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Chapter 4

"Who are you calling?"

Randy was sitting with Matt Hardy, who was fiddling with his iPhone. His hands were shaking violently.

"Glen," Matt replied without looking up. "I need to know what's going on."

"We know what's going on," Randy sighed. "A bunch of psycho's are on a kidnapping spree... Any one of us could be next. Just chillax and drink your coffee."

Randy took Matt's iPhone from him and put it down on the table. "If they find anything out they'll call you or someone else."

Matt nodded and sipped his coffee.

Christian ran over to them looking frantic. His expression told them that something was wrong. Randy sighed and took the mug from Matt's shaking hands and set that on the table next to his phone.

"Thanks Jay," Randy said through gritted teeth. "I've just managed to calm him down."

Christian scowled at Randy. "Have you seen Steph?"

"I wish," Randy sighed.

"Have you seen her or not?"

"No, I haven't. Why?" Randy asked.

"Al's gone," Christian said scanning the room for Stephanie. "His door was open, all I found was a load of expensive moisturising cream on the floor in the bathroom."

"Al's gonna be pissed!" Randy said jumping to his feet. "That cream costs a fortune!"

"But does fuck all," Matt replied in monotone.

"It get's rid of wrinkles," Randy retorted.

"Dude, the only way you're gonna get rid of wrinkles is by getting a face lift," Matt said, also getting up. "Anyway, why are you buying anti-wrinkle cream, you've got no blasted wrinkles!"

"It's to stop them from coming!" Randy whined.

"Use haemorrhoid cream around your eyes, then." Matt grinned. "Beth swears by it!"

"As much as I'd love to stand here talking about products that will make me look like David Beckham..." Christian said impatiently, "we need to get a move on before anyone else get's taken from us."

The three of them left the lobby and headed toward the stairs with Matt and Randy still talking about anti-aging creams.

Undertaker was now lounging on the sofa eating grapes that had been provided by Bianca. Angel was situated across the room, with a laptop on one of the glass coffee tables in the room. Why there needed to be two coffee tables in the room she had no idea, but she was thankful for it. She sniggered and tapped the closest person to her.

"He's enjoying himself," she giggled, pointing to the big man, who was no throwing grapes into the air and trying to catch them in his mouth.

"Wish someone would bring me grapes."

Angel turned and saw Kane pouting. She collapsed in a fit of silent giggles. After a moment or two she calmed down and looked back at the huge bald guy. He was wearing an amused expression.

"Glad to see that my face amuses you... it terrifies most people," he smiled.

Angel rolled her eyes playfully. "Yeah, yeah," she smiled back at him. "I'll go and get your grapes."

Angel stood from her position on the floor and walked out of the room.

Kane leant back in his chair and sighed contentedly. "I could get used to this."

Angel walked through the halls humming to herself. It was nice having four of their stalkee's in the building, she was happy that they felt at ease with all of the girls. She was most surprised at her own reaction though. She'd always imagined herself to start screaming and running into the arms of Undertaker and Chris Jericho, but surprisingly she didn't, she had kept a cool facade.

"Angel!" Punk called from behind her.

"Hey, Punky," Angel said with a smile as she turned around. "If you're looking for Robin she's in the games playing on the Wii with a few of the other girls."

"No, it's not that," he said hurridly. "I just got a call from Matt Hardy; he's on his way with Christian and Randy."

Angel read his expression. "There's something else." It was a statement, not a question.

"MVP's gone missing," Punk replied quietly. "What are we going to do?"

Angel shook her head and started shaking. "C-call Tina and tell her to get to the kitchen..." she said slowly.

Punk nodded and pulled out his cell phone. Angel began to walk in the direction of the kitchen, she stopped and turned again.



"Tell her to leave Jericho with the girls," she said. "I need to talk to her alone."

Punk nodded and began mumbling into his cell phone. He ended the call then shouted after the red head. "Who's in charge of telling the girls."

Angel turned stopped. "Could you do it?"

Punk put his thumbs up and began running in the direction of the games room. Affection flowed through him for the PSC girls, they weren't as bad as he had initially thought. At least they weren't crazy, psycho killers.

He skidded to a stop outside the door, swallowing the lump in his throat he opened the door and walked inside.

"This is crazy!" Randy whined.

They had finally found the warehouse, but none of them moved.

"How do we know that they aren't going to tie us up and molester us?" He said again.

"I told you," Matt said quietly. "It was definitely Phil on the phone, and he sounded like he was running."

"They've probably got him running in a giant hamster wheel, generating they're electricity," Randy mumbled.

Christian slapped Randy around the head. "Suck it up, man. Stop being so pessimistic about this. Glen, Mark and Jericho are in there as well!"

"Yeah, and we all know how utterly sane the three of them are," Randy said rubbing his head.

Matt sighed and got out of the car. "Well Randy, you can stay here, Jay and I will go and see what's going on."

"Fine!" Randy snapped. "I'll come, but I'm bringing pepper spray with me."

Christian walked beside Matt while Randy followed behind them, his pepper spray at the ready.

Through the glass doors Christian saw a girl pacing in the centre of the vast lobby, he nudged Matt who nodded his response. Randy was too preoccupied with looking around the parking lot to notice the look that the two gave each other.

Matt was the first to enter the lobby, the girl stopped pacing and headed towards them in one swift movement, relief evident on her face.

"I'm Genesis," she said holing out her hand.

"I'm Matt," Matt replied stupidly. Of course she knew who he was. He shook her hand.

"Yeah, yeah," Genesis said looking over his shoulder. "Christian and... Randy. What's up with him?"

"He's scared that you're gonna tie us up and use us to generate electricity," Christian said with a chuckle.

"Sorry to disappoint," Genesis said with a smile. "But that's not our thing."

"I thought as much," Matt mumbled, looking over his shoulder and glaring at Randy. "So why did Punk ask us to come here?"

"You're guess is as good as mine," Genesis replied honestly. "We haven't had a chance to talk to Angel and Tina for a while... in fact I have no idea where either of them are."

"Anyway, follow me and I'll take you to the games room. Everyone is congregated in there," Genesis continued, leading the three superstars to the stairs. "Punk's trying to keep everyone from freaking out by setting up a tennis tournament on the Wii."

Randy raised his eyebrows, he'd only met one of the girls and already he felt a tiny bit better so he slipped the pepper spray into the pocket of his jeans.

"So... Uh... Are Glen and Mark here?" Randy asked.

"Yeah, they've probably joined in with the fun," Genesis replied. "Jericho's a bit of a live wire though."

"What do you mean?" Christian asked.

"Well... He's very eccentric," Genesis hesitated for a second. "And he's obsessed with glitter. We have enough glitter pictures to fill the lobby walls!"

They joined in with Genesis's laughter as they made their way down a long hallway.

"So, who funds this place?" Matt asked, awed by the huge building.

"We do," Genesis said simply.

They continued to walked, and then they abruptly came to a halt outside a door that had GAMES ROOM printed in gold letters on the door. There was a lot of laughing and shouting as Genesis opened the door. A few eyes strayed to them as they walked inside.

"Everyone!" Genesis shouted.

Everyone stopped and turned in Genesis's direction, including Kane, Undertaker, Punk and Jericho.

"Thanks," Genesis said with a smile. "As you can see, they're here so make them feel welcome and I'll go and find Angel and Tina."

"There's no need," Tina's voice floated from behind Genesis. "We're here."

There was a clatter and the girls all found seats. Genesis retreated to the sofa where she sat in between Rayne and Becky.

"Hey, glad you could make it," Angel said from behind the three superstars, they all turned and smiled at her. "I'm sorry to be kind of pushy, but could you take seats, we just want to have a word with everyone."

Matt nodded and sat on a stool not too far from the brunette and the red head, Randy and Christian followed suit finding seats beside a couple of blushing PSC members.

"Ok," Tina said. "Angel and I have had a chat and we've come up with a plan. We hate the fact that two of the WWE superstars have been abducted, so we've come to the conclusion that the rest of the superstars would be safer here."

"We also want to take teams out to try and find MVP and Jeff," Angel carried on. "We have the facilities to track cell phones, so if their cell phones are still on we'll be able to track the frequency."

"Of course, there's a chance that we won't be able to pick up the frequency, but Angel and I have faith that we will be able to find them."

Randy raised his hand. "How the hell do you have facilities to track cell phones?"

"Angel is training to be a police officer... she managed to get her hands on one of the phone trackers for us." Tina replied.

"We can't let you go by yourselves, you might get hurt," Jericho said standing up. "It's too much that you're protecting us, we should help."

"You are helping us Chris, call around all of the superstars and tell them to get their asses here!" Angel said. "Don't worry about us, we can handle ourselves."

"No!" Kane roared also standing up. "If you want us to help you then let us come with you!"

"We can't let that happen, Kane," Angel said lightly. "You mean too much to all of us. We can't have you getting hurt."

"I disagree," Undertaker said from the back of the room. "You've done enough for us, you've looked after us, you've fed us, you've entertained us. When you find a frequency, let us take some of the girls in groups. We're stronger and we can take them down better."

"Yeah!" Punk added. "Ok, one of you did abduct me, but you gave me my cell phone back and you gave me a choice of whether I could leave or stay a while. I was having way too much fun to leave, so I stayed. I want to help you."

"You know what?" Matt said. "I want to help too; I can't sit around while my brother and my friend are missing."

"You will be helping," Tina said. "You'll be helping by getting the rest of your friends here, in a safe place where none of them will go missing!"

"Please let us help," Punk whined. "Please, it's the least we could do."

Tina and Angel looked at each other before shrugging.

"Ok," Angel sighed. "Fine. Call the rest of the superstars, tell them that it's safe here and that there's plenty of things to do." She turned to Tina. "I'm gonna go and set up the phone tracker."

The seven superstars set to work calling up the other superstars.

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