The sun was shining brightly the morning of the coronation. As various Narnians gathered in the grand hall to watch and celebrate, Aubrey was sitting huffily in her bed in the hospital. She sat there with her arms tightly crossed across her chest, glaring daggers at the young nurse.

"Please Rima," she begged. "I have to be there."

The faun looked at her sadly. "I'm sorry, milady. But the Kings and Queens made me promise that you would stay here and recover."

"But I'm fine. I can walk," she said. She placed her feet on the floor and tried to stand, but as soon as she straightened up, a wave of wooziness came upon her and she started to fall to the floor. Rima ran forward and caught her before she hit the floor. Aubrey smiled, a little embarrassed. Rima placed her back on the bed.

Aubrey laid back, a dejected look on her face. Rima kept glancing at her as she was cleaning up the hospital. Finally, she sighed.

"We may only stay for the coronation, milady," she told Aubrey, smiling as the other girl perked up. "I'll fetch you a dress." Rima left the room and returned ten minutes later carrying a beautiful, floor length emerald green dress. Aubrey's eyes widened, it was magnificent.

Rima helped her into the dress and fixed her hair so that it laid down her back in an elegant braid. Once Aubrey was dressed, Rima placed her arm under Aubrey's to support her weight. Together, they walked the halls leading to the Throne Room, where the coronation was being held. They arrived a few minutes before the ceremony started and stood near the front.

A horn sounded from somewhere near the back, Rima and Aubrey turned to see the doors open. In walked Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, all walking side-by-side up the isle. Aubrey felt tears of happiness and joy spring to her eyes. She was so proud of her friends, they looked like true Kings and Queens. Behind them walked Mr. Tumnus, Lucy's faun friend, and Mr. Beaver, who was carrying a pillow with four crown on top. The Pevensies reached the end of the walkway and were now facing their thrones. As one, they walked up to their thrones and stood in front of them, now facing the crowd. Mr. Tumnus and Mr. Beaver were facing them. Aslan appeared next to Edmund's throne. With a nod of his head, Mr. Tumnus and Mr. Beaver approached a beaming Lucy.

"To the glistening Eastern Sea, I give you Queen Lucy, the Valiant," Mr. Tumus picked up a thin, beautiful silver crown and placed it on Lucy's head. The young girl smiled up at him.

"To the great Western Wood, King Edmund, the Just," They walked over to Edmund and placed a beautiful silver crown on his head.

"To the radiant Southern Sun, Queen Susan, the Gentle." Standing in front of Susan, they placed a thin golden crown on her head. She smiled at them before returning her gaze to the crowd.

"And to the clear Northern Sky, I give you King Peter, the Magnificent." Mr. Tumnus placed a beautiful golden crown on Peter's head. He looked over the crowd and met Aubrey's eyes, flashing her a dazzling smile. Aubrey had to wipe the tears from her eyes, they all looked wonderful.

"Once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen, may your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens," he finished his speech and everyone began to clap.

"Long live King Peter! Long live Queen Susan! Long live King Edmund! Long live Queen Lucy!" the entire room chorused, much more applause followed their words.

Rima glanced back at Aubrey, "A deal is a deal," she said. Aubrey nodded sadly, she really wanted to stay for the celebration. She allowed Rima to lead her back to her bed in the hospital.

"Where are you going?" called the gentle voice of Lucy. Rima turned Aubrey around to face the new Kings and Queens. They awkwardly bowed, the four siblings looked at Aubrey with a curious look.

"More importantly," said Peter. "What are you doing out of bed?" His eyes were searching her for any signs of pain.

"There was no way I was going to miss this," she told them. "I forced poor Rima here to take me."

The four of them laughed.

"Well since you're here," said Edmund. "Why not stay for the celebration?" He smiled at her.

"I promised Rima here the coronation then straight back to bed." She smiled at Rima, intending to keep her promise.

"Surely Rima will let you stay, now that you're here." Susan asked gently.

Rima bowed her head, "If her Majesty pleases." Susan smiled at her and elbowed Peter. He looked at her incredulously, rubbing his side. Susan glanced at Aubrey, then back at himself.

"Oh," he said, then he rushed forward to take Aubrey from Rima. He placed his arm under her own and held most of her weight. Aubrey smiled at him a little apologetically.

"Go enjoy the celebration, Rima," Susan told her gently. "We'll keep an eye on Lady Aubrey here." Rima bowed once more then disappeared among the crowd. Peter led Aubrey to the nearest table and sat her down in one of the chairs. The others followed and sat themselves down around her. Aubrey looked around and began admiring everything. There was a huge table filled with all types of food and drink. Many other smaller tables surrounded a huge dance floor where many Narnians were dancing and enjoying themselves.

Edmund extended his hand to Lucy and whisked her off to the dance floor, they could still hear her giggling. Aubrey smiled, enjoying herself. This was much better than sitting in that infernal bed. Edmund and Lucy danced together for a few songs, then Mr. Tumnus cut in to dance with Lucy. Aubrey had to place a hand on his arm to stop him from rushing over there. Edmund came back to the table and sat down with them. But that didn't last long, apparently Edmund was unable to sit still. He pulled Susan by the arm off to the dance floor. Peter and Aubrey laughed at the look on Susan's face.

"How are you feeling?" Aubrey was drawn away from the dancing partners by the sound of Peter's voice. She looked into his crystal blue eyes and smiled.

"Much better," she said. "The change of scenery has done me a world of good."

Peter laughed. They sat there a few moments longer. Then Peter stood up and walked over to her. She smiled when he extended his hand in invitation of a dance.

"I'm afraid I won't be a very good partner," she told him. "I can barely stand on my own."

Peter smiled at her. "Leave it to me." He pulled her up by her arms and placed his arm under hers to support her weight. He led her to the dance floor. He placed one arm around her back and cupped his other hand in her own. Then he lifted her up and placed her feet on his own. Aubrey laughed when she realized what her was doing. She gently laid her head on his shoulder and they swayed to the soft music.

15 years later . . . .

It was a crisp Autumn morning and Aubrey loved the feeling of the wind flowing through her hair. She laughed as she rode in and out of the trees. She looked back and saw Peter laughing behind her. She reached a pine tree and pulled her horse to a stop, she spun around to face Peter who had just caught up with her.

"Ha!" she called. "Beat you again." Peter smiled, his golden crown shinning in the sunlight.

"No fair." He challenged. "You come out here everyday with Lucy. You know these woods better."

"What you call unfair, I call an upper hand," she said. "Your Majesty." She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Do you think you two could wait for the rest of us?" she heard the voice of her best friend, Susan, call. She, Lucy and Edmund emerged on the path and rode up next to them. Aubrey smiled at them.

"Sorry," she said. "I was to focused on whooping your brothers bum!" Peter stuck his tongue out at her in an un-Kingly manner. Together, the five of them rode off at a trot, Peter and Edmund leading the group. Aubrey rode next to Susan and the two girls began talking about the most recent suitor that had appeared, asking for Susan's hand.

"He was just so dreadfully boring," Susan complained. Aubrey laughed.

"One of these days Susan, some lucky man is going to sweep you off your feet." Susan chuckled.

"Yes," she agreed. "And one day you will stop being stubborn and realize your feelings." Susan glanced at the back of Peter's head. Aubrey looked at her curiously.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Susan was about to respond, but was cut off by Edmund's voice.

"Maybe you girls should head back to the castle. I'll catch the stag myself." The three girls glanced at each other and burst of laughing. A knowing look passed between them and they all took off down the path, leaving a laughing Peter and a confused Edmund behind them. They galloped, with Peter right behind them and Edmund bringing up the rear, until they reached a small clearing. Edmund slowed down before he reached them.

"Come on Ed!" Susan called over to him.

"Just catching my breath," he yelled back.

"That's all we'll catch at this rate," Aubrey whispered loud enough for Edmund to hear. He glared playfully at her and caught up with the rest of them.

"What was that he was just saying, Su?" Lucy asked innocently.

"You girls head back to the castle, I'll catch the stag myself," Susan mocked in her best Edmund impression, causing all of them, including Edmund, to laugh. Peter hopped off of his horse and stared up at something. Aubrey, following his gaze, hopped down from her own.

"What's this?" he asked. "It seems familiar."

"Like a dream," added Aubrey.

"Or a dream of a dream," said Lucy, who had also gotten down from her horse. Susan and Edmund were staring at the object. Aubrey couldn't help but feel she knew what this was and what it meant, but it was a distant memory.

"Spare Oom?" Aubrey stared at Lucy. She ran off, followed by Susan and Edmund. Aubrey and Peter exchanged curious looks and followed the other three.

"Lucy!" she heard Susan yelling ahead of her.

"Lu!" Peter called.

They found Lucy standing in front of a patch of tree branches. Through the branches, Aubrey could see a faint, glowing light. Lucy looked back at them and pushed through the branches.

"Come on!" she called to them over her shoulder. They followed Lucy through the branches. They pushed together because the space seemed to get smaller. Aubrey reached forward to find her way through the dark space and felt something soft brush against her hand. She pulled the object closer to her face and gasped.

"These aren't branches," she told them. "They're fur coats."

They continued to push their way forward, Aubrey could no longer hear the crunching of leaves underfoot, instead she felt hard wood. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her foot.

"Ouch!" she yelled. "Edmund, you stood on my foot."

"Susan was pushing me," he protested.

"Well Peter bumped into me."

Suddenly, they all fell forward onto one another. Aubrey looked up and recognized the room they were in. It was the room with the wardrobe Lucy found back at the Professor's house. She turned to tell the others this and gasped. They were no longer adults, instead they were the same ages they were when they had first entered the wardrobe. Aubrey guessed she looked the same way. The doorknob in front of them began to jingle and they all looked up. The door opened to reveal the Professor. He looked down at them and smiled.

"What were you all doing in the wardrobe?" he asked.

Peter looked at the other four and smiled awkwardly.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you," he said. The Professor grinned and tossed a cricket ball at him. Aubrey recognized it as the ball Edmund had hit through the window, the ball that started their adventures.

"Try me," he said. Aubrey smiled at the old man, there was something funny about him.

Later that night, Aubrey, Susan and Lucy met up with the boys in the hallway. The silently walked until they reached the room with the wardrobe. They looked at each other hesitantly then ushered Lucy forward to open the door. She slowly pulled the handle and peered inside.

"I don't think you'll get back that way," said a voice from the shadows behind them. They all jumped and Aubrey grabbed onto Peter's hand. She blushed when she realized what she did and quickly let go. "You see, I've already tried." They all stared at him in shock.

"Will we ever go back?" asked Lucy.

"Oh I expect so," the Professor told her, then looked up at them all. "But only when you least expect it. Aslan works in mysterious ways."

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