Okay, I am deciding to go on with this fanfic. A few things that I must say...

This is not a Yaoi fanfiction...,his eyes are yellow because he does not drink human blood he drinks animal blood so his eyes turned yellow instead of red, vampires in this fanfiction do not sparkle, the only things I borrowed from Twilight were the alternate source of blood and a few of the appearance traits of the vampires in it, and this is my imagination so if there is anything in here that actually happens in R2 well...that's just weird...

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Lelouch arrived in a dark alleyway where he saw a few men who looked very rich surrounding a girl who looked frightened. The girl was fairly short, was wearing triangle sunglasses, and was wearing a priestess outfit. The girl screamed.

"I'll say it again... GET AWAY FROM ME!"

The men just grinned and laughed at her fearful frustration. The larger one, who appeared to be their leader, moved closer to her.

"No chance girl. We're going to bring you down to our home, which I'm just convinced you will love, and after we have a little fun with you... We'll give you to Master Kururugi for a fortune!"

Lelouch narrowed his eyes in digust after hearing their plan.

I do not know what appeal these men think this girl holds for Suzaku...but I will not allow them to take her... I suppose I will have to use "it" on them...

Lelouch took a few steps closer to them and closed his eyes. After several moments he opened them again, his eyes a dull red now.

The men laughed and went to grab the girl, but stopped as they heard a voice in their head. The voice spoke in a low, eerie tone.

And what do you think you are doing?

They looked around alarmed.

It seems to me that you were planning on putting this poor girl here through hell, in many different ways.

One of the men shakily said, "W-who are you...? W-where are you...?"

Ah...so glad you asked... My name is quite unimportant...but what I am? I am your own personal demon...destined to put you through absolute misery and torment... That is...if you upset me in any way. That goes for all five of you.

"H-have we upset you...?"

Hm...yes you have... Now, I shall make you an offer... If you leave now, without the girl, I will spare you the torment...and leave your minds until you anger me again... Let me warn you, the suffering I could put you all through is nothing to scoff at...

A more foolish and cocky man out of the five of them huffed and spit on the ground.

"H! Demon... I don't know who you are, but I think you're bluffing... You're no demon! And I bet you don't even have this "torture" you speak of! First of all, why would a demon defend this girl? If you really were a demon you would be on our side and we certainly would not be having this rather pointless conversation!" He spit again.

Humph, first of all little man... I never said I was a demon... I said I was "your" own personal demon... You don't believe my threat? Well I shall show you personally, oh arrogant one, only a mere portion of what you all will experience if you don't heed my warning...

Lelouch narrowed his eyes, and then a few moments later his eyes began to shine as he concentrated on the foolish man who spoke out against better judgement. The man wore his impudent, haughty expression for a while, waiting to see what the "demon" would say or do. Then his eyes widened in horror and he put his hands on both sides of his head.

"N-no...no... W-what is this..." The horrified expression only worsened. "N-NO! D-dead bodies...EVERYWHERE! WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?! BLOOD!? WHO'S BLOOD IS THIS?!"

He then dropped to the ground and began writhing. The other men with him ran to his side.

"Hiro, Hiro... What's wrong Hiro?"

They shook him and waved their hands in front of his face, but it was if he could not see them. He just continued screaming until eventually tears leaked out of his eyes.

I warned you... You should heed my words...Hiro... Now... Do you want to know where you are?

"T-tell me...where have you put me demon... Who are all of these people...and who are those who are getting slaughtered..."

Hiro... This is your potential future... If you do not change your ways...you shall see all of this...again. The bodies are those of whom have wronged you and those whom you have wronged... They got the quick and "fairly" less painful death. The ones getting slaughtered and tortured are your aquaintances, colleagues, friends, family, and others who you hold dear... You don't personally commit these acts, but you know of the butterfly effect? Well, lets just say...one thing leads to another... Now Hiro, I shall return you to your world and give you a chance to change your vile ways. You can start by letting this girl go. Lead these men with you in the right direction as well. Don't like showing people these horrible things, but sometimes...they need to see it. Like you did...

Lelouch then closed his eyes again for a few moments, and then he opened them. Hiro stopped screaming, and his eyes became focused again. He sat up and looked around.

"I-is that...demon...gone?"

"Well Hiro... We no longer hear its voice...so I think yes?"

Hiro looked over at the girl, who now looked intrigued instead of frightened.

"I'm very sorry we troubled you miss. And...as much as I feel bad about leaving you in this alleyway all alone... My and my...friends have other matters to attend to."

Hiro motioned for the other four to follow him, then walked away. The other men looked shocked but followed him anyway. The girl watched as they left in astonishment, blinking.

"Wow... What was THAT all about!" She sighed and picked up her satchel that she dropped on the ground.

"I mean... First they come hunt me down and ALMOST captured me...which thank god they didn't...and then they all start talking like they were hearing the voice of a demon and got scared... That one guy looked like he was in absolute torment and writhed in pain! Oh yah, and then they were all polite and apologetic...they just left with few words like nothing ever happened between us... Wiiieeerd guys."

She turned to start walking but then saw Lelouch's gleaming yellow eyes in the darkness of the alley.

"Oh? Hello there! I didn't see you before."

See walked up to him, and was much shorter than he was.

"What brings you here?"

Lelouch closed his eyes and, sighing, looked to the side.

"Nothing in particular... I was just passing through..."

That isn't really a lie... I am just passing through...and I don't really have anything that brought me here...I am a mere wanderer... Hn, It has been a while since I have inplanted any major images in anyone's mind... I do use telepathy from time to time though... My altered geass is the opposite of Mao's geass... He read every single persons mind that he is around... I input thoughts and images into the people's minds that I choose... I am glad that I saved this girl... She need know nothing of me and I nothing of her...that is...just...the way it should be...with anyone...and I...

Lelouch looked at the girl again, raising his head a little from the shadows of his hood just enough so that she could see his face, and smiled.

"Well, I really should be going now... I am glad that those men decided to leave you alone... Heh, I almost decided to intervene. Not that I could have done much though..."

Lelouch then turned to leave. The girl got an unsettled look.


Lelouch stopped and turned.


She ran up to him and looked into his eyes with an irritated expression.

"What is your name kind sir?"

"Uh... (thinks of the first name from the top of his head) Clovis. Clovis Euphenully."

She raised an eyebrow.

"Your named after the deceased viceroy of old? And your last name is...interesting..."

Lelouch smiled again.

"Yes I am...and could I have your name miss?"

"Um, Terra Fujisaki."

"You have a lovely name...now farewell..."

He then turned to go again but the girl ran in front of him.

"So, that's just it?"

Now Lelouch looked surprised.

"What exactly do you mean?"

"I mean, you just give me a kind gesture, tell me your name, and go. Just like that!?"

"Well...yes? Is that...wrong?" He tilted his head.

She leaned her head in towards his, scowling.

"Well, I'm not satisfied with just that mister! For one thing, I think you possibly are a very interesting person!"

"And what makes you say that?"

She sighed.

"Come on! Who just goes walking down the streets of Central Area Haren! Out of all places, the richest area and the one with the most rudest and snobbiest people around for no particular reason! Wearing a cloak like that! I mean not that it's not cool or anything, but it just is a bit different. Oh yah, and then you just decide to walk down an alleyway, almost make an attempt to save a girl like me, introduce yourself, and walk away! Not to mention you have the most curious eyes I have ever seen!"

She has a point...that is a bit strange... Now is where she will ask for an explanation...which unfortunately I can not give truthfully...

"Yes, and...?"

Terra blinked.

"And what? Isn't it obvious?"

Lelouch said nothing.

"Sigh... Clovis...I want to get to know you at least a little better. I don't come across many interesting people nowadays...ugh, expecially in Central Area!"

Lelouch now had a dark look. He spoke in a strained voice.

"Sorry Terra...but I can't... No one can know me..."

Terra looked stunned.

"Why not!"

Lelouch closed his eyes and now wore a pained expression, remembering all the terrible things he had done.

"If you...or anyone knew me...well...nothing good could come of what you would learn... Heh, after you did... You would just abandon me anyway... So sorry, but I decline."

He then started to walk away but stopped.


"Huh, what?"

"Why were those men after you?"

Terra got a blank look, but then quickly covered it up.

"Heh heh heh...no idea!"

Lelouch looked at her questionably for a second but then quickly looked away.

"Oh well...I suppose it doesn't really matter..."

Lelouch then disapeared. Terra looked shocked.

"That...that... Ugh! H! If he thinks that is the last he'll see of me... HE'S GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!"

Terra then ran out of the alley as quick as she could.


She looked around alarmed and then whispered.

"Don't you challenge the Kaguya...heh heh..."

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