The next morning dawned bright and beautiful. Aubrey awoke just as the sun was rising. She lay in her bed for a few minutes, mulling over her thoughts. Today was the day of the battle. She had a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that something bad was going to happen. She tried to shake it off by getting up and readying herself. She noticed one of the maidservants had laid out a battle dress and armor for her. She ran her fingers across the material, marveling at the workmanship. She slipped into the golden dress that seemed to enhance the specks in her hazel eyes. She loved the way the material felt. She was just about to fasten the first part of her armor on when she noticed something glittering from under her cot.

She bent down on her knees on the hard earth and reached under the cot. Her fingers were met with cool metal. She gripped the object and brought it in front of her face. She laughed at herself when she realized that she had nearly forgotten her gift from Father Christmas. She held the lightweight chain mail in her hand. She had a feeling this would come in handy today.


As Aubrey walked towards the boys' tent, she went over the plans in her head. Peter had developed a good strategy. He along with Oreius would be leading the foot warriors at the front line. She and Edmund would be stationed above them on the rock fixture with the archers and a few others. First, they would send in the Griffins. They would bombard the enemy with rocks and boulders. Once the army reached a certain point, Peter would lead the charge and meet them head on. If they got to overwhelmed, they would fall back to the rocks and be re-enforced by Edmund and Aubrey's part of the army. From then on, they could only hope they would have enough to defeat the Witch and her army.

When Aubrey reached the tent, she noticed the boys were still asleep. She smiled at them lovingly. She heard a noise from behind her and turned around.

"Oh," cried a startled voice. "Good morning, Miss." The young dryad inclined her head in Aubrey's direction. The other girl smiled at her.

"Good Morning," she responded. She looked at the bundle the dryad was carrying. The dryad saw her stare.

"It's the young Kings' battle clothes." She told Aubrey.

"I can take them from you, if you like." Aubrey told her. "I was just going in there to wake them up."

The dryad smiled thankfully at her and handed her the bundle of clothes. Aubrey swayed under the load of two set of clothes, chain mail and battle armor. She smiled once more at the dryad and walked into the tent. She separated the boys clothes and placed each of their things at the edge of their beds. Just as she was placing Peter's chain mail on top of his things, the two boys stirred.

"Good morning, boys." Aubrey called loudly, making them shoot out of bed. She chuckled at the wild look in their eyes.

"You best change quickly. I'll have breakfast waiting when you're done." She turned to leave the tent.

"Oh, and Peter," he looked up at her, fingering his armor. "Oreius wants to meet with you before everyone assembles."

Peter nodded sleepily at her and she left the tent. As she was laying out their breakfast, all her worrisome thoughts disappeared, well, momentarily at least.


The sun had reached its highest point in the sky. Aubrey had to shield her eyes as she looked above her. She could see the Griffins circling around above the gathered Narnians. She looked back down at the scene spread out in front of her. She could see Peter, way below her, sitting on top of his pure white unicorn, Gwen. Oreius was standing next to him. The two seemed to be having a quiet conversation. Seeming to sense her gaze on him, Peter looked up. His crystal blue eyes locked with her hazel ones and a silent agreement seemed to pass between them. Be safe, they both said. Their gazes were interrupted as one of the Griffins flew down to speak with Peter. Before he turned though, Aubrey could see the fear and hope mixed in his eyes. But what struck her as odd was something else she saw in his eyes, something that she couldn't interpret. She shook her head to clear all unnecessary thoughts. She would have time to dwell on them when the battle was over, assuming you survive, she told herself. She felt someone put a reassuring arm around her shoulders. She looked over into Edmund's hazel eyes and smiled. All she could see was hope, pure hope shinning in his eyes.

"Chin up!" Aubrey smiled at his upbeat attitude.

"I wish I could be as confident," she told him. Not knowing what to say, he squeezed her shoulders.

She was about to say something to him, when suddenly she caught the first sight of the Witch's army. She felt her heart speed up and gripped the hilt of her sword harder. Edmund moved to his station a little ahead of her. He was to lead the foot soldiers if Peter needed the reinforcement. Aubrey was in charge of the archers. She looked over the group of fauns and centaurs who were most skilled with a bow. She missed Susan and wished she was here, but her heart was thankful that at least she and Lucy were safe.

She turned her attention once more to the army gathering in front of her. Her heart dropped into her stomach when she noticed the numbers. They were outnumbered.

The Witch's army stopped. Aubrey was sure that a pin could be heard throughout the silence in the field. Peter turned and looked at Edmund. The two nodded at each other and then waved their swords in the air, the signal for the Griffin attack. Aubrey held her breath as the first boulder dropped. It hit one of the dwarfs charging toward Peter and his army. The war had officially begun.

When the wave of Griffins finished their attack, Aubrey led the archers. She raised her sword in the air so that it made a ninety degree angle, the archers loaded their bows. Aubrey watched as the Witch's army continued to charge. They were still a ways away from the front line of Peter's army. She looked back at her archers and swung her sword forward. She heard the swish of about twenty arrows loosing from their strings. She saw the arrows arch across in the sky, she watched them fall and connect with the front line of the Witch's army. Aubrey looked at Peter again. He was once more saying something to Oreius. Be safe, Petey, she thought with all her might.

Peter raised his sword in the air. He looked to his left and right at all of the Narnians. "For Narnia! And for Aslan!" With his final words, Peter charged. Aubrey could hear her heart beating. The clashing of the armies was deafening in her ears.


"En guard!" 13 year old Aubrey watched as Peter and Edmund battled each other with their makeshift swords. They had decided to spend the day at the park. Edmund and Peter were sword fighting, trying to save Princess Lucy from the troll that lived under the "castle". Aubrey was sitting next to Susan watching the battle, the latter was reading one of her books.

"You'll never take me alive!" Edmund jumped backwards and into the sandbox as Peter took a swing at his head. Lucy was sitting on the top of the jungle gym, their "castle", giggling as she watched the two fight.

"Oh! Save me Sir Peter," Lucy yelled. Peter smiled up at his little sister.

"Anything for you milady!" Aubrey jumped as Peter shoved his "sword" under Edmund's armpit. She relaxed and smiled when she saw Edmund wasn't hurt.

"Alas!" Edmund was yelling dramatically, clutching his chest. "You have slain me." Aubrey had to hold her side as she cracked up with laughter. "But," he coughed dramatically, "I shall," he feel to his knees on the ground, clutching his invisible wound, "return." Edmund collapsed, face first into the sand. Aubrey had tears streaming down her face from her laughter.

Peter walked out of the sandbox and stood at the bottom of the jungle gym as Lucy hopped off of it and landed on his back. Surprised by the sudden weight, he fell to the ground with Lucky still on top of him, both of them laughing the entire time. Lucy planted a big, wet kiss on her brother's cheek.

"My hero," she yelled loudly, "the brave Sir Peter!" The two of them lay back in the grass and laughed. Aubrey admired the scene. It was times like these that she wished she had siblings of her own. Peter picked his head up and looked over at Aubrey.

"Fair Lady Aubrey," Peter called over to her, "do join me and this wonderful princess on the ground and share in our laughter." Aubrey smiled and ran over to the two of them. Susan rolled her eyes..

They lay there for what seemed like hours, their game of make believe long forgotten. Edmund had risen from the dead and joined them, he was lying next to Lucy. Even Susan came out and joined them. She couldn't be bothered with their childish games but Aubrey managed to convince her to join them as they just lay there. The five of them were lying under the clouds and calling out the shapes they saw.

"That there looks like a bunny rabbit!" Lucy yelled excitedly.

"I see a pirate ship." Aubrey pointed straight above herself.

"I think you're crazy," Peter told her. "That's no pirate ship, it's a sail boat." Aubrey elbowed him in the side. "Or it's a pirate ship." The other three giggled.

Slowly, the sun began to sink towards the horizon. Aubrey reluctantly sat up. The other four followed her lead.

"I guess we better get going." Aubrey looked at each of them. They all, including Susan, seemed reluctant to go.

"Oh, can't we stay just a little while longer?" Lucy turned to look at Peter, pleading with him.

"I'm sorry Lu. But Aubrey's right. It's getting late and we should get going." They all said goodbye to Aubrey and headed off in the opposite direction.

The park wasn't far from her house, but Aubrey hated walking by herself at night. Her father had told her many stories about children disappearing. She was on her guard the entire time, but she never noticed the shadows that had crept up behind her. Before she knew what was happening, she was on the ground with two boys standing above her. For a fleeting moment, panic seized her brain, but as she got a better look at the boys, she relaxed. She recognized them as two bullies from school. Johnny Perkins and Francis O'Doyle were in Peter's grade and they always picked on the younger students. Aubrey had been their newest target because she had stood up to them when they tried to pick on her friend Oliver Bolster.

"We have some unfinished business girlie." Johnny and Francis laughed at their nickname. Aubrey stood up and looked them square in the face. They seemed startled for a moment but quickly recovered. Before she could say or do anything, Johnny pushed her to the ground again. The two boys continued to laugh.

"Look at the poor little girl," Francis called, "so helpless." They roared with laughter.

"Her brains so small she can't even fight back." Johnny laughed and gave a high five to Francis. Aubrey clenched her fists. She could feel the tears of humiliation and frustration burning in her eyes.

"Aw. Is the wittle baby girwl gonna cwy?" Johnny's taunting made her blood boil.

"Hey!" A voiced shouted from behind them. The two boys turned their backs on Aubrey which gave her time to stand up and regain her ground. Through the gap in between their shoulders, she could see Peter standing in front of them, a book clutched in his hand.

"What do you want Pevensie?" Francis sneered at him. Aubrey had never seen Peter look so angry. He was glaring daggers at Johnny and Francis.

"I want you to leave my friend alone."

"Why don't you just stay out of this Pevensie." Johnny told him. He turned once more to face Aubrey, but this time she got the upper hand on him. Just as he turned to face her, she swung her balled up fist and whacked him across the face. Johnny fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"That's for calling me girlie!" She yelled at him. Johnny was rolling on the ground on his back clutching the side of his cheek. She turned toward Francis, he was staring at her like she had two heads. Before he could see what was coming, Aubrey's fist collided with his nose. Francis fell to the ground next to Johnny, clutching his nose.

"And that's for pushing me to the ground!" The two boys scrambled to their feet, still clutching their aching faces. They looked at Aubrey one last time before running down the road mumbling something about a crazy broad. As they passed Peter, he stuck his foot out and tripped Johnny who fell into Francis. They scrambled to their feet once again and took off before anything else could happen. Peter smiled as he watched them run. His smile faded when he looked at Aubrey. She was glaring at him.


"I had it under control." Peter looked at her skeptically to which Aubrey rolled her eyes.

"I don't need a big, strong man to help me all the time." She turned her back on him.

Peter walked up next to her. "I never said you did."

She turned around to face him and he smiled. "What I was going to say was nice right hook." She smiled and playfully shoved him.

"I'm serious. I don't think they'll be bothering you again anytime soon."

"We'll you best hope they don't come after you now." Aubrey told him. Peter laughed.

"Well if they do, I'll just sick my right hook throwing best friend on them." He smiled and slung his arm around her shoulders.

"Oh ha ha!" Aubrey ducked out from his arm and ran down the road towards her house, Peter chasing her and laughing the entire way there.

"Do you really think I'm a big, strong man?" Peter's grin was as wide as the Cheshire cat's. Aubrey turned around and stuck her tongue out at him.


Aubrey watched as Peter's army continued to fight the Witch's. She turned her head away every time one of the Narnians was cut down.

"Fire!" She heard Edmund yell from her left side. She watched as a new wave of arrows soared overhead and fell into the crowd below them. But even with the help from above, Aubrey could tell that Peter's army was overwhelmed.

She raised her sword, he needs all the help he can get, she thought to herself.

"Fire!" She threw her sword forward and watched as her wave of arrows found their targets.

"There are too many of them." Edmund yelled over the roar of the battle. Aubrey looked down at the scene below them and couldn't help but agree with Edmund.

"Come on Pete," she whispered to herself. "Come on. Fall back."

Peter surveyed the scene around him. There were too many of the Witch's men to take on with his small portion of the army. They had to regroup at the rocks. Peter lifted his sword into the air and waved it in a high arc, the sign for the retreat.

"Fall back!" Peter yelled and ran, trying to gain the attention of his men. "Draw them to the rocks." He then led Gwen up the hill.

"That's the signal." Mr. Beaver yelled to the rest of the army.

"Let's go!" Edmund yelled and ran to join the rest of the army. Aubrey said a quick, silent prayer to Aslan to watch over them all and protect them, then she followed Edmund and joined the fight.


Aubrey swung her sword, trying to remember all of the training Oreius gave her. She swung in a wide arc and then slashed forward. She felt he sword cut through someone or something, but she didn't have time to dwell on who she just killed. She had just enough time to turn around and block a hit aimed for her side. She cut down her newest attacker and was able to survey the scene. All around her, bodies were laying on the ground, Narnian and others a like. Aubrey looked around and saw Edmund battling furiously with a minotaur. She turned and scanned the crowds for Peter. She found him fighting off two enemies, his unicorn dead at his feet.

She heard a roar and turned to fight off another enemy. As she was fighting, she saw Oreius run past her, in Peter's direction. Momentarily distracted her enemy swung his sword wildly at her. She felt a sharp, searing pain in her left arm and turned to see a not-so-deep gash there. She jabbed her sword forward into her enemy's gut and he fell to the ground. Aubrey turned to look for Oreius again, but he was gone.

Peter looked around. There were too many of the Witch's army. They were outnumbered. He surveyed the scene in front of him. He watched as Edmund finally cut down the minotaur he was battling. He looked for Aubrey and caught sight of a flash of strawberry blonde hair. He found her, furiously battling a dwarf. He winced when the dwarf kicked her in the shin, but it seemed to irritate her more than hurt her. She swung her sword around and hit him, hard, in the head with the butt of her sword. She didn't have much time to relax as another minotaur made it's way toward her, cutting a fawn down in the process. Peter turned to Edmund again.

"Edmund!" He yelled over the screams and battle cries. "There are too many of them!" He cut down another enemy. "Grab the girls and get out of here!" Edmund looked at him, then to Aubrey who was still fighting. Peter turned his back and continued to fight. Mr. Beaver came up to Edmund.

"You heard him." He grabbed Edmunds arm and started dragging him away from the battle. Just then, Edmund saw a silver glare. He turned his head and saw the Witch advancing on Peter. The latter had his back turned and could not see her. Edmund felt fear seize his heart. Narnia and everyone else needed Peter. Edmund pulled his hand out of Mr. Beaver's grasp.

"What are you doing?" Mr. Beaver yelled to Edmund's fast retreating back.

"Peter's not King yet!" Edmund yelled back to him.

Aubrey had just knocked down a pesky dwarf. She turned and saw a minotaur slowly making it's way toward her. She grimaced and braced herself for a rough fight. She could feel her weak arms protesting and her legs wanted to run and take her back to her tent and her cot but she forced herself to forget the pains of battle and to keep fighting.

The minotaur finally reached her. He swung his sword up high and brought it straight down on her, hoping to cut her down quickly. Aubrey ducked and rolled out of the way. She jabbed her sword upward and cut the minotaurs arm. He howled in anger. Aubrey had to roll again to avoid being squashed by his giant feet. She rolled up to a standing position and swung her sword toward his gut. His sword hit hers, blocking her attack, but what she didn't expect was for his free hand to swat at her. The back of his hand connected with her face and she felt her head spin. She landed on the ground on her hands and knees. She could feel something warm trickling down her chin but had to roll, once again to avoid being squashed. She stood up and got a couple more slices in on her enemy. Suddenly, there was a flash of blinding blue light. The battle seemed to stop for a moment. Aubrey turned and saw Edmund landing on the ground, the shards from the Witch's magic wand falling around them. She swung at him with her sword, which he easily blocked. Aubrey smiled at his brilliance, but her smile was wiped clean off her face in the next moment. She noticed too late why it was so easy for Edmund to block the previous blow. The Witch took the remains of her wand and jammed it into Edmund's side. Aubrey watched as he fell to the ground. She heard Peter's anguished yell. Then she felt a searing pain in her right arm and dropped to the floor in pain.

She cursed at her stupidity. Taking advantage of her distraction, the minotaur swung his sword and cut her arm. Aubrey could feel the blood flowing from her wound. Without thinking, Aubrey rolled away from the minotaur and rushed towards Peter who was now battling with the Witch. All she could think about was the voice she had heard in her tent this morning, Protect them, it had said. She had failed, Edmund had gotten hurt. Well, she thought as she ran forward, I won't fail again.

She ran forward, all the time watching the battle between Peter and the Witch. She watched as the Witch tripped Peter, knocking his feet out from under him. She then raised her sword.

"Peter!" Aubrey yelled, her voice cracking hysterically. She would not be able to stand it if she lost Peter. She had to save him. Both the Witch and Peter turned to stare at Aubrey. She was hastily cutting down enemies to get to Peter. The Witch smiled evilly and looked back at Peter, lying on the ground below her.

"The Protector." She whispered to herself. She raised one of the swords and pinned Peter to the ground with it. "I'll be back for you." She then walked towards Aubrey. Peter tried to pull the sword from his arm, but it was wedged in there tightly. He watched as the Witch approached Aubrey.

Aubrey cut down another enemy then found herself face to face with the White Witch. She glared at the Witch then swung her sword at her. The Witch deflected it almost lazily.

"Is that all you have?" The Witch taunted her. Aubrey kept swinging and swinging her sword, but every time the Witch was always prepared and blocked her. Aubrey felt something burn on her cheek. She put her hand on the fresh cut, the Witch laughed at her.

"And Aslan really believes you can protect these, these children." The Witch sneered. "The old fool." Aubrey felt anger surge through her body. She was becoming reckless, but she didn't care. This evil woman had taken everything, the right of these people, their leader, and her friend and now she was trying to take her best friend. Haven't I lost enough? Aubrey thought to herself.

"ROAR!" Aubrey and the Witch stopped their battle. Everything seemed to freeze around them. There standing on the top of the cliff was Aslan. Aubrey smiled, hope filling her chest. She saw Susan and Lucy climbing down from his back. From all around Aslan, more Narnians were rushing to join the battle.

"You're done for." Aubrey told the Witch. The Witch smiled, "No, my dear. You are." Before Aubrey could react, she felt a pain, worse than any pain she had felt in her short life, rip through her stomach. She fell to the ground and watched as the once green grass turned red with her blood. She heard Peter yell from somewhere behind her, he was finally free of the sword that bound him. Aubrey placed her hands on her stomach and felt her warm blood rushing from the wound. She brought her hands up to her face and saw they were covered in blood. He breath was getting shorter and it was getting harder to breathe. She saw Peter battling his way toward her, suddenly all of the enemy dropped to their knees. Peter stood there, momentarily shocked, staring at something to Aubrey's left. Aubrey slowly turned her head and saw Aslan standing a few feet from her.

"It is finished." He called to everyone gathered. All of the Narnians cheered, throwing their weapons into the air. Susan and Lucy rushed to Peter's side. Aubrey's breath became even harder and painful. She could feel the life slipping away from her. She could no longer hear anything, it was all so quiet and peaceful. She felt the tears stinging her eyes, but she didn't know what they were for. For her life, cut short? For her fallen friends? She felt someone rush to her side. Then she saw Peter. He had tears streaming down his face. He held on tight to her left hand and she reached up to his face with her right. The last thing she saw before her world went black were the intense emotions swirling around his eyes. Fear, hurt, pride . . . . and that same emotion she had seen before the battle. At the time she didn't realize what it was, but now she was sure. It was love.


Peter cried freely and unashamedly as he held the limp figure of his best friend in his arms. She had sacrificed her life to save his. He brushed away a strand of her strawberry blonde hair that had fallen in her face. He heard footsteps from behind him.

"Pete! We found him." The eager voice of Susan reached his ears. They had found Edmund. He could only pray that his little brother was okay. Susan reached him and saw Aubrey.

"Oh my gosh!" Tears immediately sprung to her eyes as she dropped down next to her brother, he hands over her mouth.

"How is Edmund?" Peter asked through tears and clenched teeth. Susan sucked in a shaky breath.

"He's fine. Lucy and I found him." Peter nodded his head. Then an idea struck him. "Lucy!" He said, looking at Susan with hope. She returned his stare curiously.

"Her cordial." He looked down at Aubrey. She still had some color in her face but that was fading quickly. If they had any time left, there wasn't much. They had to act quickly. "Maybe it can heal her."

"Pete," Susan began sadly, but he cut her off.

"No! We have to try."

"I don't want her seeing," Susan gestured with her hands the scene before him.

"Susan, please." Peter begged her. His voice sounded so hurt, it ripped at Susan's heart. She hated the White Witch for doing this to him, to all of them. If Susan ever saw the Witch again, she would kill her personally. She nodded her head and got up to get Lucy's cordial.

Lucy and Edmund tried to question her when she returned to them covered in blood with tears on her face and in her eyes. She just silently shook her head and asked Lucy for her cordial. Lucy handed it over, a little reluctantly. Lucy and Edmund tried to follow Susan, but she told them to stay behind.

"Why don't you two look for some of the wounded." She looked weary. She walked away from them and back to Peter. Edmund looked at her retreating back and quietly followed behind. Lucy grabbed his arm.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked him. "You heard Susan."

"Yeah, I did hear her. She said to look for the wounded. But she didn't say where to start." Lucy's eyes twinkled mischievously as she followed her brother.

What they didn't expect to see was their two oldest siblings bent over one of their oldest friends. Lucy let out a wail of despair when she saw the pale form of Aubrey still being cradled by Peter. Edmund rushed forward and took Lucy into his arms, tears of his own falling silently down his cheeks. Susan poured a drop of the cordial into Aubrey's mouth. All four Pevensie's gathered around her, hoping that she would wake. Susan began to cry again when nothing happened after a few minutes. It hadn't taken this long with Edmund.

"Do not fear young ones." They all jumped slightly at Aslan's voice. "She will be okay." Peter looked from Aslan to Aubrey. He could see the color slowly trickling into her face. They all looked back at Aslan and saw him breathing on the statue next to him, a faun. Suddenly the stone started to melt and there stood the faun, looking slightly confused. Aslan and Lucy locked eyes and an understanding passed between them. She took her cordial from Susan's hand and rushed off to the nearest fallen soldier. She poured one drop of her cordial in his mouth and rushed off to the next one. Peter, Edmund and Susan watched as, together, Lucy and Aslan brought back the rest of their army.

"Go. Follow Lucy. Make sure no harm comes to her." Edmund nodded at Susan and rushed off after his sister. Susan put her hand on her older brothers' shoulder.

"Are you okay Peter? Do you need any cordial?" Peter shook his head.

"No. I feel fine," he told Susan. She looked at him curiously.

"What about that sword through your arm?"

He shook his head. "It missed my arm and chain mail. It pierced my shirt." Curiously, he lifted up his shirt. Sparkling, like it was brand new, was his chain mail. He ran his fingers over it and then looked back down at Aubrey in disbelief.


"She gave it to me." He said in disbelief. Susan stared at him like he finally lost his mind. "That's why she had our clothes this morning." He continued, like it were the most obvious thing in the world. Susan just continued to stare. "Because I was on the front line. I needed the extra protection." He looked down at Aubrey, not sure whether he should be thankful or angry. He settled for a mixture of both. "My word, she is impossible!"

"Peter!" Susan scolded him.

"Don't you get it Sue?" She shook her head no. "Not only did she sacrifice her life to save me, she gave me the one thing that could have saved her. She would have been fine had she not given it to me!" Susan continued to stare at him, completely lost. Peter sighed and lifted up his shirt.

"I can't believe I didn't see it before." Susan studied the chain mail he was showing her. It was sparkling, brand new, when she felt it, it felt like water in her hand. Then it dawned on her.

"Her gift from Father Christmas!" Peter nodded his head. "Her impervious chain mail. Of course it's genius!" Susan looked down at Aubrey. She had new respect for the girl. She would go to any length to protect her friends. She had proved that today. She had sacrificed her life for her best friend.

Lucy and Edmund returned, informing them that Aslan gave the order to head to the castle.

It didn't take long to reach the castle at Cair Paravel. As soon as they got inside, Edmund, Lucy and Susan were led to their bed chambers and Peter was led to the hospital wing. There he deposited Aubrey on one of the beds closest to the windows. He stared at her once again. She looked like she was sleeping. He bent down and brushed his lips against her forehead, nodded to the young nurse, a faun, and left the hospital wing. What he didn't see was the small smile that appeared on Aubrey's face and she shifted in her sleep.


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