Here's another one ... And I would be really glad if anyone could tell me why fanfiction loves to terminate all my parapgraphs ...

I just write to tell you ...

Every day I go to bed and wait for you

I don't expect you to sleep next to me

But maybe you could call and simply say boo

Maybe some evil words about that guy trom Tennessee

Or you could talk about the twins and my ass

Or how many times you'd made me come

Or you could simply burst into my class

Or tell me how old I have become

That would remind me of all the time

The years we've known each other now

Or tell me that these words don't rhyme

Well, I guess that's all for now

But wait there's something I forgot to say

These three words you said that one night

When you thought that it was okay

And then felt that something wasn't right

The big l-word as you called it

I wasn't able to say it out loud

But somehow now it seems to fit

And somehow now I'm proud

Cause now I'm able to tell you

What I've wanted to say all along

The words that I mean are I love you

You are the one to whom I belong