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Chapter 2: Understanding

"Well, that was a most pointless waste of an hour of my life," Tsukune yawned as the freshman dispersed from the auditorium. The only interesting part had been how the one who had given the speech had been dressed like a priest just like the one the orphanage's owner and headmaster had described. I hope this doesn't mean that I've ended up in some religious academy. Kami, please let it not be so.

"What's wrong Tsukune, nervous about being around a bunch of religious fanatics? Worried about all those people trying to "purify" you, to destroy your evil."

"Why are you taunting me?"

Loki stop, actually trying to remember why he always bugged Tsukune...and realized that he didn't really have a reason

"Huh, a decent question out of you for once. I don't know, boredom maybe? Most mortals do refer to me as a trickster you know"

"Boredom?! You nearly drive me insane with your constant witless chatter-"


"Shut up! I'm not done! I swear to god that if you don't give me a better reason for this crap, I'll send algebraic fraction equations your way everyday along with gay stripper thoughts!"

Tsukune could have sworn he felt Loki shudder mentally in horror. Well, it was a good threat.

Loki hesitated, and then sighed. "Jeez kid, can't you just understand. I'm not even, more like a god from that Buddhist religion than a demon, since a being a demon means that, 1.) I can be killed, and 2.) I'm evil."

"If you're not evil, then why don't you try being useful for once instead of always annoying me to the point of driving me crazy," asked Tsukune irritably.

"I have too been helpful before! Don't you remember all those bullies and thugs who would pick on you and the others at the orphanage? I was the one who gave you some of my power so that you could take the abuse, and heal from some things you shouldn't have been able to."

Looking back, Tsukune did remember that he had always been able to stand up to those who beat on the weaker and younger children with suffering the same fates as those around him. Allen had gotten into a fight trying to protect some of the other kids, and lost an eye, while he had run after him to help and taken a blow to the head with a pipe that should have bashed his skull in, but instead at didn't feel like anything more than a mild bee sting. Then there were a couple of other times, like the time he'd been pushed out the window beside his bunk on the third floor and got up afterwards without a scratch. Things like these only led to more people ostracizing him, so he had given up on them, but still, he was alive.

"That was you!? You were the reason that I always seemed so lucky? I thought maybe they were right, and I was some freak of nature."

"Well, if ya wanna get technical about it, you ARE a freak, just not so much of nature but of circumstance. If not for the fact that your mother had some fairly mystical bloodlines, I wouldn't have been able to find a suitable body to inhabit."

"Why did you need a body anyway? I thought you were some kind of lesser god?"

"We'll get to that later, but for now, haven't you noticed the absence of people around you?"

Tsukune looked around. The courtyard he was standing in was empty except for a few other stragglers, and he realized why when he heard a bell ring.

"Oh crap, I'm gonna be late on the first day," he sighed. With this he trudged off to find his class.

The robed man who had just given the speech for this year's freshman watched in amusement as the boy hurried along, already late. "This one could be an interesting year," he said, his eyes glowing eerily. "The boy you mean?" questioned another, in the uniform of a bus driver. "Yes I can definitely see him being of use, "he nodded. "Got a good head on his shoulders."

"He offered to smoke with you, didn't he?" The white robed priest seemed to be grinning as the bus driver sweat dropped. "I understand though. He radiates an odd power. We shall have to watch closely, no? But first-" and with that, he disappeared.

The door slid open to room 103, interrupting the teacher as she was about to get started. "Konnichiwa, I'm sorry I'm late. I got lost on my way here after the ceremony. My name's Akashiya Moka."

All the guys in the room were immediately in drooling over her, her beautiful appearance many of them start to shout their declarations of love. Suddenly the door opened again, the sudden fell of a presence quieting the raucous clamor in the classroom to a murmur. Another student stepped into the room, this one, surrounded by an aura that seemed to writhe and seethe right under his skin, radiating extreme displeasure.

"Sorry I'm late...Nekonome-sensei, hai? The Chairman wished to speak with me."

The room was silent for a moment as Nekonome-sensei tried to talk past the large lump in her throat. "That's okay, now if you two could find your seats-"she started, but was interrupted by the pink blur that was Moka glomping onto Tsukune, knocking him to the floor.

"Tsukune!" Moka was so happy that her friend was in the same class as her! What luck!

Tsukune looked surprised to see her, smiling when she looked up into his eyes. "Hello Moka-san, glad to see you." As he smiled, the stifling presence in the room disappeared, only to be replaced by the death glares of every male student in the room.

"That bastard, who does he think he is!?"

"How does he know her? Think we can get him to introduce us? No, he will introduce us!"

A few more students were muttering their anger at Tsukune's advantage with Moka after not being in the classroom for a full minute yet. Tsukune, noticing this rolled his eyes at all of them and grinned.

"This outta be fun, eh Loki?"

"Oh, did you say it boss," said 'god' agreed with a verbal grin. He couldn't resist another poke at his host though. "But that's not the reason why you agreed to be her friend, now is it?"

"Baka, shut it," but it was said without its usual irritated anger.

Moka plucked at his jacket, which was now a dark blue. "Tsukune, why-"she began, but was interrupted by Nekonome-sensei clearing her throat. "Anyway, if we could please get back on track here? Aono and Akashiya, if you two could please find yourselves desks, we will begin again."

The two of them got up of the floor, Tsukune dusting himself off and walking over to a seat by the window about midway through the row. Moka, who of course wouldn't be separated from Tsukune despite the numerous attempts by the boys in the room to get her to sit beside them, picked the desk right behind him.

At the head of the class, Nekonome-sensei sighed. "Now, as I was saying before the interruptions," shooting a look at Tsukune to which he responded with a raised eyebrow, "Youkai Academy is a school for monsters, where you'll all learn how to interact with and blend into the human world."

Tsukune froze for a moment, and then did something Loki had been explaining to him since their little talk-he retreated to the confines of his mind, leaving his body to absorb the rest of the speech.

"Oh Kami, Loki, this is too perfect,"Tsukune was hunched over holding his gut laughing. The landscape of his mind was a summer meadow, trees shaking from the wind his amusement stirred in him. He leaned back against an old sakura tree by an expansive lake, which was rippling in the wind. Above him Loki sat in the branches of the tree, an ear to ear grin plastered on his face.

"Ya know partner, this could be the biggest joke in the whole world, and it's been pulled on us. Us, the human Tsukune and the god-spirit Loki, King of Tricksters! I don't know whether to be amused or outraged."

Tsukune wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes, and inhaled the fresh, fragrant scent of the sakura, enjoying the beautiful scene. Abruptly, he looked up at Loki, surprised. "So you can materialize in here, huh?" He wasn't too surprised, but he hadn't expected Loki to bother with assuming a form, thinking he would continue to communicate in his normal bodiless voice.

"Course I can, despite what ya may think, I'm not so lazy or rude as ta not talk to my host face ta face when he goes to the trouble to come way in here lookin for me," the self-proclaimed god said with a shrug.

Tsukune took a good look for the first time at the voice of the one who had, for the past few years or longer, been taking up residence in his mind. Surprisingly enough, or not, depending on your viewpoint, he looked like a wild version of Tsukune; same height, same facial features, same crazy grin when excited. The only differences were that Loki's skin was the color of pure, flawless white marble, and he had hair the color of fresh blood, eyes the color of quicksilver; he also had forgone the student jacket if favor of wearing the long sleeved white shirt alone, hanging open to show clearly a defined muscle structure.

"So Tsukune, whatcha wanna talk about? What with ya finally coming in ta meet me, gotta have something to say." Loki stayed perched in the upper branches of the sakura, grinning down at Tsukune, who just looked out across the lake with a content look on his face.

"It looks like we finally found a place where we're not the biggest freak show in town. Somehow, something as good as this coming out of what I thought was going to end up being another few years of hell on earth, being ridiculed for what others couldn't understand, and so hated."

At this, Loki slowly lost his grin. "You know it's been no more fun for me than it was for you. It was because no matter how concealed I am, most living beings can sense me, and what with humans these days being how they are, if they don't understand something about another, they alienate the odd one." He frowned down at Tsukune. "If you had just let me help you and pulled a few tricks outta my bag of 'em, we could have made sure those fools learned to respect us at least."

Tsukune sighed at Loki's words, wondering how the god, for lack of something else to call him, could understand so much, and yet so little, especially when it came to human beings.

"You do realize Loki that that wouldn't have helped in the slightest, since it just would have made them resent me even more." Tsukune pointed out.

Loki looked puzzled by this, his blood red eyebrows scrunching up his forehead in confusion. "Why? Do not humans respect those with power anymore?" He sounded puzzled. Tsukune sighed, knowing that if he tried to explain it to the god, he would more likely than not end up spending the whole day doing so, and though time did pass at a slower rate in here, it varied, as he could spend an entire day of this time in here and come out to having only been inside for a few minutes, or it could have been a few hours. He frowned, wondering how much time he had already spent in his Inner World.

"Loki, not to be rude, but since we both seem to have lost the majority of our humor, are you going to explain yourself yet?" After all, Tsukune still had yet to find out why Loki had taken residence in his head, his, of all people. Before Loki had come along, Tsukune didn't remember much, but he did remember that he had been nothing special, at least enough so for a god to take interest in.

"Later partner, later. We don't want ta take up your entire first class of the day with my ramblings, now do we? As for right now, I believe ya were havin a good laugh at what we've been dropped into, eh? After all, it is a school of monsters, and monsters always try to pick fights with each other. I may be the Trickster, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good old fashion brawl," he finished with a sadistic grin. "After all, all of those who were once called gods have fought in battle at some point or another."

Tsukune frowned. "Loki, why do you keep switching back and forth?"

"What do you mean?"

"The accent."

"Ah, cause I like it, why else?"

"Anyway, what did you mean by 'those once called gods'?"

"I'll explain later, for now you should probably get back to class. Don't worry, I was monitoring it, you didn't miss much. Oi, that Kamiya asshole next to you just insinuated you're a human and is smirking at you! If they know you are, they'll kill you. Kick his ass!"

Tsukune sighed as he stood and stretched. "Guess it's time for some exercise."

"Like I was saying Nekonome-sensei, why don't we just eat all the humans? After we use their women as we please of course," a large boy beside Tsukune said with a smirk.

"Komiya Saizou, correct?" Nekonome –sensei asked. The boy nodded. "Komiya-kun, we can't attack humans like that. We have more power individually, but with there being so few of us as compared to their numbers, it's not a viable option; they could crush us with ease."

"I highly doubt that. SO, why don't we put it to the test, hm?" He began looking around as though seeking out a human to crush.

Nekonome Shizuka sighed. "Komiya-kun, this is a school for monsters, or youkai as we are known, and every student and staff member is a youkai. So there's no chance of encountering a human anywhere near here. Even on the off chance that one or two got through the barrier, they would immediately be dealt with," she finished in a sing-song voice.

Tsukune smirked, until Komiya once again began to speak. "Huh, could sworn I smelled human when someone walked into the room," he said with a disgusted look towards Tsukune. Needless to say, Tsukune wasn't going let this fly.

"You got something to say bitch?" Tsukune questioned quietly, letting his bloodlust rise to the surface. He was, however, careful to make sure that none of the students felt it, so as not to dissuade any of them from trying to pick fights with him.

Komiya dismissed him with a grunt. "You're not worth my time, pipsqueak."

"Tch, whatever,"Tsukune dismissed him as irrelevant. After all, if he didn't want a fight, then he might as well have been nonexistent. He decided to just stare out the window, looking at the dark grey sky, remembering that morning when he ran into a certain pink haired girl…

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