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Chapter 2: Don't touch me.

Ichigo's POV

"Damn it."

I turned over it seemed that the idiot of a red heard woke up.

"Shut up!" I yelled as I pulled the pillow over my head.

I guess me and Renji were to loud the next thing I knew was that the shortie with white hair came into my room with his zanpackuto and froze me up like an ice cube. I couldn't move at all. And when I looked and whitey… whitey was still FRIGGIN ASLEEP! And then he dropped to the floor. Our newly carpeted floor was now going to be soaked.

Never mess with Toushirou Hitsugaya in the morning. I learned that the hard was 5 years ago.

Flash back begin

A younger Ichigo invited all the younger boys in his class to his 10th birthday party. He was so excited. They played tag in the pool, ate lots of pizza and drank lots of pop. Toushirou was very different back then. He was as happy as Ichigo. They all stayed up late playing Truth or Dare, and they slept at 4:00 in the morning. But this year instead of sleeping in, Ichigo woke up 2 hours earlier to prank Toushirou. That was his dare. So Ichigo did the old fashion thing. He snuck up next to Toushirou and screamed into his ear. Toushirou woke up and back handed Ichigo out the window. He jump out and proceeded to give Ichigo the beating of his 10th birthday. When the parents came in Ichigo and Toushirou were fighting a big brawl which Toushirou was winning but they never finished that fight because Ichigo's mom and dad came in a restrained both boys.

Flash back over

That was my worst birthday ever. I hope that that incident would not happen ever again. It scared me for life. My arms still hurt from the memory.

Then Toushirou's alarm clock rang. It rang for 2 minutes straight. By now I was defrosted. And the carpet was soaked in water.

It was so annoying that I walked up the short kid and punched him straight in the face. And then he flipped me up and held me by sword point. He was furious. We stayed like that for awhile with him on my chest and with his sword at my throat. Then Renji can to my rescue.

"Hey you guys. We have to leave or we will be late we are having an assembly with Aizen today. Schiffer would kill if we missed that thing." He called from the front door. And when he meant our teacher would kill he meant it. So for 2 kids in our class have gone missing apparently. And he would kill because our teacher is a freak. He absolutely adores Aizen, just like the crazy secretary Tousen.

And with that we flash stepped to our class and the large busted new students.

Hinamori's POV

I love this school. It's so beautiful! I can't believe we are actually at this school. But the teachers look tuff. And our room is gorgeous. I share my room with Hiyori, and Mashiro. They aren't the best roommates but…I didn't really have a choice. I would have rather been with Lisa or Nanoe. Or in another room. The walls were plain white. The beds, the dressers. Everything was white. The school, the dorms, the bathrooms; it was like everything here was bleached.

Hey, I think everyone is awake. I think. I don't want to check…maybe I should say under my blankets and wait…because Hiyori's violent in the morning.

Hmm… our principle is so dreamy…

Oh no wait! It's 8 o'clock!

"Everyone, we have to go!" I called out. I looked around. And I was alone… what?


Hiyori's POV

Hey… I think Momo just found out that we ditched her because I think that was her yelling…

Hinamori's POV

How could they! Now I am going to be late on my SECOND day of school… this sucks. I wanna go home…

So I was running to class because my friends DITCHED me.

And of course I was late… but I did stay up late for 'that'…

"So sorry sensei!" I said as I ran into the room. All eyes turned to me… and my 'friends' had this oh so innocent look on their faces…argh… I can't keep grudges…I smiled at them and they smiled back.

"Can you explain why you were late Miss. Hinamori Momo?" the teacher said.

"Sorry but I slept in." I calmly replied. I looked back over in the class and the guy with white hair was staring at me with this cold stare and then he turned away.

What a weird guy.

So during break I was running to catch up with me friends because they were outside. As I was running I bumped straight into Toushirou… right, that's his name.

"Sorry." I said as I jumped up. I held out my hand for him but…

"Don't touch me, girl. Watch were you are going next time." He yelled at me and slapped away my hand. He glared are walked away with his friends. He sure is cold. So I walked back to my friends.

"Hey you guys. Do you know what's wrong with Toushirou? He's so mean." I said.

"Who's Toushirou? Your new boyfriend?" Rukia said with a smirk. I couldn't help it. I blushed. He was cute.

"N-n-no! I just me him!" Darn I'm stuttering!

"Sure. Just don't get to close… or else 'it' won't work." Said Lisa.

I nodded. Of course. Of course I knew why.

Ichigo's POV

Whoa. I just watched mister grumpy pants just brush of one of the new girls. What was her name? Himarori… Hinemori… Himamori… wait! It's Hinamori Momo. Poor girl, she just got the super cold, 'don't touch me or look at me' look. Ouch. He was walking over.

"Shirou what happened over there?" Renji asked.

"Nothing just that stupid girl slammed into me. And don't call me Shirou, you stupid pineapple." He replied grumpily. What a moron.

"Dude, you have to be nice to get the ladies! And they are only going to be here for a couple of months!" I said. I really think that orange-haired one eyed me in class.

"Toushirou, why don't you like them?" Renji asked as sat down in the grass.

"I don't know. They seem really suspicious. Look they are just sitting there in the grass in a ring. It's so weird. It's like they are in like a girl cult. " He replied as he pointed his head in that direction.

But it was true. Those girls where just sitting there in the grass under a large tree talking. You would have expected like posies of girls, not just them together. And they were all looking at the midget girl in the middle.

Orihime's POV

"You all know that today, we will have an assembly right?" Rukia asked us. I love her eyes, they are so pretty and special, and you never see anyone around here with that colour.

A round of "Yup", "Yah" and "Yes" were heard.

"We will see all the teachers as well as the students." I nodded "I want you to focus on one teacher and check their spirit pressure. And one of us must sneak out and…well you know. So I want Nanoe to do this. You ok with that?"

Nanoe nodded.

"Ok. Let's go and keep your cell phones on."

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