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3rd Person POV

After Alice finished telling Jasper "The Plan," he snuck outside the bedroom window, while Alice walked stiffly downstairs.

Emmett, hearing Alice's near-silent footsteps, looked up from his position on the floor and into Alice's frightened topaz eyes.

"Who was that?" Emmett choked out, so low that no human within 2 feet of him would have heard.

Alice was frozen, her eyes wandered, and she seemed completely out of it. "It was him," she answered quietly.

"Not- not- not-" Emmett stuttered.

Alice nodded glumly. "Jar-Jar Binks."

"Ohmycarlisle. What do we do? Waitaminute, why didn't he eat you?"

Alice shook her head. "I told you. He's already seen you first."

Fear had long consumed Emmett. He was now in a state of sheer and complete terror. Had he been human, he would have passed out a long time ago. "That's it," Emmett said. "That's it. I'm running to Canada."

Alice nodded once more. "I think that would be best. Don't stop until you get to Ontario. Go through the forest. It'll delay him."

Emmett nodded furiously and stood up slowly.



"Thank you so much for saving me."

"Yes, Emmett. If I'll be able to. Run. NOW."

Emmett turned and sprinted as fast as he could out the door, heading north. As soon as he was gone, Alice laughed for about 20 minutes straight. Still chuckling, she pulled out her cell phone and quickly dialed Jasper's number.


"Hey Jazz! He FELL for it! WAA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!"


"Would I be laughing this hard if he didn't?"

"Good point. You got the video camera?"

"Yep. Now I'll need you to head to Canada. Take the shortcut, and beat Emmett to Ontario. Tell me when you get within 10 miles of the city. I'll make sure some other people are there, too."

"Got it. And Alice?"

"Yes Jazzy?"

"You know I love you so much for this."

Alice laughed. "Love you too! Now hurry! The way Emmett took off, he'd probably reach the ends of the earth within a day."

Alice snapped her phone shut, then opened it again and made another call.

"Hey Rose?"


"Would you like to meet me in Canada?"

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