1Wow: a red wine drabble

by me

Wow. Yet again this girl is walking through our doors into our 'big happy family'.

She comes here every night.

Her and her nice cloths.

Shes got a couple of guys come in with her sometimes.

One is dark like her and the other is pale.

Sometimes she brings in her hot kid.

They all try to stop her.

Its kind of sad.

I am to young to ring her up. The manager has to do it.

Its cuz she buys so much.

And its always red wine. Always 5 bottles. Every night.

I am shocked that she hasn't died of alcohol poisoning.

She looks so sad.

I just sit and wish that I didn't have her life.

She has saved me.

I was going to go home and kill myself the night she first came in.

Myself and my 'father'.

He beats me and my mom.

But I am happy to live.

Cuz I don't have her life.

I can run away.

I can tell she can't.

I walk up and tell her thank you.











She doesn't buy wine to night.