Just a random scene I came up with... no copy right intended.. not that I think there is any. I'm not making money so no one can complaine. lol.. Hope you like it (:

Squad Room… 10:30am

Tony is sitting at his desk typing on his computer. McGee is at his doing the same.

"she's late.. Again" Tony says without looking up.

"who?" McGee says doing the same.

"Ziva, who else do you think I would be talking about?"


A few quiet seconds pass before Tony stops typing and looks over to McGee slightly worried.

"you think she's okay?"

"who?" McGee says looking over at him.


"oh" McGee looks back to his computer. "yeah, she'd be fine. Why?"

"I called her last night and she didn't answer"

McGee laughs

"she never answers when you call her Tony, it's a well known fact"

Tony sighs and looks away again. McGee sees he may have gone a little to far.

"I didn't mean it like that Tony, all I meant was.. She was properly just busy. She has a life you know"

Tony gives McGee a sarcastic look. The two go back to typing. A few quiet minutes later the elevator door ding's. Tony looks over and sees Ziva walking out rubbing her forehead and carrying her back pack in her head by her side. She comes into the squad room and puts her bag down behind her desk. Tony cant take his eyes off her. McGee doesn't seem to take much interest until Tony gets up and walks over to Ziva and sits on the inside of her desk.

"hey" Tony says slightly cheerfully. By this point, Ziva has sat down, crossed her arms over her desk and has her head in her arms. Tony sees she's not feeling well.

"you okay?"

"no" Ziva mumbles shaking her head.

"what's wrong?"

Ziva looks up

"I don't know, everything hurts"

Tony grabs Ziva's hand and leads over to the elevator. McGee has been watching with curiosity for the whole time.

Hall Way… five minutes later

Tony and Ziva walk out of the elevator and enter a empty hall. The walls are red and the floor blue carpet. (the weird NCIS look) Tony is dragging Ziva behind him. They pass a few corners before finally reaching a long hall that is completely empty. Tony leans against the wall. Ziva stands in front of him, Tony pulls her closer. Ziva wraps her arms around Tony's neck. Tony wraps his arms around her waste. Ziva has her head resting on Tony's shoulder.

"so what's wrong?" Tony says breaking the silence.

"I told you, I don't know"

"well, you must have some idea. It's your body" Tony says as they both slid down the wall and sit down.

Ziva has let go of Tony and is just cuddling into him. Tony puts both arms around Ziva as she plays with the ends of her long sleave white, see threw jacket.