Authors corner

Mangagor: hi everyone, I have made an oneshot about how naruto tackles the revelation of that hinata loves him… I made it a bit short and imbad at this so be nice R&R and if you like it check out my other story dark beginnings that ill update soon enough. Oh yeah for those of you that doesn't know this happens under the battle of pain and pain kills hinata after she revealed that she loves naruto at last. I celebrate this (that she admitted it not that she maybe died) with this short fanfiction. One more thing she admitted it in chap. 437 the link is at my profile. Spoiler warning.

Narutos feelings

"This … no … why … how did I not realize it" naruto thought angrily before losing control of himself and become 6-tailed fox. He didn't want to sink into selfpity and anger before pain was defeated but as he was no longer in control he didn't care about pain. He remembers hinata and how obvious it is now that she loved him he called himself a fool for not realizing it and thought that he loved her too and if she lived he would be happy, no more would he follow Sakura it was just her and it would always be her. He remembered how she always fainted near him. He smiled at that and thought how good it was that she remained faithful. He now remembered pain and concentrated his entire wrath on him. "You shall pay dearly for everything you have done, my village, my friends, and especially Hinata!

Well I wont do the fight between them since I'm bad at it and I don't know how it'll be. I hope you enjoyed it. Ill go back to dark beginnings now. See ya!