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/3...Shreds... 3

By : Lobaa

"Damnit, I can't do this!" Yoruichi screamed at Urahara. With narrowed eyes, she stared at him. All she could see was that stupid hat, it made her want to insult it or yell even louder than she was already. Yoruichi extended her hand and in a blink of an eye strips of a course fabric littered the floor. She wanted him to be heartbroken; the hat she gave to him was gone! Didn't that mean they were finished too?

"That wasn't the real one, you know." Urahara replied as calm as he could, the original one was gone long before.

Author's Note : Perfect drabble (100 words) here, don't ask what the fight was about. It really doesn't matter. No beta this time, mine hasn't responded her PM's. If anything grammatical is wrong, review it! Or PM, doesn't matter. I don't have time for my series.. sorry to those who crave immediate updates (I'm one too.) I'm not going to promise updates though. Drabbles here and there are probably going to come up though.

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