A/n: I am sooooo sorry. My computer is crashed( and I am not exaggerating, I can't even log on to it, let alone open word or the internet. This story isn't going the way I wanted it too. I am debating wether to finish it or re-do it.

I actually just re read the last chapter, and it has a pretty good ending... I might update later if I get anymore ideas but I am going to focus on my other stories. I am writing a few right now; one with the cullens going to counciling with my fried Dar, and another with Dar called Human's bleed- it is a Bella cutting story when the Cullens left.

You guys are the best

Love Alyssa

Again I am soooo sorry. Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and have a Happy, healthy New Year.