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Chapter 8: Arise

"Your hair…it's beautiful."

Tiny could only stare at Shawn. She never did give him a chance to tell her how he likes her new haircut. She felt so selfish for not letting him voice his opinion. Even worse, she felt like a child for asuming he didnt like it.


"You don't think this change is good I know," Shawn spoke up. "Change usually never is. But this one is good. Your hair looks beautiful. Now I can see your precious face. And your attitude, so bold, yet so reckless. It's dangerous. I was so scared to answer you earlier because of that aura you set off. It was so…scary."

Tiny let everything Shawn had told her sink in. What did he mean? Was he calling her scary? Did he mean it in a bad way? She just couldn't figure it out.

"Tiny, remember when I told you 'I love you'?"

Tiny nodded, kind of surprised that he would ask her such a question.


Shawn takes Tiny's hand into his.

"…I meant it. I'll love you no matter what happens. As long as I'm by your side, I will always love you."

Tiny's eyes widened as he brought his lips to hers. Shocked by the kiss she didn't respond to it. She couldn't even begin to respond to it. She was mesmerized.

As Shawn broke the kiss, he took her into a warm and gentle hug. Even though she was still shocked, she still responded to the hug, giving him a hug in return. She could feel the warmth of his body against hers. She could hear his heart picking up speed, as if he was running but he was sitting still. Her body was locked as if she could stay that way with him forever.

As Shawn let her go, they noticed that the line for the tickets, seeing Ideska slowly getting closer. Tiny smiled at the thought of going back to DK Island and bring back her sister. She was finally gonna be able to hug her older sister again.

An hour of silence passed before Ideska came back to the couple with the tickets. She handed each of them their tickets and sat down.

"An old woman like me shouldn't have to stand in line for over an hour."

Tiny held back a giggle, trying not to intimidate the old woman. Shawn, however, let his laughter go.

Ideska sent a puzzling look his way.

"What's ailing you, boy?"

Shawn looked at the old woman and stopped laughing.

"Nothing, ma'am."

Ideska look at him quizzically, but soon just shrugged it off, sending her attention to Tiny.

"Are you ready for this, child?" she asked.

Tiny looks at the woman and nods.

"Never been so ready in my life."

Ideska nodded in understanding.

"Ok then. We have a couple more hours to wait for the ferry to arrive. It's not as long as a wait as it seems. The time will pass quickly. So just socialize amongst each other."

Or talk to me…

Tiny and Shawn both jump at the sound of Dixie's voice as she appeared in front of both of them. Dixie giggled at their reaction.

I see you guys never got used to this.

"Who could, Sis?" Tiny spoke up. "A ghost appearing in front of you out of nowhere would make a professional football player pee his pant!"

The invisible girl chuckled.

Not ghost, my dear sister. Spirit.

Tiny looks at her transparent sister, quizzically.


Spirits and ghosts are two different things. Ghosts are remnants of the afterlife that are forever dead. And spirits…

"…can be brought back?" Shawn finished for Dixie.

Both Dixie and Tiny looked at Shawn, surprised at the sudden fill-in from Shawn, who they both expected to not know what was going on at all.

That's…right, actually. Good job, Shawn.

"Well, I try," Shawn said, rubbing it in a little.

Alright, don't get cocky, lover boy. You answered one question to this quiz. That doesn't mean you passed.

Shawn sent a smirk along with a glare toward the spirit.

"Yeah, yeah."

Now, I want to know. Are you two finally together? Give me the juicy details. I may be everywhere but I still have yet to figure out this puzzle you guys call a relationship.

Tiny and Shawn looked at each other, both blushing a bright red. They both had no idea what to tell this curious spirit. But despite that, Shawn spoke up.

"W…well, I love Tiny. But I don't know exactly how she feels."

At that point, all eyes were on Tiny.

'Man I hate when this happens,' she thought.

Tiny sat there, staring at her twiddling thumbs. She was never expected to tell everyone around her how she felt about Shawn. She tried not to put much thought into Shawn at that particular time and moment. But seeing that it was necessary for her to reply with the truth, she had no choice but to say how she feels.

"I don't know. I haven't had much time to think about it. And considering everything that happened over ten years ago, I don't know if I love Shawn or not. I need time to think."

Dixie's eyes turned from curiosity to an expression that would shout 'WTF?!'. Shawn's expression softened into a sad expression. Ideska's expression turn to, of course, understanding.

Tiny, how could you say that?! It's obvious he loves you! Why can't you see that?

"Sis, he used to bully you, too. Why are you taking up for him?"

Because when I saw how he really felt about you, I forgave him!

Tiny wanted to say something back, but hesitated. She couldn't think of anything to win this argument. But then again, she also couldn't end it.

For the next two hours, Shawn, Ideska, and Tiny all ate some snacks that they got at the Owl's Late Night Shop while talking amongst themselves, along with Dixie. They nearly got carried away with the time when a noisy voice came over the intercom.


Tiny, Shawn and Ideska all grabbed the bags they had brought with them and stared walking to the closest gate. The crown wasn't as much as they thought but it was still plentiful.

"Man, I've never seen so many people wait for one boat in my life."

Tiny only wanted to look at him but found herself nodding in agreement as the crowd filled the ferry.


A hour passed as the ferry slowly and gracefully floated atop the ocean. Tiny found herself leaning against the railing of the boat, looking out toward the ocean that passes her by. Though her eyes were looking at the moonlit ocean, her mind was on a totally different subject; her sister.

'Are we really going to be able to revive her?'

Don't think such idiotic thoughts!

Tiny nearly jumped when she heard her sister's voice. She looked to her left an, as expected, was her sister's spirit, half smiling at her.

Why would Ideska have us on a ferry at 3 in the morning if this wasn't gonna work?

"How am I supposed to know? You know good and well I haven't had much hope in me since you died."

Well, change that! I'll be alive again in a few hours so be hopeful.

Tiny smiled a little, feeling a little hope well up inside of her heart but also felt a little discouraged. There was still a chance this wouldn't work.

"You should listen to your sister, you know."

Tiny looked behind her and saw Shawn standing there with a coat in his hand. He walked over to her and placed it on top of her shoulders, smiling.

"It's kind of cold out tonight. I don't want you getting sick."

Tiny sent him a small smile.

"Thank you…but what about you? Won't you be cold?"

"Nah, I'll be fine," he replied, giving her a cocky smile that made her giggle.

Tiny smirked at him.

"That's what they all say…"

"Well i mean it. Cold never really bothers me. I still have yet to find out why I even carry around a coat," he said.

This made Tiny giggle. Shawn smiled at her reaction.

"But back to the subject. Your sister wouldn't have told you to come here if there wasn't a chance for her and your survival."

Tiny's eyes widened as she looked back and forth between Dixie and Shawn.

"Yes, I heard from Dixie that you tried to commit suicide."

Tiny looked at Dixie then.

"Why would you tell him that?!"

I felt he needed to know exactly why I knew all this...and why you were here...

"So that means Mom knows too."


"Who else knows about all of this!?" Tiny raised her voice.

Dixie smiled.

Cranky and ...

Tiny's eyes widened.

"How come they know?!"

I told them...

"And why did you tell them," she asked, angry and a little dumbfounded.

We need their help to bring me back. Cranky's potions make wonders, remember?

"Are you saying that we need a potion from Cranky to help bring you back to life?"

Right! It's more of a serum to recreate my skin.

Tiny winced at little at the mere thought of Dixie's skin decaying.

"But what about ? What role does he have in this?"

He's the only one who knows where my killer is. We need blood from my killer to get my heart beating again.

Tiny looked at Dixie with confusion. None of this was making sense to her.

"Blood from you're killer? So Kassie and Kaster's blood has to be given to revive you? Now this doesn't seem to make any sense."

I said the same thing when I was told about it too, but after a while it'll start to make sense.

Tiny didn't want to think more about it, but Shawn seemed to have other plans.

"I think I understand what she means. The blood will be somewhat of a sacrifice, right? Kinda like the Aztecs did."

Dixie looked at Shawn with somewhat surprise.

Wow, lover boy. Didn't think for a second that you were intelligent.

Shawn blushed a little which made Tiny giggle under her breath.

But really, yeah, it's like a sacrificial ceremony in a way. It also helps get my blood flowing again.

"Ewwwww, a Kremlings blood in you. Not a good image, sis."

Dixie laughed at this.

Yeah, I don't like the thought of it either, but it's to bring me back to the life that was snatched away from me, so why not? I mean, eventually, my body will be producing its own blood again anyways so it's not too bad of a thing.

Tiny thought about it and it actually made sense to her. She was right. Once her body was living again, her blood will begin to flow throughout her body, but it does need a startup.

"That…actually makes sense." Tiny mumbled out loud.

Dixie smiled at her younger sister.

That's great! As long as you know what I mean, cause this stuff is hard to explain if I have to go into explicit detail.

Shawn started to flail his hands.

"Yeah, there's no need for any more detail then we already have."

Tiny nodded in agreement. She didn't want to know much more about it. She just wanted her sister alive. No matter the costs.

After a few minutes, the could feel a familiar tropical breeze. Tiny looked up.

"I know that breeze."

She looked a little bit beyond and saw a small DK slowly growing from the background. This caused Tiny to give the appearing a small smile of joy.

"Hello, old friend." She muttered as the Island got bigger.

It's good to be back…

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