Chapter one: The airport

Listen to the song: Invisible by Taylor Swift. The song basically describes how Bella feels in Jasper's eyes.


I was nervous, because I had gone to Italy over the summer, with my best friends Alice and Rosalie Hale, and they had given me a make-over and I so did not look like my self and the reason for the make-over was that I made the mistake of telling Alice and Rose that I liked there brother Jasper. It had just been me and Alice a real girl's trip; no boy's and no parents just us, it was really fun, but now I was worried about what my parents, Charlie, René and my older brothers Emmett and Edward would think of the new me. When Rose, Alice and I were on the plane they spent the entire time trying to calm me down

"Bella, trust me, I told your parents that Rose and I were going to give you a make-over and as for your brothers Rose and I can deal with them." Said Alice

"Yea, don't worry." Said Rose, When we got off the plane we got our bags and we looked for my brothers when we saw who else was with them I turned around and walked as fast as I could toward the bathroom.

"Bella wh- Jasper? Hey we didn't know you were coming!" I heard Alice say

"Hold on I'm just going to go get Bella." I heard Rose say, and then one minute later Rose dragged me back out there

"WHAO BELLS IS THAT YOU?" screamed Emmett Causing Rose, his girlfriend, to smack him up side his head

"Bella you look different." Said Edward then he put his arm around Alice, his girlfriend, "Missed you." He told her

"So, Em, Where are mom and dad?" I asked trying to get the attention away from how I'd changed

"Mom and Dad went left for Florida with the Hales and they will be back in three months." Said Edward, this was typical of our parents to leave on long trips and leave us at home, so we usually did what ever we wanted and our parents didn't care.

"So Jasper how was your summer?" I asked Jasper for the first time addressing him

"He got tons of girls!" said Emmett

"So, Belle how was your summer?" asked Jasper

"Italy was amazing, I got to hang with my two best friends and go clubbing every night." I replied

"Yep and she met tons of hot guys." Said Alice

"Your still a ver-" started Emmett, then Rosalie, thank god smacked him up side the head again "Emmett do not finish that question." Said Rose

"Fine." He replied rubbing his head

"So, can we get going?" I asked

"Ok, Belle you are riding with Jasper on his motorcycle and Rose and Alice are riding with me and Edward." Said Emmett