Kagome Trust

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Summary: When Kagome is raped by Sesshomaru on the night of the new moon. Kagome goes home to the future as finds out that she is pregnant with pups? PUPS! Now one year later, she decides to go back to the feudal era.



Chapter One: Lust For Her

As the wind blew around the open area, no one could see a flash of light speeding through. Lord Sesshomaru had lost control over his beast for over a week now, and currently he was still trying to find that sweet aroma that smelled of passion fruit and lavender. He could not find it, not until he came over the hill looking over a small village.

"Yes," he thought, as he raced to the village, sniffing around the area. He smelled his half-brother's scent and hid. Shadowed by the trees, he overheard her talking to his half-breed brother. Smelling the air again, he grinned at the fact that Kagome was in heat. She was ripe for the taking. She would bear him strong pups. The beast didn't care that she was human; she was very loyal, kind, caring to yokai. She was very strong now, and soon she would be his. He would mark her and no one would take her away.

X+X+X Kagome's POV X+X+X

"Inuyasha I'm going to have a bath, but Sango is staying. I can protect myself now," Kagome said, her teeth grinding together with madness. "Sango stay here and watch dog boy for me!"

Kagome picked up all her bathing supplies and walked around, looking up at the night sky. She thought back over the last five years when she first fell into the well. She had changed over the years.

When she had come here, she wasn't even at the beginner level of miko. That was until two years ago when Lord Fluffyster came in and told her what she didn't want to hear. After that, she dedicated her time to training with Kaede, learning all that she could from her and traveling from village to village gaining extra for her abilities.

But after a fight with Inuyasha about her training, she turned her back on the Feudal Era for a few months. Now she was stronger with her bow and arrows because she had joined an archery group, able to hit up any target over 200 yards dead on. She was also taking on kendo and karate classes to help gain strength. Because of all this, Kagome was stronger than when she had left.

Smelling the hot water, Kagome hiked to a small clearing that had a large hot spring in it. Walking to its banks, Kagome started to strip out of her school uniform, completely unaware that someone was watching her with a smirk etched on his face.

X+X+X Sesshomaru's POV X+X+X

He watched her strip down, his beast contently growling at the sight of her body. Soon he would have her tonight. The beast continued to watch her get in the hot spring. Jumping down from his tree, spreading his yokai into the area, she froze as she turned around to face him.

Small growls came from his chest as he watched her fear come in and mask her intoxicating scent.

"Sesshomaru." His ears perked as the words came from her mouth.

X+X+X Kagome's POV X+X+X

She felt a yoka in the areai but she froze up when she heard growls coming from behind. She turned around to see Lord Sesshomaru with red eyes and Kagome knew his beast had taken over. Covering her breasts with her arms, she made sure that her lower part was still underwater.

"Sesshomaru," Kagome whispered, hoping he would snap out of it.

When his beast saw her covering her breasts, he loudly growled at her, causing her to jump back in fright. With great speed he grabbed her around the stomach, giving no indication of letting her go.

"Sesshomaru!" Kagome screamed in fright, struggling against him. It only led to him growling more and more loudly as he pressed his lips against hers. His hand grabbed her hair and pulled a little too hard, making her whimper in pain. After he released his grip on her hair, his lips parted from her own. He dragged his masculine tongue down her neck and back up again, making her whimper in fright once again.

"Sesshomaru, wake up please!" Kagome screamed at him, struggling. Sesshomaru smirked at her as he trailed his fang against her neck, drawing some blood only to lick it clean. Moving her neck to the other side he sucked on her pulse, making her pained whimpers grow.

Her miko powers flared up. She threw him off for a couple of seconds, but to her dismay he jumped up quickly, grabbing her by the arm twisting it.

"Please stop, Lord Sesshomaru!" Kagome yelled, trembling as he continued to lick and suck on her neck.

When he growled to her chest he could feel the vibrations throughout her body as she trembled in fright and fear. Kagome knew she had to stop this right now.

"Sesshomaru, stop please! You detested us humans with a passion of hatred and loathing. To you and many others they are disgusting creatures. Please don't do something you might regret when this is over. I plead to you, Sesshomaru! Please stop…" While she was going to continue Sesshomaru's lips were on hers, his grasp tightening. He held her around her waist and leaped out of the hot spring to the solid ground.

Within moments Kagome was on her back. When she finally registered that Sesshomaru was on top of her naked body and was positioning himself at her barrier, she panicked.

"Sesshomaru, stop," whispered Kagome as she placed her hands on his chest. She rubbed it, praying that the action would calm him down, hide away the beast.

Soon some golden specks showed in his red eyes. "Sesshomaru," Kagome said very softly to him. But just as soon as it came, it was gone. Nervous and whimpering in fright, Kagome continued to rub his chest very softy, hoping that it would turn him back to his old self.

Sesshomaru's beast growled, knowing that she was trying to bring back his master from the cage that he was enclosed in. He grabbed both of her hands and placed them above her head. Sesshomaru looked at her beauty and nakedness, unable to help the throaty groan. She was so afraid that her body was trembling and reeked of horror.

Tears started to pour down her face. "Sesshomaru, remember your father's tomb? I pulled out the Tessaiga. You hate me, remember?" She was grasping at straws, trying to awaken the Sesshomaru, she hoped that speaking about his father's tomb and sword would snap him out of his lust.

His eyes flashed gold, but it was gone in a second for his beast was stronger. Sesshomaru's beast had had enough as he pressed his manhood against her womanhood. She gasped, completely panic-stricken as she renewed her struggle against him.

With his hand, the beast hit her across her cheek, throwing her head to the side harshly. Sesshomaru grabbed her hip and within one push he entered her. The pain made her scream but soon he was stopping it with his lips. Spreading his yokai, he created a barrier around them so that no one would be able to see in.

Sesshomaru pounded into Kagome's unwilling, virgin body. She shrieked in pain and shame from this act. In her heart, Kagome knew that his beast was in control over him and she couldn't do anything to stop him at all. She tried to get him to stop from pushing so hard or fast, but he wouldn't stop or slow down at all.

Soon he grunted in pleasure while Kagome screamed in pain and pleasure as she came. His beast grew out his master's fangs, and with some more thrusts into her womanhood, he spilled his seeds and bit into her neck. As the aftershocks continued, he began to spread his yokai into her body, making her and marking her as his for life.

Pulling out of her, he disappeared, leaving Kagome's crying and frail form on the ground. A few minutes later and Kagome slowly sat up from the cold ground. She placed her hand to her forehead and then her neck, hissing at the pain.

There were two small holes on her neck and she gasped, feeling far too dizzy. Kagome started to get up from the ground, but stopped when pain came to her and her memories flooded back. She cried, long and hard as the tears wouldn't end.

Stopping to look up and seeing no one near her, Kagome stared between her thighs. There was blood and a thick, white substance from the aftermath of the rape. While her eyes widened and a hand went over her mouth, she couldn't stop the vomit that spilled onto the grass. To her horror, Kagome could still feel Sesshomaru's barrier around her slowly vanishing, leaving her sight.

Kagome slowly inched to the hot springs again. She didn't want any company –absolutely no one's company – right now. Placing her own barrier around the hot springs, Kagome slid back in and tried to forget.

Her bath items were still near the side, and quickly she washed her body. It took three times just to get the feeling of Sesshomaru off of her and then she started to shampoo and condition her hair. Slowly thinking about what happened, she wondered why. 'Why was his beast was in control over his body?' but she shuddered, not wanting to keep thinking such thoughts.

Kagome soon placed an unsteady hand around her womanhood, calling her miko powers to heal the swollen and abused flesh from within. She felt better about healing her body, but it wasn't enough. Kagome knew she couldn't stay longer, so she began to dry herself with her black and blue towels.

Grabbing her clothing, she quickly put them on and packed up all her items from the ground. It wasn't long before she vanished into the well.

X+X+X Sesshomaru's POV X+X+X

Waking up in his bed with a thin layer of sweat on his body, Lord Sesshomaru tried to remember what his beast did. Nothing came to mind but when he smelled himself, the scent he found was a mixture of passion fruit and lavender, and his own musky smell.

Getting up, he went to his personal bathhouse.

X+X+X Kagome's POV X+X+X

She saw the blue light as she landed at the bottom of the well in her own time. Kagome climbed up the ladder, hauling herself over the railing. It was much harder than before, because now her lower parts were screaming in pain.

Once she was out, she turned around and placed a barrier around the well to close it off for one year. She needed that time away from the Feudal Era. Once it was set, Kagome walked up the stairs and out into the sunlight.

Heading into her house, Kagome shouted out at the sight of her mother. "Mom!"

"Kagome!" Taytai called out, emerging from the kitchen.

"Mom!" she cried out again, happy to see her mother. She ran over, embracing her in a tight hug. The girl told her mom of all the unfortunate events that had happened in the last two hours.

"Kagome, my dear," said Taytai. "Kagome, do you think that you are pregnant?"

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