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2 year have passed since the wrestlers had to deal with the son of the man that had changed their lives forever. In that time they were forced to find a safe home for the children altered by Cheney's son, so Taker used his own money to purchase land near the Colorado Mountains. The land was well away from any towns or cities so the kids could feel safe and learn how to control each of their unique abilities.

It was decided that Ashley would look after the children, providing them with an adult presence, something a few of them had not had in their short lives. Taker arraigned that a large compound was built for the children and Ashley as well as a place for him and the other Twisted, could stay when they needed to get away and rest. As well, Orton surmised that they also could use a place where they could train their own abilities. As much as some were ready to ignore what they had become, after Glen made an attempt to light a barbeque and nearly incinerated Taker who was standing a few feet away when he's aim was off, Randy determined that without regular use their powers seemed to build up in their bodies, like over charged batteries, and could get out of their control at the worse time. Also, wrestlers like Dave, with more passive powers, needed to know their own strengths or they could hurt someone, if not themselves.

"He Glen wait up!"

CM Punk calls to his large friend as he is walking into his current dressing room. The WWE was holding their annual SummerSlam Pay Per View in New York at Madison Square Gardens. The show was well underway and Glen had just finished his handicap match against two of the members of Legacy. He was tired and ready for a shower and to relax till the show was over and he could leave with Taker, who was in the next to last match, for the hotel. He turned on hearing the younger wrestler's call.

"Yeah Punk what's up?" He eyed the inside of his dressing room longingly for a second before turning fully to the young man.

"Um…lets talk in your room" He nodded to Glen who shrugged and heads in, turning as Punk closed the door and took a seat on one of the benches.

"So what's wrong, you don't look so hot" Glen commented noting how the young man's skin seemed to look a bit pale, almost as pale as Taker's naturally is when he is not tanning it darker.

"Not sure man, it's why I wanted to talk to you." Punk rubbed the back of his head as he looked down, "I was looking for Randy, but he had not come in yet. Which ain't really like him is it?"

Glen frowns, as he had to agree. All the guys knew to be at the arena before the show started unless they had a good excuse not to be; Vince will not be happy, if he doesn't already know. "Ok one mystery at a time. What you want to talk to me about?"

Punk sighs, "Not really sure, but lately I've been feeling kinda off."

"Off? What do you mean by "off"?" Glen takes a seat near the young wrestler.

"Well the other day I was doing some practicing in my room, using my powers to pass between my room and Regal's" Punk began, "and while I was passing through the wall I had this sudden feeling."

"Feeling? Like what?" Glen did not like this; he had this bad feeling himself now, a feeling their time of peace was about to end.

"Well normally when I go through walls, I don't feel anything, not even the air, but this time I...well...I felt something, I'm just not sure what it was." The young man sighs a bit frustrated at having to be so vague, but he really was not sure what it was he felt.

"You think your evolving again? That the chemicals are back to their old tricks." It really was not a question; both men knew from experience that when their powers starting behaving differently it was because they were changing. He just hoped this new change was something they could handle.

Punk nods as if he knew what Glen was thinking, "I was hoping to find out if you were feeling it too."

"Nope, not yet anyway" Glen grumbles.

Without warning the Undertaker appears in the room with the two men, his wheeled luggage firmly grasped in his hand. Punk is nonplused by his sudden appearance but Glen, as with many of the other wrestlers, still gets a start from this display of the Deadman's powers.

"Damnit Mark why can't you use a damn door like a normal person!" Glen yells standing up and walks over to one of the cubicles to prepare to change out of his tights and other wrestling gear.

Mark smirks a bit as he walks past Punk to set his carryon down in another cubicle, "Sorry man, thought you'd be in the shower by now. Your running behind your normal schedule" he pauses to look back at Punk, "and why are you in here?"

Punk sighs standing, "Just came in to ask Glen a question, gonna head out to the locker room to get read for my match"

Mark smirks before commenting, "Orton's at the house, your not the only one who's been feeling off, and no Glen you can't borrow my shampoo" After saying that the large man grabs the aforementioned shampoo and walks past a fuming Glen into the shower area.

"I fucking hate when he does that." Glen mutters as he snatches up his nearly depleted bottle of shampoo eyeing Punk's confused look, "What?"

"I thought he said he would stop showing off he can read minds" comes Punks, somewhat, perturbed reply.

"Yeah he did, but lately he's been less and less reticent about showing off; like porting into the locker room. And it's getting to be annoying" Glen yells into the shower area.

"But don't you think that's kind of odd for Mark? I mean if it was you, then…" Punk breaks off finishing what he was about to say at seeing the look on Glen's face. "Um…sorry"

Glen grunts then takes a seat again setting his elbows on his knees. "To be honest with you, yeah it is odd. Mark's not the kind to act so unconcerned about things they way he has been about possibly getting caught using his powers." He looks to Punk, "You think this is connected to your thing?"

Punk looks to the entrance to the shower then back to his large friend. "Not sure, but if it is, I think we'll know soon enough."