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Chapter One

The bell rings, echoing throughout the quickly emptying hallways as high schoolers scramble into their assigned homeroom classes. Mandark curses under his breath, slamming his locker closed before shifting the black backpack over his shoulder and turning around the corner into his own homeroom, luckily it wasn't too far away from his locker. He rushes into the room, barely managing to avoid tripping over a few occupied desks as he glances up at the teacher's desk. Ms. Abernathy meets his eyes, her dark eyes narrowing at him with obvious disappointment, causing him to make a face. He offers her an apologetic look as he turns into the isle and hurries to his desk, his stone gray eyes glancing over the most perfect creature on this good earth.

Dee Dee.

No longer is she the hyper girl of her youth, Dee dee had grown into her legs, growing into the curves and grace of a woman, her sunlit hair pulled back in a single ponytail as she rests her pen on her notebook. Her brilliant bright blue eyes already daydreaming about the day ahead as she watches the homeroom teacher absently.

Mandark takes a gulp. Already his palms were sweating uncontrollably. His childhood crush has only grown since the years of their childhood. And now... she has only become that much more beautiful.

Dee dee blinks her bright eyes, refocusing as they glance up at him, blinking with some surprise. "Mandark?"

His eyes widen behind his glasses as he instinctively reaches up to push his glasses up along the bridge of his nose, hiding the cherry red blush behind his hand in the gesture. "Uh... y-yes, Dee dee?..." he stumbles with great difficulty. It seems like forever since she had last spoke to him, and now, out of the blue! What should he do?! What should he say?!

Snickers sound around him, "Mister Astrono!" Mandark blinks, looking up at Ms. Abernathy as she holds a piece of chalk between her fingers, standing at the board. "Take a seat! You are holding up the class!" This time, there is no gesture to hide the blush behind, this one from embarrassment as others start to laugh, teacher hushing them as they quickly quiet down. He turns quickly to take his seat near the window, leaning his head in his hand on the desk in order to hide his face. The harsh red lingers throughout the class, his mind replaying the scene as he stares out the window.