Hey everyone! This is my new story called "The Fragments of the Broken Lie", it is the rewritten version of "Struggle for Power". I got the idea from the movie Paul Blart Mall Cop but I don't own anything.

I hope you like this and it involves most of the BLEACH characters.

I repeat I don't own anything.

Summary: Toushirou and the others are students of a modern day version Soul Society Academy. But can one event change everything about their look at the world? Will they realize the truth?

BTW: they go to a modern day version of the academy so they do have zanpakutōs and kido and hollow and everything else.

Toushirou's POV


Ahh! It's too early to wake up yet. Ohh... now I remember.

Hi. I'm Toushirou Hitsugaya. I have white hair that is natural and green eyes. I go to an all boy's school called Reaper Academy, so everyone lives in dorms on school property. Not that it is a normal school. We here are all dead souls. We in the school are training to be soul reapers or choosers of the dead and stuff like that. But yesterday we got new from our principle Sōsuke Aizen, that girls like us are transferring into our school because apparently their school is under construction after someone blew it up. So a group of girls are coming here while the others are going to who knows where. It really is stupid. Why come to an all boy's school? There really are some stupid people in the world. But they did choose a good school. Our school is the best of the best and is really famous.

Oh God. I'm going to be late! See my roommates are idiots that won't help me wake up.

So my uniform is blue pants and a white dress shirt, and flash stepped (see we are special!) to school.

When I got there was a great commotion. Some guys wanted to know if the new girls were hot or what. Sadly some of those guys were my friends.

"I really wonder if these girls are hot or nerdy. What do you think Renji?" the idiot that said this was my tall friend Ichigo. He looks like his hair is one fire. Did I mention that I was short?

"They better by hot!" replied the idiot called Renji. He has super long red hair that is in a ponytail, like a girl's.

"Hey." I called out.

"Yo." They called back.

"Where is everyone else?"

"They are inside waiting for the chicks to come."


We ran inside just in time because today we have a really strict teacher for homeroom. We have Ulquiorra Schiffer. He is the meanest teacher we have had.

So he just walked in.

"Don't stare. And they have not arrived yet." Did I mention he is kinda psychic?

After he said that everyone sighed. And the lesson began.

A little later, when Schiffer was handing back our marks in the practice hollow hunting test there suddenly was this really loud music from the outside. All of us turned to the windows and looked. There was a group of nine people standing down in the yard. One of the people had a boom box, while the others had spray paint bottles in their hands. They were painting something on the wall with lots of dark colours. I could make out something that began with a B-. Suddenly they all took a step back. We all looked at the wall the painted. It was dripping paint so it gave of a horror look to it. It said 'Broken Lie' I had no idea what that meant or if that the group name or what it was.

Our principle walked up to them and spoke some words to them. It was hard to tell what they were talking about but I guessed it was about not ruining the school or something like that. But what surprised me the most was that Aizen let them into the school.

"Hey what do you think that was about?" asked Keigo, he is the pervert of the class. He is an idiot but unfortunately we are friends.

"I think he is going to give them a long lecture about proper conduct." I replied.

-*-Half an hour later-*-

Later, a secretary came knocking on the door to our homeroom.

"How can I help you, Kaname? Out teacher asked.

Kaname Tōsen is like Aizen's assistant.

"I came to drop of these little students." He said.

He ushered in nine girls. They were all very different and they were wearing casual clothes. They are so lucky. The first one to enter the room was a small girl with plain brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair was up in a bun.

"This one is Momo Hinamori."

The second girl to enter had glasses on and had black hair. She was tall. Her hair was in a braid.

"This is Lisa Yadōmaru."

The third girl to enter was tall; she had strawberry blond hair, grey eyes, and a huge bust.

"This is Rangiku Matsumoto."

The fourth girl to enter was short; she had blond hair in pigtails, and had amber eyes.

"This is Hiyori Sarugaki."

The fifth girl to enter was tall; she had orange hair like Ichigo and had gray eyes, she also had a large bust.

"This is Orihime Inoue."

The sixth girl to enter was also tall; she had short black hair and brown eyes.

"This is Tatsuki Arisawa."

The seventh girl had green hair and was tall. She had brown eyes.

"This is Mashiro Kuna."

The eighth girl had her hair clipped up; her hair was black, she wore glasses and had blue eyes.

"This is Nanao Ise."

The ninth girl held my attention the most. She was small like me. She had shoulder length black hair, and the most captivating purple eyes.

"And this is Rukia Kuchiki. I will leave these girls in your hands Ulquiorra." Then the secretary left in a flash.

The girls were just standing there, when...

"Why don't we have a question time? Class you are allowed to ask these lovely ladies questions about anything you want. Make sure it's appropriate or else." Our teacher said.

Lots of hands were raised like:

"What's your cup size?"

Ishida, my friend, raised his hand and Schiffer pick him because he is the nerd of the class. I mean he sews clothes for dolls!

"Were you the people outside who painted the words 'Broken Lie'?" He asked.

"Yes, we did!" said the girl with green hair in a super baby tone. Grow up! Like who talks like that?

"Okay. Now you girls sit in the back we saved seats for you. Class open your hollow identify text books to page 375." Schiffer said, and of course that was that.

"They are really hot, well some of them. Look at their busts!" whispered Ichigo.

Oh Lord this is going to be one hell of a year.

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