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"Good morning everyone," Hera greeted as six of the heroes entered the room.

"Good morning Miss Hera," Jay replied. The other titans were tired after Jay had woken them up at 5:30 that morning. Neil, needing his beauty sleep, was the grumpiest of all of them. He complained the entire journey to school about how bad he looked because he didn't get his beauty sleep.

Hera smiled at the sleepy teens, but frowned when she saw they were missing a member.

"Where's Theresa?" she asked.

"Oh, she's visiting her dad," Atlanta responded, groggily.

"Lucky girl," Neil muttered, actually jealous of someone for once in his life.

"Oh well. We'll talk to her later," Hera said.

"So, what is this meeting about Miss Hera?" Jay asked, so nicely it annoyed Atlanta and Archie. Atlanta groaned, but Jay ignored her.

"Well, over the past few weeks, Persephone, Ares, Artemis, and I have been thinking of new ways to challenge each of you."

"So, instead of training together, we'll be training separately?" Archie asked.

"You will still be doing the regular exercises, but we have created additional lessons to fit each of you better."

"Like?" Archie questioned.

"Well, you will mainly be focusing on sword fighting skills. Jay will brainstorm strategies by using some information the gods and I have discovered. Odie will helping Hephaestus create challenging games and exercises to help you defeat Cronus. Herry will be working with Hercules to increase his strength. Atlanta will be working on her running. Neil…well we haven't exactly thought about what he can do yet, and Theresa will be working with Persephone on her psychic ability," Hera explained. When no one commented, Hera said, "Is that okay?"

"Yeah…but you called us at 5:30 in the morning to tell us that?" Neil questioned.

"That was part one. Hermes thinks he knows where Cronus is going to strike next, but since you are not all here, we will wait. We also don't know when Cronus will come, so we'll wait."

"We could go without Theresa," Jay suggested. Everyone was shocked that he actually said that. Now that Theresa and Jay were a couple, the others thought he would want to spend every second of the day with her.

"Are you sure you want to go without Theresa?" Hera asked, narrowing her eyes.

"It's much safer for her that way," Jay responded. Then it clicked in everyone's head. Jay didn't want Theresa to come on the mission because he didn't want her to get hurt.

"Well, if you think so then Hermes will fill you in."

"Let's go guys," Jay said and everyone stood up to go see Hermes.

"Okay, so be at the museum at around five tonight, be in your correct places and we'll see how this goes," Jay explained to his team mates. At that point, it was about noon and they were still at school trying to think of the best way to snatch Cronus while they had the chance. Jay was hoping that he could get through this without Theresa becoming involved.

"Are you sure we shouldn't tell Theresa?" Atlanta asked.

"Don't you remember what I said? It's for Theresa's safety. She could get hurt," Jay responded.

"When did you start becoming overly protective of her? I mean, you were always protective of Theresa, but you still let her take part in missions," Archie said.

"I just don't want her to get hurt! I thought we established this a while ago!" Jay retorted, becoming frustrated with all of them.


"Anyway, let's go through the plan again."

"Alright, so remember, we only have one shot at this. If we mess up, then we won't be able to get Cronus this time. So don't mess up," Jay said. The six titans waited outside the New Olympian Museum of Civilization.

"No pressure," Herry muttered.

"Look, I just don't want to mess this up."

"Well, what if we do defeat Cronus today? Won't Theresa be kinda mad?" Archie said.

"…We'll see. Let's go guys."

The six heroes were in their positions inside the museum. Herry, Odie and Neil were stationed at all three entrances to the museum. Atlanta was in the basement, Archie was on the roof, and Jay was on the main floor, just wondering around. They were all waiting for Cronus to show up. No one knew why Cronus was going to be at the museum, but while with her husband, Hades, Persephone had a vision of Cronus in that museum. She sent the message to Hermes to give back to the heroes.

"Anything yet?" Jay spoke into his walky-talky.

"Nothing," Atlanta responded for everybody.

"Just stay in your positions then," Jay ordered.

"Gotcha," Archie replied.

The titans waited for hours, the museum had even closed, and they had almost given up when Neil spotted Cronus sneaking into the museum.

"Guys! I found Cronus! He's over here by the main entrance. Hurry!" Neil whispered into the walky-talky. He slowly and quietly followed far behind Cronus so he wouldn't loose him. Neil unfortunately, accidentally stepped on a candy wrapper, making a crinkling noise and causing Cronus to turn around. He had an evil grin on his ugly face and stared at Neil with blood red eyes.

"Neil! Long time, no see! How are you? Oh, well it doesn't really matter because you're not going to ask me are you?" Cronus said.

"Aha!" Cronus turned around, his back now to Neil, and was face to face with Jay. "I knew you were going to be here! What is it that you're looking for this time Cronus?" Jay spat Cronus' name.

"Oh nothing, Jay. But you best be on your way. It's past your bedtime."

"I'll stay up all night if it means capturing you!"

Cronus did not reply because he noticed that Atlanta, Archie, Odie and Herry had all gathered around him.

"Oh…what is this...? No Theresa? I thought you would want your girlfriend with you every moment of your life, Jay. Are you too worried about her? See, that's why love is no good for anybody."

"She's just out of town…" Jay responded, hoping Cronus didn't have Theresa…

"Oh well, isn't that just too bad. She must be all alone now. No boyfriend, no friends…and just think about how she will feel if you do actually defeat me and she's not here to enjoy it! She will be mad… never speak to you again. But, what can you do. Your enemy is more important than your lover…"

Jay's temper was rising and he took out his sword. He stabbed at Cronus, but he dodged Jay's attack.

"What? You don't like me talking about your girlfriend Jay?" Cronus smirked at Jay. Cronus summoned his scythe. He and Jay began to fight, then Archie and Atlanta began to help Jay. Herry, Odie and Neil were watching for guards or people in general. The museum was closed so there wouldn't be anyone around, but they were just doing it to be absolutely sure.

Jay, Atlanta, and Archie continued to fight Cronus, but so far, it did not look like there was going to be a winner for a while.

Finally, Cronus had had it with the heroes. "I don't have time for this foolishness! (A/N: harhar) I'm just going to retrieve what I need and then I'll be gone, and you will have lost again." Cronus disappeared into his portal and no one knew where he was going to be in the museum.

"Everyone, go back to your original positions and keep an eye out for Cronus on your way!" Jay ordered. The six heroes quickly went to their positions and looked for any sign of Cronus. It was quiet for about twenty minutes as they waited and listened for a noise that would indicate Cronus' presence. At one point, Atlanta thought she heard something while she was in the basement. There were many artefacts, real and fake, that were lying around and Atlanta was careful not to make any noise by colliding with them as she went to check out where the noise came from. She searched the basement thoroughly but there was no sign of anyone or anything.

Jay was lucky enough to come into contact with Cronus while searching the main floor of the museum. It appeared as though Cronus had already gotten what he wanted, but when he turned to face Jay, he looked worried.

"What did you take?" Jay demanded. This made Cronus smile.

"Nothing Jay! How could you say that about me?" Cronus replied and sped off around the corner.

"Guys! Hurry!" Jay yelled into his walky-talky. He followed Cronus, hoping that the others would be there soon. Jay could not understand why Cronus was not summoning his portal to escape faster…it actually made Jay a little scared… He looked at the ground as he ran and while he thought about what Cronus was about to do.

"Jay!" Jay heard Atlanta's voice from in front of him. Jay looked up and he saw Atlanta, but no Cronus. He stopped and stared at her. Atlanta pointed at him – or behind him – but Jay was still confused. "Jay! Behind you!"

Jay turned around, but did not even see who was there. Something crashed into his face and he fell to the ground, a little dazed from the blow.

"There. Now I can leave." Jay heard Cronus' voice above him. Jay didn't look up because he thought that Cronus would probably hit him again. He stayed on the ground with his eyes tightly shut waiting for Cronus to leave.

"You're not leaving yet Cronus!" Jay's eyes shot open when he heard whose voice it was. After the voice, there was a crash and someone groaned in pain.

"Theresa?!" Jay said, shocked. He sat up and stared at his lover. Cronus was now on the ground, clutching his stomach in pain. Theresa had obviously kicked him in the stomach to save Jay. She looked furious and Jay began to worry. She was probably mad at him…uh-oh.

"I'll be back. Just wait," Cronus panted as he stood up. With a snap of his fingers, his portal appeared and he disappeared into it. Once it closed, Theresa turned her attention to Jay. At this point, the others had arrived and were all worried about what Theresa was about to say.

"Well?" Theresa said, clearly infuriated. She looked around at all of her friends waiting for them to explain to her why she was not informed of this mission.

"T-Theresa…we thought you were still at your dad's…" Jay stuttered. Theresa glared at him.

"Jay. You and I both know that that's bull. You know very well that today was the day that I was coming back. You knew I was going to be back by at least 5. But when I got to the brownstone, there was no one there. Then, I had a vision about Cronus attempting to steal something from this museum, so I ran here as fast as I could. I came in through a tiny window in the basement about ten minutes ago-"

"That's what I heard!" Atlanta said. "I knew I heard something!"

"Yeah. Then I came upstairs and I saw Neil at the main entrance and managed to sneak right past him. I saw Cronus walking towards the museum's lab and I steered him away from it. He started running away from me, and we ended up here," Theresa explained.

Jay, who was still on the ground, had no idea what to say.

"So no one's going to tell me what exactly is going on? No one wants to hear what I found out this morning?" Theresa asked and looked at all her friends who were staring at the ground. "No one? Fine. I'll go look for Eris by myself then."

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