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Chapter 2

Stephanie had left Kane, feeling slightly pre-occupied as she now had to worry about potential skulduggery occurring, as well as running the show. She saw the gaggle of superstars cheering and jeering her husband and Jericho and decided to take the longer journey round to her office.

It wasn't until she got there that someone began pounding on her door, not bothering for her reply they flung the door open and practically fell into the room looking out of breath and slightly worried.

"What is it Rey?" Stephanie asked the small man. He was bent over trying to catch his breath.

"He-he's g-gone," Rey spluttered, taking deep breaths trying to clam himself down. "I-I've looked e-e-everywhere, b-but I ca-can't f-find him."

"Can't find who?"

"Phil!" Rey said, his voice echoed around the office. "He's gone!"

"Where's he gone?" Stephanie said sitting down in her chair.

"I don't know!" Rey said. "I just told you that!"

Stephanie looked at the small man. What with Kane and now Mysterio claiming the things she was beginning to feel increasingly unsettled. Punk wouldn't have just gone missing; he would usually tell someone where he was going, even if it was just to the vending machine.

Rey sat down on the sofa, breathing heavily. It was rather hard now not to take Kane seriously now.

"I'm worried, Steph," Rey said, his big brown eyes full of emotion.

Stephanie couldn't not do anything now. Something weird was definitely going on.

Punk woke up, lying on a comfortable bed. He sat up and looked around. The room was spotlessly clean and smelled of lemons, the bed sheets that he had been laying on were a very pale yellow.

He got up and walked to the door and tried to open it, but it had been locked. He heard the distant voices of females talking quickly. As the voices grew nearer he listened to what they were saying.

"I knew this was a stupid idea," the first voice said. "I knew that hiring her was a mistake, she's taken the whole thing too far!"

"Maybe we could just let him free..." The second voice said.

"That would be even more stupid, do you realise what that could do to us?" the first voice replied shrilly. "We'll be exposed; they'll know who we are!"

"Maybe if we just talked to him-"

"We will talk to him... When Angel and the rest of the overseas members arrive. Right now I think we should catch Barbarella and try to calm her down... Having Punk here seems to have excited her even more than before."

"What if Punk wakes up?"

"There's plenty of food in the fridge for him..."

The rest of the sentence was drowned out by a loud ringing sound; it was obviously someone's cell phone. Punk looked around the room and spotted the fridge; he slowly walked over it and opened the door, to his surprise it was stocked with fresh salads, sandwiches and his favourite... Pepsi. He grabbed a bottle and walked over to the bed, feeling a lot happier than when he first woke up. Maybe being locked up here wouldn't be too bad.

Angel walked into the Professional Stalker Club's U.S headquarters; she looked slightly disgruntled as she discarded her bags onto an empty sofa. She had expected at least one of her fellow PSC members to greet her. As she plonked herself down onto the sofa she heard footsteps on the cream granite flooring. Why can't the UK Headquarters look like this, the redhead thought to herself. Less than a minute later, Angel spotted a pair of eyes looking at her from around the corner.

"Tina?" Angel asked getting up from her seat.

The brunette smiled and quickly walked closer towards her fellow Jerichoholic. "Angel! It's awesome to see you at long last."

The two girls hugged.

"You too," Angel replied pulling away. "So what's brought me out here?"



"I thought that it was better for us to tell you in person rather than on MySpace."

Angel nodded and followed Tina up a flight of stairs and down a long corridor painted a very light shade of lilac. As she walked she couldn't help thinking how surreal this whole thing was. The whole point of the PSC was to write about their stalkee's and talk on MSN and MySpace every now and again. Meeting up with the rest of the club members was never really an option nor was it ever mentioned. But yet, here Angel stood in what looked like an old renovated warehouse with a girl that she classed as one of her best friends.

"As you can see, we've spent quite a lot of our time and money decorating," Tina said looking over her shoulder at the redhead. "Thanks for the monthly payments, Angel; it's helped out a lot."

"I am beginning to think that I should have kept my money and put it towards an apartment in London... This place is awesome!" Angel said excitedly.

"There'll be plenty of time to look around later, right now you have to talk to a certain someone," Tina replied. "Robin's been aching to do it, but I told her that we should wait for you, she's in the basement with Barbarella at the moment."

"Why in the basement?"

"Because Barbarella has a thing for breaking stuff... You should know, you write about her!" Tina said with a giggle.

"So who am I supposed to be talking to?" Angel asked, now falling into step beside Tina.

"You'll see," the brunette winked.

They continued to walk down the corridor until Tina stopped. She grabbed Angel's wrist as she had walked ahead, and then pointed at the door.

"Behind this door you'll find a certain Straight Edge Superstar," Tina said, Angel's eyes grew wide and Tina gave another small giggle. "The reason he's here is because Barbarella posed as a member of security at the venue where WWE Raw was held last night. I think she got a bit carried away and so she decided to kidnap Punk. Hopefully, with your help we'll be able to let him go without him blabbing anything about us."

Angel nodded. "It's a shame that she didn't kidnap Jericho," she said dreamily.

"I was thinking the same thing," Tina replied with a chuckle. "Although, I have something else to tell you later on."

The redhead raised her eyebrows and Tina smiled. "Trust me; you'll be happy that you waited."

Tina unlocked the door.

"Isn't that a bad idea?" Angel asked. Tina looked at her. "Won't he try to escape?"

Tina shook her head. "He's as good as gold. As I said, Robin's been aching to talk to Punk face to face but as yet we haven't let her, but I spotted her earlier sitting with her back against the door conversing with him... You didn't think he was a violent psycho did you?"

"As my dad tells me 'it's always the quiet ones'," Angel replied with a smile.

Tina patted the shorter girl on her shoulder and opened the door.

This was ridiculous; no one had heard anything from Punk for over twenty-four hours. His cell phone was switched off, he didn't seem to be at home and the only person that seemed to be oblivious to the whole thing was Chris Jericho. He was still prancing about in his own little world. Not to mention Christian and Edge running around playing pranks on anyone and everyone.

Kane had locked himself in his hotel room and so far no body had been able to make him unlock his door. Stephanie was praying that nothing had happened to him.

"I don't know why you keep pacing, honey," Triple H said, as he watched his wife walk past him for the fifth time.

She stopped and looked at Triple H with a disdainful expression. "One of my superstars has gone off the face of the Earth and I have another that won't open his door to anyone!" she said crossly. "How would you feel if one of us went missing?" She pointed to herself and then to their kids.

Triple H rolled his eyes. "That's impossible, we have too any security guards that follow us around. Nothing will happen to you."

"Security didn't do very good last night did it?" she snapped. "Phil's gone missing and Glen won't talk to anyone."

"Why won't Glen talk to anyone?"

"He thinks that it was his fault... That he should have told us sooner," Stephanie said with a sigh, before flopping down next to her husband. "And Jericho is getting on my nerves, did you know he went to the kitchens earlier on and set fire to the Head Chef then tried to put the fire out by whacking the chef repeatedly with a frying pan?"

"At least there's no long term damage."

"'No long term damage', Chris is in hospital with a concussion and serious burns to his hand because he got it stuck up a cooked chicken's ass!"

Triple H raised his eyebrows. "I know he can be rather eccentric at times, but are you completely sure that it was no one else's fault?"

Stephanie looked at Triple H, her face expressionless. "He was the only person in the kitchen apart from the Head Chef and his underlings, one of the underlings told me that when Chris tripped he managed to get his hand lodged into a cooked chicken's ass... How on earth did he manage to do that?"

"That reminds me of the time Shawn got his head caught up a turkey's ass," Triple H said with a small chuckle.

"Now is not the time for Family Guy type flash backs!" Stephanie snapped.

Triple H and Stephanie sat in silence. Stephanie thinking about the missing CM Punk and Triple H thinking about what to have for lunch.

"Glen, man, open up!" Undertaker yelled in between bashing on the hotel door. Undertaker, who had been staying in another hotel, had heard about Glen after overhearing a conversation between MVP and Beth Phoenix, Undertaker had checked out of his hotel room and dashed to Kane's hotel. If anyone could get Kane to open the door, he sure as hell could.

"Glen, I'm gonna count to three. If you don't open the door I'm gonna kick it down!" He shouted. "One- Two- Th-"

The door clicked open. Undertaker pushed it and walked inside, the room looked as if a whirlwind had hit it. Clothes were strewn everywhere, candy wrapper and chip packets littered the floor.

"What the hell have you been doing in here?" Undertaker said, closing the door behind him.

"Internet," was Kane's simple reply.

"And you wouldn't open the door... Why?" Undertaker asked sitting down next to his friend.

"I think I know what happened to Punk..." Kane replied getting and pacing. "It all started with a conversation I had with Jericho after Raw last night."

"You had a conversation with Jericho, and it didn't involve chocolate cake?" Undertaker asked with raised eyebrows.

"He mentioned a stalker club, the PSC," Kane said ignoring Undertaker's comment. "I've heard about them before. PSC stands for the Professional Stalkers Club; they claim that they aren't dangerous... But yet they have the word 'stalker' in their title, doesn't that say something to you?"

Undertaker thought for a moment then shook his head. "No."

"I think they kidnapped Punk and they're planning on kidnapping more of us," Kane said now pacing up and down.

"Glen, why would a group of girls kidnap any of us?" Undertaker asked.

"For their own sick and twisted pleasure!" Kane said rounding on Undertaker. "So that we can be used as slaves and what-not!"

"Now you're being eccentric."

"No I'm not, I'm being real!"

Undertaker shook his head. "Then what do you propose we do?"

"We investigate!" Kane said with a smile on his face.

Angel was sitting at the head of the table listening to each of the girls as they told her what they had been doing. So all the PSC had done was write letters and send gifts to their respective stalkees... that was until Barbarella had joined the group.

Barbarella had taken things a bit too far; she had turned up at their place of work and actually interacted with certain superstars. Barbarella had bigger balls than a lot of the men that Angel knew.

They had now got onto the subject of Chris Jericho. So far Angel had found out that he was not unlike his MSN Chats character, Barbarella had informed her that he was in fact obsessed with yogurt and seemed to get into things that usually turned out quite problematic for him.

"He also knows quite a lot about us," Tina added. "He's been quite an asset to us actually; he sends us updates on what each of the superstars are doing via e-mail."

Angel smiled widely. "I take it that you've been the one conversing with him?"

Tina blushed profusely. "Of course," she nodded.

"Kane on the other hand is a completely different story," Meghan said looking through her notes. "He's been extremely suspicious of us ever since Jericho told him about us last night."

"What did Jericho say about us?" Angel asked turning towards Meghan.

"He didn't tell him much, just that we were called the Professional Stalkers Club," Meghan replied. "We won't know anymore until Jericho gets out of hospital though."

"Why is he in hospital?"

"He got burnt on his hand and suffered a concussion," Meghan said. "We found out after he sent a Tweet to Tina from his hospital bed."

"So, the usual then?" Angel said laughing.

The girls all nodded in unison.

Tina looked around the table. There was someone missing. "Where's Robin?"

"Oh, she's showing Punk around the building," Angel said with a wave of her hand. "I think we're going to have trouble getting him to leave."

"I just hope that when he does leave he doesn't blab about us," Tina said looking at Angel.

"He won't, trust me," Angel said patting Tina's shoulder.

The door banged open and Robin and Punk practically fell into the room.

"J-Jericho just Tweeted you Tina," Robin said breathlessly.

"I was looking at one of the computers upstairs," Punk added, panting.

"What did Jericho's message say?" Tina asked getting up from her seat, Angel following suit.

"Jeff Hardy has been kidnapped!" Punk and Robin said together.

Each of the girls looked at one another and back at Robin and Punk. They were sure that none of them had done the deed. So who did?

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