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A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away…

The Rebel Alliance has just won the battle of Endor. Strike forces have been sent across the galaxy to destroy the remains of the Imperial fleet. In an act of desperation Grand Admiral Thrawn takes the entire Imperial fleet and retreats from the galaxy.

While orbiting over an abandoned world Thrawn finds that the galaxy he is currently in has much to offer. He has discovered that a large majority of the galaxy is still unsure of itself after a war that had almost destroyed it. Using it to his advantage he establishes a base that will one day resurrect the broken fleet, and empire to its former glory.

While on a routine mission SG-1, after the defeat of the Ori, has just unknowingly gated to the abandoned world that Thrawn is in orbit around. Their mission was to find some ruins that were reveled by the UAV. But they will soon find that their mission will be anything but ordinary, by SG-1 standards…

Grand Admiral Thrawn normally would punish anyone who disturbed him while he was in his private quarters, but the technician that came in was really insistent. The Grand Admiral pushed aside his annoyance and allowed the technician to speak.

"sir, forgive me for disturbing you but I've found something that you might like to see." he pulled out a data pad as he said it.

something in his voice must have convinced the Grand Admiral because he asked "what is it?"

"there was an unusual energy spike coming from the planet."

"what sort of energy?" Thrawn asked

"I'm not sure, but once we detected the origin of the energy spike we found 6 human life form signatures."

now he was really intrigued. humans on an abandoned planet.

"why wern't they detected sooner" Thrawn asked

"I think this might be why" the technician handed the data pad to Thrawn.

he was staring at the data pad and for the first time in his career, he was shocked at what he was looking at. the structure looked like it was made from some kind of stone. it was circular with 7 visible red crystals around the edge. the most interesting thing though was the humans that had appeared. who are they? who did they work for, the Rebels?

he intended to find out one way or another.

Lt. Colonel Mitchell was getting a little impatient because Daniel Jackson was still looking for...well he never really said what it was he was looking for now that he thought about it. he and the rest of SG-1 had been waiting for about an hour for Daniel to finish up whatever it was that he was doing. eventually Vala was the one who actually said something.

"you know Daniel, your the only guy that I've met who spends a lot of his time in dirt." Vala said. Daniel was either not listening or ignoring her. a few seconds later his shovel hit something.

everyone including Jack O'Neill sat up now alert and intrested (Jack was a sleep for half of it). running over to help their friend they all pulled up a large crate looking thing. no one, not even Jackson knew what it was.

" uh...Daniel" Jack finally asked "why did we need this?"

"I'm not sure." Daniel admitted

everyone looked at him. Teal'c just stood there and gave him the eye brow.

"what?" Daniel asked "I just have this feeling that we will need it."

"you mean like the feeling that you had when the Ori were here?" asked Lt. Colonel Carter concerned

"yes, why?"

they were all still pondering what was going on when it slowly got darker. at first they all thought that a cloud had moved in front of the sun. until they realized that there were no clouds in the sky. all at once they looked up and saw a massive triangular ship heading toward them. as quickly as they could they ran for the stargate dragging along the box. as soon as they got to the stargate Daniel started dialing as quickly as he could while everyone else took defensive positions. Daniel had just finished dialing when the troop transports had landed. soldiers in white armor ran out of the ships. SG-1 ran for the gate while Jack did a double take and looked back at the troops.

no, he thought, they can't be real. he woulden't have believe it if he hadn't seen them for himself. after watching those movies about 7 times with Teal'c there was no mistaking what or who those troops were. his last thought before running through the stargate was, Stormtroopers.

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