Everworld2 t.1:the new everworld

Jalil sherman,david levin ,christopher and april remember all of their adventure has everworld one day hee meet a quebecois who come of 'installed in chicago

Called archie when archie said :good day hein, senna appears but with eyes white and a blue complexion .- which it asked archie

-it senna says david

senna change the world with a eyes and replaces a everworld

-we are in everworld says david

- what ? questionned archie

-everworld ! rectified david

- it is what is noise asked april

- ouah is american native answer jalil

-bomba said a native by stamping

-he want to sing one of these song chuckled christopher

-verry funny says april by being serious

-ha ha ha rectified jalil

-good day welcome to american native of everworld eventually said the chief of native

- our gods are the bird-thunder and the great spirit

- you knows aztek asked april

-the aztek are not intelligent and barbarous answer the chief native

end of the chapter

( fr:je n'ai pas beaucoup de temp pour mettre plus de mot ok trad eng : i have many of time to more whrite word ok )