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"I hate school. Have I said that before?" Archie groaned as the seven heroes navigated their way through the chaotic, morning crowds in the hallways.

"A few times," Atlanta smirked, following closely behind Archie (A/N: I realized I haven't gotten these two together yet…). "But it wouldn't be so bad in the mornings if we could get to school earlier…" Atlanta hinted as she glanced back at the other five titans trailing behind. Herry put his hands up defensively.

"Not my fault. I drive as fast as I can."

"I was actually talking about Neil." At the sound of his name, Neil's ears perked up.

"Excuse me? Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." Atlanta glanced backed at Theresa and the two exchanged an eye roll. Finally, they reached their lockers in the quieter part of the high school. Easy conversation bounced around the group as they waited for the morning bell to ring. The seven of them became completely oblivious to all others outside the group as they talked, so when Theresa absentmindedly took a step back, she stepped right into the path of an apparently confused student.

"Ooof! Sorry! I wasn't paying attention!" Theresa apologized to the stranger.

"No, no. I'm sorry. I'm new and I'm trying to find this Biology classroom which I don't think actually exists!" Theresa let out a small laugh. When she looked at him, she found him quite handsome, but she was with Jay and did not want anyone else.

"Wait…you have Bio first? Who with?"

"Mr… Peterson," the boy said, checking his schedule.

"Well, you're in luck! That's my first class too. I'll show you where it is. But you're right, it's nearly impossible to find. Probably because it's in the ghetto part of the school that no one ever goes to. (A/N: doesn't anyone else have a ghetto hallway in their school?) Come on. I'll take you there now. See you guys later!" Theresa picked up her bag and waved to her friends, then poking Jay as she passed by him. He smiled widely at her and before he knew it, she and the new guy had disappeared down the hall.

"I'm Patrick by the way," he said politely, holding out his hand which Theresa gladly shook.

"I'm Theresa. And I must say, I am glad that you are in my Bio class. There's an empty desk in the row next to me and I don't really know anybody. They're all kinda… really bitchy so…"

"Well then I guess you're in luck because I don't know a single soul at this school!" Patrick chuckled and Theresa couldn't help but laugh with him.

"So, what brings you to Olympus High School?"


"Who was that?" Jay asked immediately after Theresa disappeared down the hall with some guy. He had watched them turn the corner and whipped around to face the others.

"I don't know. Some new kid," Odie explained. Jay's eyes bulged out of his head and Odie had to calm him down. "Oh come on, Jay. The two of you have been waiting for this for how long? He's just some dopey new kid Jay. They just met. Chill out." Jay stood there fidgeting for a while, contemplating all the different scenarios that could occur. They could get married…have attractive little children…Jay would die alone…broken hearted…without Theresa…

Jay began to panic again, causing the others to be half concerned, half amused.

"Someone needs to get him a paper bag," Herry said. The others agreed, but let Jay calm down on his own. The bell rang and the six of them dispersed, Jay still mulling over the possibility that Theresa and this guy could very well get married.


"So, my dear Eris, seeing as how you failed to destroyed those children last time, how about you give it another go?" the god of Time said, his commanding voice echoing throughout the dark cave. Eris stood in front of him as he sat on his stone chair. She glared at the god, not trusting him at all.

"I expect that there's something in it for you?" she said, crossing her arms. Cronus raised a hand to his chest, pretending to be offended by her words.

"Now Eris, when have I ever sunk to such a level?" The goddess scoffed and rolled her eyes at Cronus. Cronus, now irritated by her lack of cooperation, became serious. "Come now Eris, doesn't it enrage you that the gods never asked you to help those children defeat me? It's like Peleus and Thetis' wedding all over again!" Eris did not respond, so Cronus continued. "You like to cause trouble, don't you? You like chaos, right?" Eris grudgingly nodded. "Then, destroying these seven children will cause the whole world to crumble and descend into chaos. Sound like fun?"

"I know that if these children are destroyed, you will rule the world. And I also don't take orders from anyone."

"Yes, but wouldn't you like to be on the King's good side?" Eris contemplated this for a moment.

"I've already done this before. It's so…cliché."

"Oh, my apologies. I wasn't actually asking you. I'm telling you what you are going to do for me." Before Eris could react, Cronus stood and held his hand out to her. A bolt of orange light exploded out of his palm and surrounded the goddess of Discord. Several moments later, the light disappeared, leaving Eris unscathed.

"Now, Eris, as I was saying, you will deliver a golden apple to the gods, which will result in the demise of these pathetic children. After that, I will rule the world. Understood?" Eris paused for a moment, letting his orders sink in.

"Yes. I understand."

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