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Chapter 2: Staring

Draco climbed onto the train, fully aware of the people staring at him. He knew it was only a small portion of lads staring because his family were deatheaters. In truth, he too was supposed to be one, but because he failed to kill Dumbledore, Voldemort denied him the great honor of carrying the dark mark. The rest of the boys and the girls were staring because they either found him extremely attractive or they were jealous that he was more attractive than they were!

He was receiving this kind of treatment a great deal lately. Draco had decided after the war that he needed a bit of a fresh start and that meant a new look.

So he had his hair don't loosely with no product in it, because, as Pansy had told him once, it defined his face. His shirt and his jeans hugged him in all of the right places to show off his rock hard abs and his very nice butt.

Draco had spent a rather large amount of time outside this holiday and even though his skin never tanned, it only burned, with a couple of sun blocking charms he had ended up with a slight tan to his body and a fresh rosy colour to his face.

Draco walked down the corridor flanked by Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini. Blaise was a tall, dark-haired Italian boy who was also extremely attractive. He was muscular and had a very hansom face. He too was wearing well fitting jeans and a button-up. Pansy was a short girl with black hair. She was curvy and had a beautiful face. She was wearing dark-wash jean capris, green flip-flops and a white halter top that made her look even prettier.

Draco, Pansy, Blaise and Narcissa all had Harry to thank though. He had defended them at their trials and they were released of all of their charges, staying free of Azkaban. Harry had tired to save Lucius too but there were just too much proof against him so he was forced into the clutches of the now inescapable prison.

During the past year both of Pansy's parents were killed by Voldemort for disobedience and to make a point to other deatheaters to do better. But just to enforce his message he made Pansy and Draco watch as he slowly tortured her parents, then killed them shamefully.

Pansy had to be sent to St. Mungos for three months because she had become mentally unstable. After a long and grueling process, the healers had deemed she was fit enough to go home. She had spent the remaining month of summer vacation with Draco and Narcissa at Malfoy Manor. Lucius had been captured and sent to Azkaban before she arrived so she had not seen him all summer.

Pansy was still very fragile and could not stand to be touched by most people but she refused to take her medication.

Nonetheless, she still walked down the train determined and gracefully with her head held high like Draco and Blaise beside her.

Although the Slytherins still appeared elegant, they lacked the air of ownership over everything.

The trio settled into their carriage, closing the door and curtains.

"I can't stand it!" whined Pansy sitting beside the window.

"What?" Blaise asked sitting next to her.

"The staring! It's driving me crazy! I know my parents were deatheaters but seriously! I'm not one nor have I ever been!" She threw her hands up in the air exasperatedly.

"Don't worry Pansy! They're not staring at you, they're staring at me! I'm just that hot!" Blaise joked, winking at Draco.

Draco rolled his eyes at Pansy.

"Don't worry love. As long as we stick with Blaise and his ego, no one will ever bother us!" Draco told her laughing.

Pansy laughed as Blaise looked wounded.

The door opened and Theodor Nott walked in.

"Figures you lot would be hidden away. I had to search this whole bloody train for you and everybody kept staring at me!" Theo complained.

"I can see why! You look hot Theo! What happened?!" Pansy laughed appraising her friend.

"I agree!" Draco said tilting his head to the side to better see Theo's backside.

Theo laughed sitting next to Draco.

"Keep your hands to yourself, mate!" Theo winked at Draco.

"I won't touch, I'm just looking!" Draco's eyes were fixed on Theo's stomach where his abs were plainly visible under his muggle clothes.

"Drakie...Draaaaaaakie...DRACO!" Pansy tried unsuccessfully to regain Draco's attention.

"Humph...Blaise! Guess what? I snogged Harry Potter!" Pansy bragged to the boy beside her.

"You did WHAT?!" Draco shouted, whipping around to look at Pansy.

"I knew that would get your attention!" Pansy smirked at a scowling Draco while Blaise and Theo laughed. "Just joking! Blaise and I have to go do our prefect rounds since you dropped out. Now don't let me hear you molested Theo or anything when I get back!"

"Ya! Save some of the action for me!" Blaise winked at his two friends and left with Pansy.

Draco rolled his eyes and stared out of the window.

By this time the Hogwarts Express was well away form Platform 9¾.

Draco thought of the upcoming school year.

Blaise and Theo, along with himself were all gay. They had all been with one another at some point over the years.

This year would be the first year where Draco would be the odd man out, because not only did he actually like someone, but that someone was not in Slytherin. Instead, Draco had broken all of the unspoken Slytherin rules and fallen of a Gryffindor!

Now as if that wasn't bad enough, he had fallen for the Gryffindor, the Golden Boy, Hogwarts very own Harry Potter!

Try as he might, he could not stop himself. He woke up many mornings just after having very vivid dreams about the raven-haired seeker.

As of right now only Pansy knew, but that would have to change. Draco was going to need a lot of help if he was going to follow through with his plan to ensnare Harry Potter.

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