I know a lot of people are waiting for me to update my story You Choose or I Do, but in my defense I have really been having a writers block with that story. I may end up re-watching the whole series of Fullmetal Alchemist to get back on track with it. Lately I've been busy watching Bleach and I'm a sucker for the bad guys in most Anime's, and so it is no shock that I totally fell in love with Aizen, Ichimaru, Tousen and the Espada. And let me tell you before I even started writing this story (which I aleady have a few more chapters planned out) I did a lot of research. I want this to be a good story that hopefully you all will love. Updates on this story will sometimes be fast sometimes slow, I'm in college, so homework comes first for me. But I'll try not to make you all wait to long, if I can help muse has been killing me to start this story for a while so enjoy.

Disclaimer: I just couldn't find the rights for it on ebay, so I don't own it.


"Hey! Listen to me! I said LET ME GO!" yelled the boy to his captor. Being carried upon their shoulder.

"Be silent Kurosaki Ichigo, before you end up in more trouble than your already are." A cold voice said to the blindfolded boy. Ichigo knew that voice, that deadly cold voice of the Arrancar, the Espada, Ulquoirra Schiffer. Tensing, he felt Ulquoirra came to a stop. Ulquoirra lifted him off his shoulder and set him feet first on the floor. The blindfold came off.

"Welcome Kurosaki-kun."

He was defenseless. He was in his in his human body.

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