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A harsh wind blew across the desolate outskirts of what was once Japan. The skies were grey with heavy clouds and a light rain shower had just begun. A fairly tall hooded young man wearing a black cloak slowly walked through the field. He stopped and his gleaming yellow eyes looked up at the sky. His face was white as snow and he had a slight frown on his face.

It has been quite a while since I have been here... Twenty-five years...

He closed his eyes as the memories began to resurface in his mind.

I remember it all as clear as if it had been yesterday... Of course that might have something to do with my...current state. I was once Zero... Hero of the people and leader of the Black Knights... I promised them all so much... I had finally put the emperor's life to an end, and had become emperor myself... But, I was was not fit to rule... I already had lost my mind so I became one of the worst leaders Britainnia and Japan had ever seen... I abused my power and eventually...Suzaku put an end to my life... C2 had long since abandoned me... I do not blame her, it was Mao all over again for her... I do not blame Suzaku either... I had become a menace... Well...I stumbled and crawled my way into an alley...bleeding...in pain... I would do anything to save my life. I eventually collapsed, and the world began to fade right before my very eyes... It was then, all of a sudden, that a cloaked figure came to me... She spoke in a very quiet voice. So quiet that I had to listen very carefully to make out her words... She said to me, "Lelouch... I have been monitoring your situation for...quite some time now. I see that you are not quite ready to leave this world yet... Heh heh... I bestow upon you what some would call the ultimate gift, but what others would call the ultimate curse... Hold still...the sensation you are about to feel is not exactly painful...but it is not exactly...pleasant...either." She then smiled at me and sank her teeth into my kneck. I suppose what she said was correct. It did not hurt...but what I felt... I shall never forget... I felt so cold and so alone... I could not see, hear, feel, or sense anything. It was almost like I was in oblivion, but I too aware to be in oblivion... My awareness was stronger than it had ever been and all the emotional pain I had ever felt...flooded back into me...stronger and unclouded. I could remember every ill thing that was done to me or that I had done... For that moment all I knew was misery and despair... I could not remember anything good... It was...unbearable... It made me want to die, but I could not die I could not even move. I did not know anything except misery... I eventually began to fade away. It was like I was dieing or falling asleep... I wished that I was dieing. Then the second it felt like I had faded completely, I awoke.

He looked down at his hand. Yes, quite a controversal subject indeed. The state that he was now in could be seen as a blessing or a curse. In one hand he was more stronger than he ever had been, he had unlimited life, he was practically invincible, and his geass had been converted into something that he actually preferred more, and also he now had a more sound mind and he could see life in a more sane yet regrettful way. Many advantages. But then again...

Ever since the day he reawoke nothing he did seemed to quell the unending crave for blood, and even though he tryed to satisfy that desire with the blood of animals it still did not cure the thirst completely. Also he could not go out in the sunlight without feeling faint, ill, or weak. Indirect sunlight was the only form he could handle.

Now for the real question... Do I think of being a vampire as a curse or a blessing? Personally... For myself neither... I see it as what I deserve... I can not be a demon if as a human I was once a demon. Therefore, this state is just attonement.

Lelouch looked out across the city that was below him, as the wind blew through his short wavy hair.

I truly wonder... What possessed me to return here? I exiled myself...ashamed on what I had done. Hm...curiosity I suppose. Well, time to see what has happened in my absence.

With that thought he jumped straight up in the air, and shot like a bullet toward the city below.

So that ends the prologue, oh also, I did use aspects of the vampires from Twilight. So I'm not sure if that makes this fanfiction related to Twilight in any way but jsut saying... Also, for the sake of events that happen in this story a certain character from code geass might be born at a different time period or a different age, and sorry if anyone is ooc. Oh yes, and I have only seen Code Geass up until the end of R1 so if you find a spoiler...COINCIDENCE. So yah...don't put spoilers in your reveiws.