Kon's Revenge!
Chapter1: Plan In action!
Kon was angry, very angry indeed! Once again he was ignored and stomped on by Ichigo and Rukia! All he wanted was an...Ahem...hug.
Instead he got foot in the face! He then started plotting a devilishly bad plan to get revenge on Ichigo (Who just watched him get rejected!
Now all he had needed for his plan to work was for a hollow to show up!
Luck was in his favor as one did, setting off Rukia's Soul Pager!
Ichigo and Rukia quickly popped in Kon and Chappy's mod soul pills and went off to kill the hollow! Oblivious to the chaos that would soon follow! Now that Kon was in Ichigo's body, his plan was ready to be start! Poor Chappy never knew what hit her until it was too late!
Now Kon was hell bent on ruining Ichigo's reputation and Image!
So he went to Mr. Hat-and-Clogs place; A.K.A. The Urahara shop!
Mission Objective: Make Ichigo look like a bigger pervert then Urahara!
Kon walked toward the shop and saw Ururu sweeping the floors while Jinta was slaking off and bossing Ururu around. Kon quickly got into character, dawning Ichigo's trademark Scowl, then walked toward the children determined to find out where Urahara and more importantly Yourichi were!
"What do you want"? Jinta asked quite rudely!
"I'm here to see Mr. Hat-and-Clogs"! Kon said mimicking Ichigo perfectly!
Ururu then went to get Urahara while Jinta just laid there, digging his ears.
Kon then remembered that Jinta had tortured him along with the other demon children: Ururu and Ichigo's Sisters!
(Why limit my Revenge on just Ichigo?) Kon thought to himself.
Then he gave Jinta a noggie, Jinta totally unprepared for this sudden attack, was helpless against this torture until Kon herd footsteps coming toward him.