Hey everybody, Orcha here, glad to be back! Finally got the work done*looks down in astonishment*Holy crap! I can see the top of my desk again! This calls for a celebration*pulls out a few bottles of sake, chugs one* Hooray*hic*for writing* Anyway, I'm glad to see the number of people who are putting my story on alerts and favorites, as well as the number of reviews that I've been getting in succession. We writers live for our reviews you know. Also, remember that if you see something that you think needs improvement, say so in a review, and I'll either change it somehow or explain my reasons.

*Orchamus looks up from his laptop as he hears a knock on the door*

Orchamus: It's open.

*In walks none other than the vampire girl Akashiya Moka*

Orchamus: What can I do for you Moka-chan?

Moka: Um, gomen Orcha-kun, but could you please the continue writing the story, I wanna find out more about Tsukune.

Orchamus*sigh*: Moka-chan, why don't you just talk to Tsukune if you want to know more about him?

Moka: I would, but I can't find him anywhere.

*Another knock on the door*

Orchamus: Yo, it's open!

*In walks the object of their conversation, Aono Tsukune!*

Tsukune: Ohayo Orcha-san, have you seen-

Moka: Tsukune!*glomps him with Orcha smirking*

Tsukune: Moka-san, there you are, I was wondering where you went, since Komiya was eyeing you up.*starts muttering about douche's who think they're cool cause they got glam-rock tongues*

Moka: Arigato for worrying over me Tsukune*she looks into his eyes*

Tsukune: Moka-san

Moka: Tsukune* eyes are glazed over*

Tsukune: Uhh, Moka-san?*as she leans toward him*

Moka: Gomen Tsukune, but it just smells so good~Cap-chu~

*Tsukune sighs while Orchamus collapses in a laughing fit in his comfy chair*: What's so funny Orcha?

Orchamus: Oh, nothing*chuckles* Anyway, on with the show!

Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario + Vampire nor KAMUI.

The bell rang, making Tsukune jerk in surprise. Wow, I really zoned out for a bit there, didn't I. Amusingly enough, what Tsukune didn't realize since he was zoning out were the looks of admiration some of the other students, especially the women, in the class had been sending him for standing up to Komiya, who was a known psychopath, having been sent to the school as a last chance after a few escapades in the human world where he killed and molested a few human women.

"This feels odd, why is everybody staring at me. I haven't even done anything yet", he complained to Loki. Getting nothing more than a snicker from him, he vowed to himself to rain down yaoi manga in his inner world to get back at the stupid god who dared laugh at his situation. Loki just burst into laughter, chuckling at the thought that his host had gotten a love of the finer point's torture from him. Ah well, nap time, since even those who were gods needed a catnap here and there.

"Excuse me, T-S-U-K-U-N-E –kun," a sing song voice called out. He turned around with a sigh, wondering who felt the need to bother him. After all, if they weren't Moka, what was the point?

"Wait, where did that come from?" Tsukune wondered at himself, surprised that he had even accepted the pink haired girl's offer of friendship earlier. He was normally cool as a cucumber to everyone he met, his aura trick that he got off of Loki keeping many at a good distance. Except those Kami-forsaken fan girls! Why, oh why Kami will they not leave me alone! He sighed, and then brightened for a moment as a thought struck him. "Wait, maybe since they ARE all youkai girls, if I play it right I can get a good catfight going! Then I can slip off and get some R&R." He chuckled to himself. "Though if any of them ARE cat women I think I might bust a gut."

He turned around to see what this new person wanted. He was mildly surprised to see that it was indeed a girl, but not just any girl. She was about at his shoulder height, though not quite, with blue hair and violet colored eyes. What was most noticeable about her, though, was that despite her petite size, she had an enormous bust. Tsukune snorted; not only did she appear not to be put off by his aura, but she was trying to pull an Allure off on HIM. Oh well, she would learn her lesson shortly.

He shifted his focus back to his resident god and yelled out, "Yo, Loki! Go ahead and turn the pheromone counter up!" He had discovered over the years that Loki could increase several of his personal attributes to legendary proportions, which sometimes helped him when it came to getting out of sticky situations. He smirked mentally. "Let's fight fire with a solar flare."

*Inside Tsukune's mindscape*

Loki fell out of his branch with a yelp. He got up and brushed off his pants, muttering about stupid hosts and their need to disturb perfectly good naps. Sighing as he stretched, he walked down to the lake and into the small shack set up beside it. Although most wouldn't guess it, pheromones in their most concentrated form as a liquid. The more gelatinous the liquid pheromones, the more potent they were. Normally, Tsukune's were slightly thicker than water, which was good for a human, but nothing on any god. After all, a god doesn't always have the patience to woo a woman into the bedchambers, and what better way to overcome this little obstacle than a tremendous boost to the participating party's libido? Loki smirked as he looked at a valve that had his name on it.

"Well, let's get this party started now, shall we?" As he said this he turned the valve halfway, and a jelly-like substance could be seen pouring out into the lake from a pipe in the lake.

*Back on the outside*

Tsukune smirked to himself as he felt the pheromones start to pour off his body. "Let's see how she likes it. Time to turn up the heat."