Abandon – There have been rumors spreading around like wildfire that Nico Robin left the Strawhats for her own selfish gain, to save her own skin; but despite these rumors, no one can truly say that the Strawhats left her to die in the hands of dark justice.

Abase – Being someone with such a high bounty on his head, Luffy was never the one to laugh at someone's impossible dreams; he was going to be the Pirate King after all.

Abash – Iceberg hated Cutty for his rude antics, his loud voice and annoying attitude; but he also can't help but admire Cutty's trait of never being ashamed of himself and his intentions, going so far as standing in front of a speeding train to prove his point.

Abdicate – Sanji was never the one to fail his duty of always serving a wonderful meal, always excited about creating a delicious dish for his crewmates; Zoro, knowing this fact, wonders to himself why he gets a dish that looks less appetizing than the others', just because he kicked him out of bed last night.

Abdomen – Usually on cold and relaxing afternoons, Chopper would go outside with a blanket to place on Zoro incase he might get cold, and sometimes, feeling a bit tired himself, he would lie down on Zoro's hard stomach and drape the blanket over both of them.

Abduct – Sometimes, when things are calm and peaceful and boring, Mihawk would think about his duel with a certain swordsman and would wonder if kidnapping him would ease his boredom even by a little bit.

Abed – While Zoro lies still on the bed, covered with bandages and breathing softly, Luffy would often sit beside his bed and tells stories of their adventures together, sometimes sneaking a few kisses here and there, and would laugh to himself when Zoro's lips would tug up by just a little.

Abernethy – There was once a time that Zoro strongly denied the little sweet cookie that Luffy was offering him, and Luffy with a sly smile on his face bit a piece off and soon enough, the swordsman finds something warm and wet over his lips; Zoro never again resisted any candy given to him by his Captain.

Abet – Smoker mentally kicks himself for letting the pirate into his own room, he tells himself that this is illegal, that it opposes everything he stands for; but when the pirate smiles at him, his freckled cheeks pink, Smoker can't help but smile back.

Abhor – Franky still hates Spandam for taking away his beloved Tom-san, he also hates the government for turning against the people; he also hates that Iceberg cut his long hair, the hair in which he used to comb his fingers through, but that's another story.