but Splinter's decision was final. So he decided to use the time to catch up on his meditation – he'd been missing out on some because of all the patrols he'd been doing. The foot activity had increased dramatically in the past few weeks – Leo was going to use meditation to try and find out why. Before he began, he briefly wondered if his Sensi was doing the same.

Raphael was having the hardest time. Since when did a little rain hurt anybody? True, 'a little' was probably being stretched but has anyone ever died of rain? He didn't think so. Raph walked around the lair, past Mikey several times – listening to the sound of whatever game Mikey was playing. Then past Don's lab, where the sounds of T.V were replaced by the sound of a blow torch.

He didn't bother checking on Leo since he knew the oldest would be meditating. Which was boring and pointless, in Raphael's mind.

In the end, after half an hour of extreme boredom, Raph decided to get some shut eye. He drifted off to the sound of one very happy, orange wearing turtle. Guess Mikey finished his game.

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