Dexter got me into this mess! "Go get me the solution to the omatrix acting up." I could easily figure it out but no Sky Bulletangel has to do everything. I thought to many things in my cell that night, about Dexter, Ben, defiantly Ben he was most important to me… "Food for the other species female." The outer world Ben said. "I easily understand your wants but…" I started. He interrupted me "Food isn't supposed to talk!" Well then! I was losing hope I was starving , they were feeding stale bread and sour milk. All the sudden the building shook and a loud sonic crash! "Sky! Sky where are you?! C'mon Sky answer me, I need to make sure your not dead!" Ben's voice was very assuring. "I'm over here, Ben." I said weakly. He's here alone! No that isn't possible the omatrix is not working… "Sky thank god I found you no one thought you were alive!" Ben said. "Yeah that is defiantly what I want to hear Ben…" I trailed off. After that I fainted.

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