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Punk kept tabs on Father's actions, absently wondering where the dog came from, as he did not remember the man having any pets. Figuring it was a new acquisition. The canine did not concern him so much as the force Father was building to confront them. The guards would not be a real issue, but the super powered additions could be. He and his friends were just now coming into their powers, or, more to the point, understanding them and how to use them. Most of those they have meet in the base had been practicing with theirs, almost, since the moment Father found them. He mused that embracing their change instead of ignoring them would have fared he and his friends much better. In fact, he thought, their true downfall, if it came, would directly be attributed to trying to pretend they were still human. They were not human, they were above that now, and it was the message Father was trying to get them all to see. It was one they should take to heart. But they refuse to see that, still trying to be human by saving the captives at the riskā€¦

Punk caught on to his thoughts and where they were going, quickly realizing Father knew he was there and had been in his mind, influencing him like he tried before when they were on the plane. And like then, he snapped out of it, and realized what was happening. Quickly he pulled his consciousness away from the area the older man was in, shrinking himself far enough to be out of his range while turning his attention briefly back to Glen and the others.

"Father's coming and he tried to get to me." He yelled to Glen as he stuck his head from the wall next to were Glen was standing, watching Adam try to cut through the door. A necessity when they found out the computer systems had all been locked down.

"How far off is he?" Asked the bald giant not wasting time.

"Not far and he's bringing back up of the powered kind." Replied Punk snapping his head to gaze to where the truck is waiting, just as Adam finally slices through the last part of the door and the heavy metal crashes to the ground.

The families were loaded, one by one, as quickly as possible. Orton did a head count to ensure all were there; turning to Kane worriedly wondering if he should stay and fight.

"OK! Randy move out and don't look back!" Glen yells to their resident genius. They had to get the humans away as fast as they could. He waved for Adam to join his side as well as the Hardy brothers. Turning to Punk once more. "Slow them down, but stay as far back as you can. We'll get ready for them see if we can hold them off long enough for Orton and Ash to get the others to safety." His tone spoke of desperation and, of possible defeat. The others stood next to Glen, ready to fight, hoping Orton and Ash will get their families to safety.

Punk melded back with the base. Not too surprised to see that Father and his forces were almost to them. In order to give his fellows some time to prepare he used his power to short out the door panel to their section of the base, hoping it would slow them up a bit. Any delay, at this point, was better then nothing.

Inside the hanger area Glen took a few seconds to settle his racing mind before barking orders to the others.

"Matt, you and Jeff hit the rafters, hang back as long as you can. We might need a surprise attack from above." The two High-Flyers nodded and took off to a shadowed part of the rafters above.

He turned his attention to the remaining two, "Dave; Adam, we have to hold them here for as long as we can. If they get past us and up that ramp, Orton and the others don't stand a chance." He knew the grim determination he saw on their faces mirrored his own.

For a moment he was taken aback by those looks, as it hit him how far they had all come, from normal Professional Wrestlers, as normal as you can get in their industry, to what they are now; men fighting against evil to save innocent lives. He never thought his life would have taken this path. But now that it had, he would face it with all he had.

"Look guys," he suddenly says, "We've been trying to avoid accepting what we have become, accepting these powers, we have been given. But now we have to forget what we once were. We have to realize we are never going back to being human" He glances up to where he knows the two Hardys are waiting, "It's no longer about us, and what we want. It's about those innocent people that just left here," he points back down the tunnel, "They are counting on us to do whatever it is we have to do, to make sure they make it to safety. And beyond that, it's about us standing between evil and madness. Father would have all humanity dead or enslaved, and I don't think there is a one of us that could call him self a man if we just stood by and let that happen."

Glen places a large hand on the shoulders of the two man that stand before him, looking each in the eye, "We've always thought of ourselves as strong man, well now is the time to prove it, not in physical strength, but in purpose, in will to stop this evil man and his mad plan. There are no others to stand against him; it's us or nothing. We stand between the salvation and devastation. Think about that when Father walks through that door" he points above, "Do not let him sway you, do not allow him to get into your minds or hearts, we are doing this for our families, and for the world. It is right; it is just and as long as we keep that in mind, he will never defeat us."

He turns and moves to stand between Adam and Dave, speaking softly to the point the other two man can barely make out what he says, "There is no tomorrow, save the one we make."

Moments pass as if they were hours to the four men in the hanger. Matt and Jeff wait in the rafters, knowing it was just a matter of time until Father broke into the room with his guards, as Glen, Dave and Adam stoically below. Edge turned his hands into fine long blades of black, twisted metal while Glen chose to form two long bone spears. Dave, for his part, just worked to calm himself preparing for the battle to come. Suddenly the doors began to shake and bulge until it gives way, allowing a number screaming, heavily armed and armored, men to rush in. The men did not waste time, but started firing on the three men below while still charging down the stairs. Adam was quick to duck behind Batista, smirking as the bullets careened off the larger man's invulnerable hide. He made a smart-alecky quip, but it was drowned by the reports of the guns. Glen for his part did not feel the need to seek cover as he allowed his body to become engulfed in flames watching, with some amusement, as the bullets vaporized before getting near enough to do him any harm.

After about a minute of wasting bullets on the three Twisted members the force ceased their fire, looking a bit uncertain as their foes seemed to be finding their efforts amusing. As one they all looked up to the landing where Father and three other's stood. There was a tense moment on all sides, as the armed men seemed to be waiting Father's words, while Glen and the others waited for them to act, knowing it was better to defend then attack outright. A slight nod from Father was all his men needed as they rushed head long at Glen, Dave and Adam. Most likely hoping to use sheer numbers to take the super powered men down.

Quickly Adam moved from behind Batista, putting some distance between them, grinning as about a dozen men slammed into Dave's invincible body, many falling unconscious from the impact. Adam turned his attention to those rushing him, deciding to try something with his power and instead of forming a weapon he held his arms together and concentrated opening them when he felt something different in his limbs. He gasped as he saw a big black wall in front of him, sprouting from his arms. "Well how ya like that!" he exclaimed to himself, smirking as he moved at the rushing men, becoming a human battering ram of sorts. "Eat ya heart out Dave!" he yelled to his friend who, at this point was, standing stock still as men battered at him with fists and weapon butts.

Dave glanced at the blonde rolling his eyes as the younger man start to show off, slamming his wall-arms into anyone in reach. A quick look to Glen, who was using an exceptionally large bone spur to bat at his own crowd of enraged soldiers, as Dave started to believe they might just be able to come out of this with their skins intact.

The melee took roughly 10 minutes, but, by the end of it all, the soldiers were laid out at the feet of the three lone men. Adam was leaning casually against Dave who was giving him an annoyed look, even though deep down he felt as cocky about their success as Adam was displaying. Glen, on the other hand, was not one to let overconfidence over take him, and looked up to where Father and his other back up stood. So he was not all that surprised to see the older man smiling and clapping.

"Bravo, Bravo" the older man said while exaggeratedly clap, "You seem to have more control over your powers then I had suspected, or is this a new development?" he leaned on the railing as the men below tensed. They did not know why Father had not sent, what they assumed was, his more powerful force at them already, leaving them a bit disconcerted and on edge.

Reaching down to pet Paul Father continued his relaxed discourse. "I have to admit, that I thought I had you all firmly in hand. I would love to know how you succeeded in breaking my hold on you" Glen noted a slight frown creases the older man's brow he felt a slight pressure at the back of his head, which dissipated almost the moment he noticed it. "Yes," he started up again, "And how you are blocking me now?"

All three men looked at each other, not realizing they were blocking Father, and nervously wondering just what was protecting them. Glen knew not to look a gift power in the mouth and took a step forward smirking up to the people above. "Bet you wish you knew. Well we ain't telling" He stepped forward some more, balling his fists up tight as they burst into flames, "What we will be doing is beating the living hell out of you for what you did to our families."

A/N: The families are on their way to safety. Glen and the other remaining Twisted have fought back Father's first wave. Things are looking up for our stalwart heroes. Thing is, Father does not seem to be too upset that his men were beat so easily. And just how are the Twisted defending themselves against Father's power? And who are those people standing with Father? Guess we'll have to wait till next chapter of With Great Power, to find out.