COMPLETE CRACK spawned from a comment by katakokk. Read at thy own peril.

Hinata switched her weight from one foot to another, looking, if possible, more confused than embarrassed. She picked at the short leather skirt situated tightly around her waist, pulling it a few centimeters down her upper thigh. Upon noticing that this simply bared more of her hips to the open air, she was once again rendered unsated. It seemed that the matching leather top was more modest (though "modest" was not really a word she would ever associate with this outfit... ever) than the skirt, reaching a good two inches down her midriff. For some reaon, the zipper didn't zip, so she had to trust that there would be no sudden draft of wind in the apartment to blow the leather away from her bare skin. The zippers on her leather gloves, however, worked very well, and pulled the black material tight against her skin all the way from her fingertips to her elbows. Nervously, she switched the long, coiled whip from one hand to the other, standing precariously on boots with heels that stood higher than she cared to imagine. Perhaps three inches. It was very uncomfortable.

Hinata glanced up, unsure of her posture and what she was supposed to be doing.

"N-Naruto-kun... is this really okay?"

Unfortunately, Naruto was less than responsive due to his critical condition. He lay unconscious from the loss of blood via his nose.

Waking later to a fretting Hinata bent over him, outfit unchanged, did little to help the situation.