A/N: Rewriting my trip to Britain story. Still really OOC but still, better written and not quite so improbably, I guess.

I hefted my large yellow suitcase off the ground and pulled my battered silver one on its wheels as I took my time looking for the entrance to platform 9 and ¾'s. I paused yet again as the makeup bag on my shoulder started slipping off again. I made a grab for it but it fell to the floor before I could stop it. I sighed and picked it up, gathering the bottles and boxes that fell out. Shit, I thought with annoyance. My favorite cover-up had cracked and was now all over the station floor.

I picked up the rest of my fallen makeup, grumbling obscenities rather loudly. I heard the sound of muted laughter behind me and the sound of expensive heels hitting the stone railway floor.

"How sad, so young and already taken by insanity." I turned around to see an arrogant looking blonde woman say to her son and what looked like her husband. All three were thin, tall, with white blonde hair.

"I wouldn't be talking about insanity when it looks like you two did that twisted incest deal to make that son of yours" Said a young man to my right. He had shockingly red hair and his face was covered with freckles. He held the hand of a relatively attractive girl with bushy brown hair being her only fault. A boy on the girl's right with black messy hair and round glasses laughed at the red-head's joke. This is when I chose to speak up.

"Oh, you just got majorly burned." I laughed at the blonde brigade, and stood up with my refilled makeup bag in hand. Then I noticed that everyone was looking at me weird, even my rescuers. "What?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Are you American?" the messy-haired boy asked.

"Yep!" I replied happily, picking up my luggage again. "I'm joining the third year class as part of an exchange program. Well, its more like I happened to run away with perfect timing, and I got accepted into Hogwarts" I continued, "And thanks for defending me, but it don't really mind all that much, some people are just shitty beings, and we can't interrupt their spiritual travel or it can taint our immortal soul." I said as seriously as possible before I walked away. God it was really hard not to laugh on the looks on their faces. Gotta enjoy completely weirding out total strangers, I thought as I walked through the pillar into Platform 9 and ¾'s.