Title: Transformers Animated – Dark Secrets

Author: LJ

Summery: Prowl's been hiding something from everyone, even his little brother, their femme creator was a Decepticon hiding from the Elite Guard, and their mech creator was helping her avoid capture. Now he and Axel are at risk of being found out and sent to the Autobot prisons just as their creators were.

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Jazz/Prowl, Axel/Bumblebee, Optimus Prime/Sentinel Prime, Suggested Wheeljack/Ratchet

Warnings: Slash, fluff, angst, torture, one sided attraction

Author's Note: Finally decided to write this story. X3 Inspired by the suck-up Starscream clone in "Fistful of Energon" 'complementing' Prowl on his sneak attack, asking if he had 'Decepticon oil in (his) tubes'. Hope you enjoy! XD Comments welcome! =3

Disclaimer: I own Axel, he's mine and no one can have him! (hugs Axel) I also own his and Prowl's creators Camshaft and Diverain. All else is owned by HASBRO.

Chapter One:

Prowl hummed gently in his room, sitting with his legs crossed in the shadow of the massive maple tree in his room. His mind was in turmoil. It had been weeks after the Elite Guard had left Earth and though the void of Jazz missing was part of his problem, there was something else. Something far darker in color. Though he had hid it well, when he saw the Autobot ship land on Earth, he had been terrified that his secret had been let out somehow; Prowl was half Decepticon. Thankfully it hadn't gotten out, and the ninja-bot had found a kind lover.

"Prowl? You in there?" Prowl sighed and looked at the door, glaring slightly. Bumblebee at least knocked.

"Go away," he said firmly as he returned to his meditation.

"Geeze, sorry! Just wanted to tell ya that there was a nature show on. Figured you'd want to cheer up since your boyfriend left." Prowl glared at the door and sighed.

"I'm not interested right now. I'll watch it later." He heard the yellow mini-bot mutter something under his breath before leaving. Prowl sighed and slumped back against the tree looking up through the boughs. He thought back to his incredibly stupid stunt while wearing several mods to capture the one Starscream clone. He had destroyed a nest with unhatched eggs in it. That had pierced his spark painfully, but it was the clone's words that made his fluids run cold.

"That sneak attack was amazing! Are you sure you don't have Decepticon oil in your tubes?" Prowl shook his head and covered his visor shaking slightly. If it was obvious to a clone, was it obvious to the other Autobots? He had let down his guard and let his reckless nature through, something he had gotten from his femme creator Diverain. He shook his head and glared at the floor, his meditation only bringing up harsh memories.

"You know, Axel...you're getting a little too big for me to carry you like this..." Prowl said as he adjusted his grip on his little brother's legs. The white-gray bot shifted and kept a hold on Prowl's shoulders smiling.

"No m'not..." he said with a sleepy smile, wrapping his arms around the black bot's neck in a backwards hug. Prowl shook his head and continued walking toward their home giving his brother a piggy-back ride. Axel laughed and curled up close keeping a firm grip as he began to doze off. Prowl looked at his brother's left knee, making sure that his quick patch had stopped the mech fluids from bleeding. He wondered if his little brother would ever stop being a klutz.

"We're almost home, Axel..." he said softly walking towards their home in a small suburb. As he looked up he froze, seeing a crowd around his home, a tall blue figure in the middle. "No...Diverain...Camshaft..." Prowl stumbled back, trying not to wake his little brother. His creators were being arrested. In a panic, Prowl ran away, still holding onto his younger brother.

"Prowl...?!" Axel asked, startled awake by the movement of his brother. Prowl swallowed and put his brother down once they were a good block away from the building. Axel looked up at him, his blue optics wide in fear. Prowl looked down at him and pulled him close in a hug.

"Diverain and Camshaft are gone..." he said pushing his blue visor back up onto his face, and locking it in place, hiding the only physical feature that gave away his heritage. Axel stared at his brother and clung to him, his small form shaking.

"W-what do you mean gone?"

"The building...was on fire..."

Prowl had lied to his brother then, and made sure that Axel wouldn't know that they were both half Decepticon. The look his white and gold colored brother gave him broke his spark, but he knew he would have to keep the secret of their creators' capture by the Cybertron Elite Guard away from everyone. He knew it would always be a weight he would carry on his own.

"Prowl..." The black and gold ninja bot looked up as Optimus' voice cut through his memories. "Is everything all right? May I come in?" Prowl frowned and swallowed.

"Yes," he said standing up and trying to keep himself calm. The commander of the mismatched repair crew turned 'super heroes' entered his room and closed the door behind him. Prowl looked to his commander and waited to be addressed.

"Is there anything you want to talk about, Prowl?" Optimus asked, his blue optics warm and worried. Prowl sighed and shook his head.

"There isn't really anything to talk about, Sir," he said softly not meeting his commander's optics. Optimus frowned and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm serious when I say that if you want to talk to me, whatever it is I won't tell anyone. No matter what it is, it's not a good idea to keep it bottled up," he said before turning to leave. Prowl frowned. There was a chance to lift up some of the weight off of his shoulders after thousands of years of bearing it alone; but there was still one thing he needed to know.

"What if it risked someone's freedom?" he asked looking up at the leaves. "Something that technically should be told to someone as apart of a law." Optimus looked at the black ninja and turned back around frowning in his thoughts. Prowl glanced at him, glad that he was able to keep his emotions out of his face, but his spark was nervous of his answer. There was a long pause and Prowl's spark sank before turning around and leaning against his chair to his computer console.

"Freedom is the right of every living being. If a law is made to restrict the freedoms of anyone then it, to me, is an unjust law. In the Declaration of Independence the forefathers of the United States have a very provocative line that sums up the way I feel. 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.'" Prowl smiled a bit, his spark lightened by those words. He turned and looked to Optimus who smiled back.

"Wiser words have never been said by any other race, I have to believe." Optimus nodded to Prowl's words and chuckled.

"I have to agree. If it helps, that's...part of the reason why I washed out of the Academy." Prowl rose an optic ridge and turned around leaning up against his chair.


"Even though what the Decepticons did long ago was unthinkable, they still have a right to freedoms. There were innocent Decepticons who were thrown into the same lot as Megatron, who I find unforgivable. I respect Ultra Magnus and Ratchet, but I think even Ratchet agrees with me that they should be treated on a case by case basis as to living on their home planet." Optimus sat down on Prowl's bed and shrugged half heartedly. "But my opinion is a minority." Prowl looked over the red and blue mech before taking a calming breath and speaking.

"That's...good to know, Optimus. Maybe one day I can tell you." Prowl smiled, obviously more relaxed. "But for right now, that's enough for me to know that you feel the same way I do." Optimus smiled back and got up patting his shoulder.

"Whenever you're ready, I'm right here." Optimus smiled warmly and left the ninja alone. Prowl smiled and turned to his computer, sitting down and opening up a program and linking into Cybertron's cell block computer system. Although known for his stealth and love of nature, Prowl knew his way around computer systems as well as a complex training course. Using an ID number that he had created for himself to keep his identity a secret, Prowl looked up two names and read through the files of his creators, praying that they were still on line and well.

"Hey, Axel! How's the designs going?" Jazz asked leaning up against the door to Axel's private computer lab and design center. The young mech paused in his motions and pushed up the visor attached to his helmet.

"Hi Jazz!" Axel smiled and disconnected the digitally integrated virtual environment, or D.I.V.E. System, from the computer he was working on. "So far the designs are working in simulations, but I'm not too sure if they'll function in reality." The white and gold mech pulled up several design schematics onto the larger computer screen. Jazz walked over and looked at the mod designs on the computer. They were more advanced mods and upgrades that were meant for an intelligence officer. Jazz looked through the designs and rubbed his chin in thought.

"They look pretty solid to me. Hey, how's your arm?" Jazz looked to the young mech as he rubbed his left arm, it's gray discoloration hinting to it not being the original limb.

"Still getting used to it," Axel said softly. "I don't feel as bad about loosing my arm as much as loosing the mod system I made." The young mech hung his head, self consciously rubbing the limb connection just above his elbow. Jazz walked over and put his hand on Axel's shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, Axel." Axel looked up at the ninja-mech and smiled.

"Thanks," he said softly before turning back to the screen. "I should try to get this finished for Longarm Prime." Although the young mech smiled, he still had an aura of sadness about him. Something that seemed so familiar to Jazz that he thought he was looking at his mate for a second. Shaking his head, Jazz smiled at the young bot and nodded.

"Kay. Don't worry too much about things. I gotta say for being as young as you are, you could probably make Elite Guard status before you know it." Axel looked up at the white and black bot, his cobalt blue eyes wide and shinning.

"Really? You...you think I could?" Axel smiled so widely, Jazz swore his head was going to split in two. The ninja-bot nodded.

"Yeah. I really do think so. R and D could use a few new fresh faces in the higher ranks...Slag you could probably make Prime by the time your my age!" Axel's face went blank and he leaned back in his chair in shock.

"Wow...Axel Prime...thanks a lot Jazz! That means a lot that you...Jazz?" Axel looked around curiously, wondering how such a tall mech could move so silently. Shrugging a bit he turned back to the computer simulations.

Growing a bit bored with his side-project, he decided to catch up on the intelligence area's activity. He was about to go back to Longarm Prime's design mods when something caught his optic. Frowning, he saved the plans and disengaged the DIVE system from his personal computer into the integrated hub of the Elite Guard. Slipping the visor down over his optics he latched onto the suspicious file and began to track it. At first it seemed just like a false alarm, just a crossed wire in the hub, until he noticed the high ranking encoding.

"What the...?" Warning bells rang in Axel's head as he began to copy the parts of the encoding he could de-code into a private file. What he didn't realize, though, was that just as he was watching the encoder, the encoder was watching him and didn't like being watched.

"Connection lost," the DIVE system's computer said simply. Axel cursed under his breath and sighed. disengaging the system and making a copy of the information he gathered. It was still very jumbled, and was sure that a senior analyst could figure it out much faster than he. Frowning he downloaded a copy to his data pad and quickly moved to find Longarm.

"I'm afraid our conversation must be cut off sooner than expected, Megatron. I shall contact you on a more secure line in just a while."

"Of course Shockwave, we have much yet to discuss..." with that, Megatron's imposing visage was cut from the viewfinder, as Shockwave, known to everyone else in Iacon by Longarm Prime, cut the tracer bug he caught just in time.

"Now then, who do we have that's getting too curious for their own good?" he asked aloud, shifting his form back to that of his disguise. Catching the tracer bug he began to decode the program, finding it to be the newest recruit into the lowest station of the Intelligence department.

"Uh, L-Longarm Prime? Sir? I have some information that I think you need to take a look at." Axel. Glaring at the door he quickly covered his tracks before turning and opening the door.

"Yes Axel? What can I do for you?" he stood up and looked to the young mech as he saluted, his movements stiff as he tried to make sure he didn't screw anything up with a top Prime under Ultra Magnus himself.

"Sir I was checking up on the intelligence department's communications and I came across this. I...I know it's not my department or my orders to investigate strange and unusual communications, but this just seemed really important to try and track while the wire was live. Er..." Blushing slightly he handed over the data pad to Longarm who opened it, faining interest at information he personally knew.

"This...is impressive! How long did you say the connection was before it was cut?" he flipped through his familiar codes and read over the notes that the young mech wrote down.

"Approximately 4.2462 cycles sir. At least that's how long I was able to stay in the data stream."

"Impressive..." Shockwave looked to him raising his optic ridges, truly impressed by the young mech's importance to detail. Down to the thousandth in time recording. In the back of his mind, he knew that Axel was a dangerous young mech. Looking over the data again he put it on his desk. "I will personally see to this myself. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. You should be more careful though, Axel. I'd hate to see you get injured for being too curious for your own good. Regardless, I will find a way to properly reward you for your efforts." Axel smiled and saluted again nodding.

"Thank you, Longarm Prime, sir," he said. Shockwave nodded and waved his hand.

"You are dismissed..." Axel left without another word and Shockwave growled under his breath. "Damn. That boy is too smart for his own good." he hissed before turning to his computer. "I need to get him out of the way." Looking through his files, Shockwave looked for anything that may help him get the annoyance out of his circuitry. Unfortunately it looked like there was little that stood out. Orphaned in an explosion of his home with his elder brother, low physical strength but high mental capabilities. Sitting back, the Decepticon in Autobot colors thought of how to use Axel to his full advantage. He looked over the file and frowned seeing no record of creators other than that they were killed in a freak accident in their home city-state. Suspicion built in the Decepticon covert-agent's mind. Yet the first thing that needed to be done, was to get Axel off of Cybertron.

Jazz walked along the corridors of the Elite Guard and sighed. He missed his mate badly already. He hoped that Ultra Magnus would approve his request to be stationed on Earth. There wasn't much to do on Cybertron, and the attacks in the far reaches of the galaxy had quieted greatly. The white ninja looked up as a small silver and blue mech was walking down the hall pushing a mop and bucket in front of him.

"Oh! Hi Jazz!" the young mech said with a smile. Jazz grinned back at the ice blue optics that brightened at his presence.

"Hey Bluestreak, how are you doin' little man?" Jazz stopped and turned to speak to the young mech, half his own age. Bluestreak was a strange little mech, about a foot or so shorter than even Bumblebee, and a very thin frame.

"I'm fine. Ultra Magnus just took me to see the medics again. But I checked out all right. Y'know medics have a lot of interesting tools, I wish I could be one," Bluestreak said with a smile. His ice blue optics and white pupils looked up at the taller mech who he had taken a similar alternate form with. Although very small and seemingly frail, Bluestreak proved more than once that he was a fast little bot, and Blurr had begun training him before he left for a mission.

"Yeah, hey you never know, maybe something will open up for you soon and you can be a medic or a currier. I bet Blurr would like a little competition on the race track too." Bluestreak smiled brightly and straightened up.

"Really? Yeah! Maybe Ultra Magnus will let me go into the academy too! Even though he says I'm too young and my health isn't the greatest. He worries a lot, but he's my creator so I guess he has to.." Bluestreak looked up at the ceiling a bit as his mind began to wonder around in a childlike innocence. Jazz smiled and gave his head a gentle pat.

"I dunno Blue, maybe you should talk to him about it. I gotta go, I'm gonna be late for my class down with the other black belts. You take care of yourself now kid." Bluestreak nodded with a smile before continuing on his way, pushing a mop bucket before him. Jazz shook his head slightly at the young mech before walking down the hall.

"Jazz, this is Ultra Magnus." Jazz blinked and tapped his comm.

"Yes sir? What can I do for ya?" Jazz could almost see the smile the older mech had as he began to speak again.

"I know you're leaving soon to teach your ninjitsu class but I have good news. I've decided to approve your request to set up on planet Earth." Jazz grinned widely and suppressed the urge to yell in joy.

"Thank you sir! I'll have to make some arrangements with my students and the other masters to see if they can cover my classes." Ultra Magnus chuckled.

"You'll be having company too, Axel will be joining you. Longarm Prime says that he could be of great assistance in setting up a more permanent communication log between Cybertron and Earth." Jazz smiled again. He enjoyed the young mech's company and the kid could use a little air.

"Thank you sir, I'll make sure to drop by and see if he needs anything before we launch. Thank you again, Commander."

"It's no problem Jazz, just make sure that you and Prowl spend a little more time together this time now that Sentinel won't be with you." That time, Jazz knew the old war horse was smiling from audio to audio. Jazz chuckled and nodded his head.

"Will do Sir. Jazz out." Jazz smiled and hurried to his class, a bounce in his step as he thought about returning to his mate.