The car ride home was quiet. The party had pretty much taken it out of everyone. Tali was asleep in the back seat. Resting her head on the door. Tony was driving with one hand, the other was on the window seal holding his head up. He was really tired, plus he had been drinking. Staying awake was hard but he managed to do it. Ziva also had her arm on the window seal of her door, holding her head up. She was barley awake. Opening and closing her eyes.

Ziva looks over at Tony. "are you okay?"

"that wedding, was just so.. Beautiful" he jokes, making his voice sound like he's crying.

Ziva laughs, "you're an idiot"

Tony laughs and looks at her. Ziva shakes her head smiling and goes back to looking out the window.

A few minutes later of more silence. Ziva hears a faint voice. "Please wake up Ziva" it says.

She knows that voice… it's Tony. Ziva looks over at Tony, who is still driving and looking out the front window.

Ziva's confused. She doesn't know what to make of it. So she dismisses it and looks back out the window.

A few seconds later she hears the faint voice who she thinks is Tony say "I don't know what I would do with out you"

Again she looks at Tony who this times looks back at her. "what?"

"did you just say something?" she asks him.

"um, no. Why?" he says looking back to the road.

"never mind" she looks back out the window.

Suddenly she feels a cold hand touch hers. She closes her eyes and for some reason cant seem to open them again.


Tony is standing next to Ziva's hospital bed. She's sleeping. There's a monitor connected to her arm again bumping blood. Tony looks down at her. Gibbs is standing at the door, looking at Tony. The room is dark, only the light from the hall outside lights up the room.

"she just looks like she's sleeping" Tony says to Gibbs without looking at him.

He is holding her hand and with the other, he's holding her arm.

"but I cant wake her up" he adds, the sadness in his voice very clear.

Gibbs looks as if he's about to cry. But he keeps the tough guy act.

"the doctors say they wont know for 24 hours if she will make it" Gibbs says. Trying to make it sound like there is still hope.

"the doctors want me to sign her off the life support" Tony tells.

Gibbs swallows.

"do they know what Jeanne gave her?" he asks.

Tony shakes his head.

Suddenly, as if a miracle. Ziva moans and starts to wake up. She moves her arms and legs as if waking up from a deep sleep.

Tony leans over the bed and presses the "call" button that notifies the doctor if the patient needs help.

"Tony" Ziva moans as the doctor runs in.

"yeah, I'm right here" Tony tells her.

Gibbs smiles but he knows that even though Ziva has woken up, it doesn't mean she wont go back into the Coma.

The doctor hurries to the monitor beside Ziva's bed. He presses a few buttons and looks at the screen.

Ziva keeps rolling her head. The doctor looks at Ziva, he puts his hand on her forehead trying to stop her from moving. He shines a light in her eye.

"Ziva. Ziva" he calls, Ziva keeps rolling her head. The doctor struggles to see her eye.

Then, finally Ziva stops and looks at the doctor. He checks her eyes for signs of concussions. There isn't any.

"How do you feel?" the doctor asks, putting the light back in the pocket of his lab coat.

"a little dizzy" she replies.

"yeah, that's normal" the doctor looks at Tony. "can I talk to you, outside" he asks.

Tony nods and they both walk out. Ziva sinks her head back into her pillow. Gibbs smiles and walks to Ziva.


The doctor leads Tony a few steps away from Ziva's room. They stand next to a desk facing a set of double doors. Tony rests his arm on the desk and looks back over his shoulder to Ziva's room, then at the doctor.

"is she going to be okay?" Tony asks.

The doctor smiles "she will make a full recovery"

Tony smiles and sighs in relief.

"But you should know" the doctor starts "when a person goes into a coma, their subconscious takes over. It makes the patient believe they are awake, and in a new world"

"so basically it put Ziva in a dream that she thinks is real?" Tony sums up in a language he can understand"

"yeah, basically" the doctor agrees. "but things may not make sense to her at first. Just be weary of that. She'll get confused and probably be really down on herself for a few weeks. Just be there for her and keep her safe" the doctor adds.

"thank you doctor"

The doctor nods then walks off. Tony waits until the doctor leaves before turning around and walking back into Ziva's room.

Three weeks later

Ziva is sitting at her desk, looking through all her draws. McGee is at his with Tony sitting on the bench behind him and Abby standing next to Tony. Gibbs is behind the squad room leaning over on the short wall that caves off the squad room. They are all looking at Ziva except McGee who is doing work on his computer. Having the whole team around him is kind of irritating.

"it's been three weeks why isn't she back to normal?" Abby asks. Obviously she has just finished a Caf-Pow seeing as she is really jumpy.

"well, she thinks you and McGee are married, we have a daughter named Tali who's about 6 and Jimmy has a lady friend" Tony tells. Holding himself up on the bench, as if he is getting ready to attack a lurking predator.

"I never thought I'd say this and think it was a good idea, but. DiNozzo… take her to your place" Gibbs orders.

Tony looks over his shoulder at Gibbs and smiles. Then he hops off the bench and walks over to Ziva, who sits up and looks at him. Tony doesn't say anything, he holds his hand out. Ziva takes it. Tony leads Ziva out of the squad room and towards the stairs. The walk down them. Once they are out of sight, Gibbs walks around to his desk. Abby walks and sits in Tony's chair. Everyone goes quiet until McGee looks up at Gibbs.

"what place?" he asks.

Gibbs and Abby look at each other and laugh before turning back to the computers at their desks. McGee looks confused, and stares into space for a while.

Empty Hall Way

Tony leads Ziva down a hall way, the walls are red with a tint of orange. The floor carpet is a navy blue with white frames on the walls.

Ziva lets go of Tony's hand and only takes a few steps where as Tony keeps walking until he stops in about the middle of the hall way. He looks over at Ziva.

"you okay?" he asks.

"I know this place" Ziva says looking at the ground then up at Tony.

Tony just looks at her. Ziva rubs her forehead and shakes her head.

"we've been here before" she says.

Tony slowly walks to her. He takes her hand. "This was our place. This is where we would come when we wanted to be alone"

Ziva walks passed Tony. She leans up against the wall, then slowly, she sits down. Tony sits next to her. Ziva is holding her knees close to her; she's slightly shaking but is more afraid and confused then anything.

"why is everything so confusing?" she asks, looking at the ground in front of her.

Tony puts his arm around her. She leans into him still holding her knees. Tony moves her hair off her face and kisses her head. He rests his face on her while, he loved the smell of her hair. Like mangos; tropical yet irresistible.

"it's okay. Everything will make sense soon" he tells her holding her tighter.

They sat together on the ground, leaning against the wall. Ziva was still holding her knees, only now she was holding onto the ends of her white sleeves. Tony wrapped both his arms around her. Tony was never going to leave Ziva, no matter what nor was Ziva ever going to go a day without Tony by her side. They were forever partners and lovers. Nothing could ever change that.

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