Dexter strode quickly down the hallways of Mandark Industries with a determined gleam in his sapphire blue eyes.

Today's the day.

The new recruits jumped out of the way when they saw the genius, pretending to be busy checking their journal logs or E-mails about quests.

No matter. He pushed forward, ignoring the rest.

No backing out now.

He had always been stubborn, pursuing his goals until the very end whether it was for the sake of science or romance. (Although it was the latter that had yielded more failure than anything else.)

I'm going to do this.

Despite all the warnings that were going through his head as he crossed the threshold of the Time Machine room, Dexter continued to search for the raven-haired teen.

Now…where is he? The teen frowned as he looked for his rival, who was nowhere in sight.

Mandark, at the moment, was instructing the newbies about their weapons.

"Pay rapt attention to what I'm telling you now, because I'm not going to repeat myself." He glared, making most of the new recruits recoil in fear. "The Lucky Seven will likely be able to save your sorry little behinds in virtually every scenario. But there is one very important thing that you can NEVER forget-"

"Mandark." A door behind the teen automatically slid open."I need to talk to you about something."

"Hold on for a second, Dexter." Waving the new rifle in the air, the teen continued with his speech.

"You must never-"

"It's urgent." Dexter persisted, crossing his arms and looking at him pointedly.

Mandark, now slightly irritated, brushed him off again. "ANYWAYS, like I was saying-"

Dexter's patience ran out.

He walked across the room, ignoring the gaping stares of the newbies, and forcefully grabbed the other's shirt to pull him down for a rough, wet kiss.

Not exactly the most romantic or ideal way to do it, but hey, Dexter was blunt like that.

After a few minutes, he let go of Mandark's shirt. The two stared at each other, one in amazement, and the other in panic when he realized what he had just done.

The new recruits stared, not knowing what to say.

Dexter blushed until his face was as red as his hair. "…I told you it was urgent."

There was a moment of silence.

Cam, a newbie, raised her hand. "So what was the really important thing about the gun we're supposed to know?"

"What? Oh, yes, right." Mandark blinked several times, clearly flustered. "Um…"

He stared at the rifle in his hand. "I... totally forgot what I was about to say…"

Later that evening:

"This is Number Five, requesting backup! Stat!" Number Five shouted into a walkie-talkie as she dodged an attack, shocking a fuse with the Lucky Seven. "We can't hold 'em off for much longer!"

"Where the hell are Dexter and Mandark?" Number Two yelled as he shot down some more monsters.

"I heard making out in some janitor's closet." Someone else piped up.

Meanwhile, Cam the newbie was fiddling with her rifle.

"Wonder what this huge purple button does?" She wondered aloud, pushing on it.