WASSUP so this is my first story yep u heard it right my first storay so dont flame or else...before i tell you sign this document saying GODZILLABEAST is not liable for any burning hurting or making other members crispy. hehe so now that u signed taht i will throw the flames back at you ten fold with the forc of a thousand hurricanes mkay okay on with da story WAIT BEFORE I go on with da story this is the disclaimer chapter and so forth ok here it goes i do not own digimon or anythng else they belong to there respective owners who names idk hehe but i do own my character ember roselind so TAKE THAT cliche akward openings in ur faces nanaanana hehe so until next chapter yea so ok BYE BYE hehe just joking im going to filll u in alittle about ember ... if that really is his real name ember: DONT U DARE TELL THEM me:uhhhhhhh i wont ember ember: good me:ok so embers a dude yea shocking i know orange eyes age not telling height not telling and i will tell you more about here later ember: bye dudes me: BYE