Hehe. This idea has been in my head for at least a month. Hope you like it!

May 13th 10:08 AM

It has been two days since Edward and the rest of the Cullens left me with Reneesme. Why did he leave? I don't know there was no sign of trouble at all. We were very happy together.

~ Flashback~

We were in our meadow laughing and being happy and enjoying each others presence. I was in my favorite place with my husband and felt nothing but pure bliss. Then Edward said, " I'll be right back I need to go check on Reneesme and Emmet and make sure he hasn't done anything.. um irrational." " Okay, hurry back," I said as I watched him run into the woods and out of sight.

Two hours went by I called his cell, no answer. I decided after waiting five more minutes to go home and see what's up. When I got there, the door was wide open and everything was empty. I looked inside the closet all the clothes were gone ( except mine of course). Reneesme was gone Edward was gone and so was Alice. Everyone was gone it looked like they packed and left. I entered the garage and the cars were gone the house was empty.

They left me again with no note no nothing. I was alone all by myself and this time I would spend eternity alone. I couldn't commit suicide because I just couldn't. I cried tearless sobs and fell down on my knees in the middle of the now empty living room.

I still remember the heart wrenching pain and the panic that coursed thought me I remember running everywhere looking for them. I tried following their scents but they were washed away by water. I should have known they'd think that he took everything away from me again. He promised he wouldn't and now…..

~ End Flashback~

If only I knew that would be the last time I would ever see him again the last moments together and the last words: "Okay, hurry back." But only he didn't come back I felt like such a loser for not knowing for waiting two hours and five minutes. I gave them so much time to leave me.

I remember how heartbroken Jacob was when I told him he looked everywhere I told him their scents were washed away but he didn't listen. He never gave up I decided to leave and gave him my number and promised to stay in touch. I think he's still searching for Reneesme. I tell him not too that's it's too late that they are long gone but he only yelled at me and said " No! It's not too late! You're a mother you shouldn't give up! I don't care if there scents are washed away! I'll find them!" I didn't say a word to him on that subject again.

Now here I am in Oregon all alone without my family and no friends. I got a good job make good money and have a nice big house but it doesn't matter to me those things don't make me happy don't make me forget of my loss. Some guys asked me out but I politely declined every single one.

One day when I was heading back to my car after another day of boring work. I heard a muffled scream and decided to go find out where it came from but I don't know why I did. I just had this feeling that I had to go help whoever was in trouble. I ran vampire speed and followed the direction where the noise came from. And there I found no other but in a dark alley….