Okay people you may be very angry with me right now! But don't worry I'm not cruel enough to leave you waiting. Here's my FINAL update for Left Behind.

Edward's POV

We were outside of the castle now, and then the stupid bubble we were in lowered to the ground and popped. We landed with a loud thud and stared at the castle where Bella is now, I saw smoke and fire coming from the castle and then I heard the explosion. The entire family ran over to me and we watched in shock as the castle was in engulfed in flames. I heard Carlisle say, "No human or vampire could have survived that explosion." I held onto Nessie's hand and squeezed gently; she was crying now and hid her face in my shirt, looking away from the scene. Carlisle sighed and put his hand on a sobbing Esmee and walked with her away, with the rest of the family deeper inside the forest. "You coming?" Emmet asked softly. "Yeah, I'll catch up with you guys later, just give me a moment," I told him. He nodded and walked back with the others. "I'm gonna miss her," Reneesme said sadly. "Good-bye love, you will be missed I'll carry you in my heart forever." I said and picked up my daughter and walked back to my family.

We were all walking silently in the woods when we were teleported to the very big house, where I was living with Bella when I escaped from Volterra. "Where's Bella?" Hope asked. She looked us in the eye and immediately knew, "Oh no!" she said and sobbed with her face in her hands. I knew they loved Bella dearly, she cared for them and they have been through much together in such short time and grew close. They were all like sisters and were the best of friends to each other, and Bella kept them safe, helping them with their thirst, and giving them a new life. They all found each other and Bella's death was hard to hear for them too, they took care of her, when we couldn't. And for that I will be eternally grateful and love them too. They showed so much love and respect for Bella. "What happened?" Selena asked. "After Hope teleported everybody, thousands of soldiers came and attacked us," Jasper said. "And then, Bella tried to hold them back but she wasn't strong enough to keep them back for long, and she wanted us to escape, but we insisted in staying by her side," Alice continued. "Bella agreed but what we didn't know is she had a trick up her sleeve, while she and her shield figure were fighting, her shield figure trapped us in a big bubble and we floated in the air and out of the castle," Emmet said. "And then she held back, and was attacked, and k- ki- ugh killed while she saved all of your lives?" Fay asked stuttering a bit. We nodded, "Oh my god," Fay said.

"She put up a good fight, the whole castle exploded and burst into flames, so now the Voltrui and everybody else in the castle are dead too," Rosalie said.

"It's all over," Dene said. "Yeah, it is, all ended in bloodshed," Ann said. "A life for a life," Sarah muttered.

Later we found out that Hope safely returned all of other covens back to their homes.

I watched Reneesme sleep; she was all I had now I'll keep her safe, no matter what. In a few hours Jacob will be here to see Nessie. We notified him of everything that happened and told him to be very careful with what to say around Nessie, we didn't want this to be too hard on her, she still was young., the last thing we needed right now was a hysterical crying Nessie. Jasper can't handle that many emotions right now; he's barley keeping it together right now. I swept a strand of hair from Nessie's face and whispered, "You're all I have now."

Okay, so don't hate me for killing Bella! I had a perfectly good reason for which you will understand in the sequel! Yay! There's a sequel! But this one ended with death and sadness! Lol just kidding tell e what you think about this chapter.

P.S. New character in the sequel! Can you guess who it may be?